Time to Chat With WNBA fans

by March 24, 2012

by Stephen Litel / @stephenlitel

In preparation for the 2012 WNBA season, SLAMonline’s Stephen Litel is looking to host a series of chats on Twitter with fans from each team. One of the great aspects of the WNBA world is the amazing online community of fans who support their individual teams and the league as a whole, despite where they live throughout the world.

As the NCAA Women’s Tournament begins to wind down and we’re making our way closer to the WNBA Draft, let’s begin the conversations. Are you on Twitter and a WNBA fan? Give Litel a follow on Twitter @stephenlitel and check in with the team(s) you would like to represent in the conversations.

Who has the countdown to tipoff, WNBA fans?

Look forward to chatting with you soon…