Kevin Durant Calls LeBron James To Warriors Report ‘Bullsh*t’

by February 01, 2018

What was the first thing that popped into Kevin Durant‘s head when he read the report that LeBron James would listen to the Warriors in free agency?

“Bullshit,” the All-Star forward told reporters with a laugh on Thursday.

Here’s the video, via The Athletic‘s Anthony Slater:

Bullsh*t…In this league, just like a couple years ago me coming here, nobody would have thought that. So there’s part of me as a basketball player that is just like ‘let’s just worry about basketball.’ And then on the other side, we know this is a business as well and a lot of crazy things have happened since I’ve been in the league…even years in the future, there’s going to be even crazier things that’s going to happen. So I just want people to enjoy what goes on between the lines.

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