Diggins-Smith: ‘Appalling’ How WNBA Underpays Players

by June 27, 2018
skylar diggins-smith wnba appalling

Skylar Diggins-Smith says it’s “kind of appalling” that WNBA players receive less than 25 percent of league revenue.

The WNBA doesn’t disclose its annual earnings, but a 2017 Forbes report speculates that players make at most 22.8 percent of league income.

Via the Dallas Morning News‘ Adam Grosbard:

“I was even surprised hearing that number. That’s information I just found out, being in the league six years,” Diggins-Smith said.

“We’re not even talking about $200 million salaries or anything like that. It’s just off the revenue that we bring in.

“Getting that same percentage [as NBA players], and not even getting half of that is kind of appalling. It’s staggering.”

Player salaries will be a point of emphasis as negotiations begin on a new WNBA Collective Bargaining Agreement after this season.

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