Lynette Woodard: Will the real diva please stand up

by April 28, 2008

By Adrienne Goodson

As a baller I have had the sheer pleasure of playing against the absolute best in the world. From the US to Brazil to Hong Kong the list has been deep. I sat back and reminisced about all of those women Hoopin’ for love just like the men do. Icons like Cheryl Miler, Hortencia (Brazil), Ann Myers-Drysdale, Katrina McClain, Medina Dixon, Carol Blazejowski and Anne Donovan all paved the road for a player like me. These names are just a few of the great ones but there’s one not mentioned who deserves the crown. The best and least talked about diva is Lynette Woodard.

Lynette is truly a highly respected pioneer in women’s sports. Better known by her peers as “L Dub”, she has quietly put together a resume that goes unmatched by any female player walking this green earth. She has achieved many awards, actually too many to discuss, but I must mention that she won the Wade and Broderick Trophies all in one year, earned a Gold Medal in the 1984 Olympics, was inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside Clyde Drexler as well as became the first ever female Harlem Globetrotter. Lynette has contributed to many statistical categories and set many records in the past. She’s undoubtedly a legend set apart from the rest.

In addition to the hardwood, Lynette is helping to empower women through seminars by instructing them on how to become a better individual. Her speeches reflect on core values as well as provide a network to help motivate and inspire greatness. “The Women of Color Leaders” is a group developed by Lynette and powered by the Minnesota Lynx and Blackheart Publications in the Twin Cities.

This instruction on how to embrace the leadership journey is so very powerful because it gives each person the opportunity to meet local leaders, learn from their leadership, and share personal experiences. The girl is doing it big and deserves to be talked about.

I decided to take a trip into the past so that people understand that where they sit today is because of what someone else did yesterday. Lynette and I conversed about women’s basketball as a whole and where it’s going, but most of the conversation had to do with the lack of resources in place for women after basketball. “ We need a network, a forum in which we can go get help to develop our businesses, our ideas, our skills. There’s nothing in place for former players and that’s a problem. We spend all of our time playing ball only to find out that there’s nothing there in the end is disappointing”, she states and I can’t agree with her more. Even ECPI has job placement. Nah mean….

The solution isn’t simple but there are things out there for those fans of the past to see. Starting with a group of legends coming together to make it happen. On August 8th thru the 10th in Houston-Texas an all-star cast of WNBA legends will battle against the Houston Jaguars, a semi pro team owned and operated by Lynette. Not only will there be great entertainment but a basketball clinic, nutrition clinic, and question and answer panel. The Legend All-Star Charity Weekend Classic will include players like: Chamique Holdsclaw, Bridget Pettis, Tracy Reid, Monica Lamb, Rushia Brown, Nykesha Sales, Teresa Weatherspoon, Kym Hampton, Ruthie Bolton, Valerie Still, and Adrienne Goodson. There’s power in numbers. The power to create change in one city at a time. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned.