Stephen Curry: ‘I Want to Play 16 Years’

by September 12, 2017

Stephen Curry wants to match his old man, Dell, and play for 16 seasons in the NBA.

The NBA’s two-time most valuable player inked a record five-year, $201-million deal with the defending champion Golden State Warriors this summer.

Curry, 29, thinks he can maintain his current level for another eight years or so.

Per the Charlotte Observer:

Curry, 29, spoke about how many years he hopes his NBA career will last. At this juncture, he said he believes he is only hitting the halfway point.


Curry said he hopes to at least match the 16 years that his father Dell Curry – the Charlotte Hornets’ all-time leading scorer and now a TV broadcaster for the team – played in the NBA. Ideally, all 16 (or more) of those years would be with Golden State. Curry, his TV-star wife, Ayesha, and their two young daughters have made their permanent home in the Bay Area.


“When I came in the league, that’s the only thing I did say – I want to play 16 years just because my Dad did,” Curry said. “I’ve always had an appreciation of what that meant. But now – having done eight years and understanding the work that it takes and whatnot – playing eight more years somewhere near the level I’m playing now would be solid.”