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It’s the SLAMonline stimulus plan!

by Lang Whitaker

First of all, I need to say a brief word to our friends here at KING magazine. You may or may not have heard that KING magazine ceased to exist yesterday, yet another in a seemingly endless list of publications hit hard by the current economy (or lack of an economy). Regardless of what you may have felt about the content in KING, it always sucks to see a lot of good people suddenly out of work. Hang in there, KING folk.

Now, on to the NCAA Tournament. I know, I know, I’ve historically been against the NCAA Tournament. Someone recently asked me on Twitter who I was picking for the Final Four, and I said the Lakers, Spurs, Cavs and Celtics. That’s my Final Four. I understand the excitement of the games and the allure of cheering for your favorite schools, but I mostly watch college basketball as a scouting device. (If my college, the University of Georgia, had anything even loosely resembling a consistently competitive basketball program, I’d probably be more into college hoops. But they don’t, so I’m not.) And the NCAA Tournament is a great way to see most of the best NBA prospects in a short timeframe. I finally saw the guys who’ve been rumored to drafted high all year. I watched James Harden (unimpressed) and Dajuan Blair (Tractor Traylor II?) and BJ Mullens (who just declared for the Draft, which could be an epic fail on his part). All in all, I was really disappointed with the level of talent in college basketball, and I agree with the pundits who say the Draft will be down this year. The one guy I really liked? Toney Douglas from Florida State. He’s 6-2, can play the point, can shoot from the outside, can shoot off screens, can create his own shot, gets to the foul line, defends the ball (he was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year). “He’s my favorite non-Duke player in the country,” Coach K said after Duke beat FSU in in the ACC Tourney final. “I love that guy. I talk about him a lot to our guys. They’re probably mad at me. He’s as good as there is in college.”

And yet Douglas, for some reason, isn’t considered a top NBA prospect. NBADraft.net has him going mid-second round, DraftExpress has him ranked 67th out of all seniors, and Chad Ford doesn’t even have him in the Top 100 prospects.

Why? I have no idea. Either my eyes were lying to me or I’m a worse talent evaluator than I thought.

Anyway, with the economy the way it is and everything, I thought maybe we should give away some free stuff. Because who doesn’t like free stuff?

shirtuncOur friends at Original Retro Brand have just come out with a very cool line of classic NCAA Tournament t-shirts, which not only have the classic Final Four logos on the front but a patch from the winning school on the sleeve (you can check that line out here). And with the Final Four about to tip-off this weekend, the guys at Original Retro Brand came to us with some shirts for a giveaway.

So, we have four shirts, one from each Final Four school (UNC, MSU, UConn and Villanova). In the comments section below, tell us which school’s shirt you’d want and then tell us why you should win that shirt. What makes you your school’s biggest fan?

We’ll pick four winners, one for each school. You’ve got until the end of the day Friday, at which point I’m turning off the comments. One t-shirt per person (so don’t enter multiple times or for multiple schools).

That’s it. Let’s go…

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  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Lang: Just for clarification, are you saying we HAVE to be fans of one of the 4 schools in the Final 4 to enter?

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  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    i want the unc shirt to wipe my a$$ with because just like roy williams in 03, i dont give a siht about north carolina.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    I love the Tar Heels cause they produced Mike and Sheed…..plus I look good in Carolina blue. Good enough, yes?

  • http://slamonline.com Tzvi T

    I love ‘Nova, so please let someone write something good to win that prize. Also,damn….it’s becoming a ghost town.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    thats too bad about KING, i hadnt heard.

  • floe

    man i suck at this. now im just gonna end up paying for one of those shirts.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson


  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Lang would be a good scout. Toney Douglas will likely be the steal of the second round.

  • Herfdawg

    UNC because i have three cousins who go to school there (and im visiting this weekend) and go to every game possible. also consider that i have multiple tar heel clothing items, and an autograph from Psycho T himself. (thank you cousin Emily!!!)

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    @TADOne: Not necessarily — just convince me that you deserve one of the shirts.

  • Jason P

    Lang -

    Great point about Toney Douglas. I’m a big North Carolina fan but I really love this guy. He’s got good size, plays great D, can shoot and he’s a tough competitor. Could he me a Mario Chalmers type steal in the 2nd round?

