A baller’s favorite sneakers

by August 15, 2008

Loree Moore of the New York Liberty and our Summer in the City blog series shares her love of shoes with Slamonline:

If someone was to ask me what my favorite thing is, I’d have to say hands down…kicks! I have to admit that I have a bit of an addiction to sneakers and when Zoya asked me to write about my kicks I was on it. I took some pictures of only a few of my favorite kicks because I do not want to reveal how bad of a habit I have…ha ha! I like to try and find shoes that not everyone has cause cool kicks are always a good conversation starter.

First up is probably one of my favorite pairs of sneakers. I like to call these my rock stars…I wear these when I’m feeling a lil funky and I’m ready to hit the club. These are Converse designed by John Varvatos. I like these because not only are the comfortable but they are unique.

These are my diesel kicks.  I love bright colors and these match with all my loud shirts.  I wear these mostly in the summer time because here in NYC, everyone brings out their best gear in the summer. I’m just trying to do my best to stay up with the ever changing fashion here in NY.

Gotta keep it ol’ school. Adidas shell toes are probably one of my favorite pair of sneakers to wear. This is one of the 8 pairs of shell toes that I own. I like these because of the purple and grey colors, I havent seen that color scheme much so I copped these just cuz they were a lil different. They might not match with everything but Im cool with that.

I love all brands of sneakers so of course I have to throw a pair of my Nikes in my top favorite list. Purple is definitely my new favorite color, so I rock it whenever I can. I never play ball in these kicks or any of the other kicks on this page for that matter—I can’t stand scuffing my shoes. So these kicks are for going out only while I keep my ballin’ kicks at the gym.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you after the Olympic break.—Loree