When it comes to Selection Sunday, seeding is paramount.

According to Power Rank’s Ed Feng, a No. 1 seed wins 78.5 percent of the time compared to a No. 2 seed that wins 70 percent then 63.5 percent for No. 3 seed. The success rate for a 4-seed is 59.4 percent.

Understand that for the past 15 years, the National Champion has been in the top 40 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. Balance is the key.

In this week’s Tournament Tracker, we look at potential No. 1 seeds, a sleeper to win it all, and a “giant ready to fall.”

Leigh Klein was formerly on staff at Texas and Rhode Island and now owns Five-Star Basketball Camps. He contributes to SLAM’s coverage of college basketball and the NBA Draft and is a frequent national radio guest. Klein can be followed on Twitter @LeighAlanKlein.