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    Villanova embodies the hard working underappreciated spirit that is Philly. How could you not love a roster that has small tenacious guards who play a foot taller than they actually are? I’ve been down with Nova since the Kerry Kittles, Steve Lappas days when they used to ball out against A.I., Ray-Ray and John Wallace and them. I loved the Lowry led squad that repped for all guard like myself who crash boards (or attempt to), hustle on D, and still get those buckets.

    Them being where they are now shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows about Nova basketball. Villanova basketball is a testament to heart, think I’m kidding? If you’re in Philly, forget about going to a Sixers game, or even worse, a Drexel game (ugh), forget about a Temple game (you might get robbed), and do yourself a favor and hit up a Villanova game. You won’t be sorry.

  • Ellie Mich

    I am the biggest Spartan fan because my boyfriend is Sparty.
    GO GREEN!!!

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Living in the Boston area and with BC not making a perennial Tournament entrance, I decided many years ago that Connecticut would be the team to root for. As basketball fandom swept me away into the NBA circuit, the NCAA wire came into it–and UCONN entered my life. With every Thabeet block, with every Price swish, with every Adrien hustle play, with every Stanley Robinson dunk, with every Jerome Dyson ankle-breaker–I taunt and beat my chest as if I were on the court taking part in the fact. By rooting for former UCONN players such as recently former tournament winners such as Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor, I do my part to rep Connecticut at the next level. By rooting for high school players who are bound for the university like Alex Oriakhi and Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel, I root for them on the lower level. The fire that Connecticut plays with is unmatched, with natural leaders like Jeff Adrien taking charge against any opposition. Thabeet is an athletic freak of nature, even if he is bullied slightly under the hoop. But he’ll get better as he matures; I say that he is outstanding for having less than five years under his belt. A.J. Price has a filthy jumper, wet, wet, wet all the way. Connecticut will take this 2009 NCAA championship. And that’s why I deserve the shirt.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    That was fun. Wow, I’ve never gotten that passion out in words haha.

  • http://andrewamcneill.wordpress.com Andrew A McNeill

    Damn, I’m not a fan of any of those schools. Do you have any Texas State Bobcats Final Four shirts there?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    If you can’t see James Harden’s NBA potential maybe you really are bad at evaluating talent. He’s a “15 pounds of muscle” summer away from being the next Joe Johnson. But yeah, the talent level is pretty low, and Toney Douglas is nicer than the mock drafts give him credit for.

  • http://www.eric32woodyard.wordpress.com Eric Woodyard

    MSU!! Because I’ve been a Spartan fan my whole life! Being from Flint, I bleed green and white, especially bcuz my Flintstones took it all in 2000…led by Kalin Lucas, they looked well prepared to do it again…MSU all the way!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s35kBpvxfsc&feature=related James the balla

    I picked UNC to win it this year. Now, I am pretty sure I won’t win lol, I always enter these. So I am just going to say … I fon’t know much about NCAA, I liked Duke because of Shane B, and UNC because of VC. I would just like the shirt … that is it. When is the next contest?

  • http://itsadcthing.blogspot.com Squad

    Like many out there, I consider myself a serious college basketball fan. And yet, every year I enter multiple tournament pools and always see my bracket ripped to shreds by the second weekend, as was the case this year. Seemingly every March my little sister or a friend who doesn’t know Michael Jordan from Michael Jackson ends up doing better than me, despite my copious, near-unhealthy amounts of college ball-watching. That is, every year except one. I was 10 years old, and though looking back I would like to think I was just as sports-aware as I am now, let’s face it — I knew about as much as any 10 year old kid does, and without cable, which meant no ESPN, and long before I subscribed to SLAM, I was all but blank on hoops, other than my own exploits in the front yard. But for some reason, I settled on UConn as my champ that year. Lo and behold, UConn and Duke meet in the 1999 NCAA Final, with my bracket-ology victory and a $5 dad’s-office-pool entry fee hanging in the balance. Being 10, though, I wasn’t allowed to stay up late enough to catch the end of the final (!!) so I literally taped it on VCR and woke up the next morning before school to watch the end. (You can imagine the oddity of watching a game with the nervousness and anticipation of live action…except that it’s already been decided.) Duke was supposed to crush the Huskies, with Brand, Will Avery, Maggette, Battier and Trajan Langdon runnin things. But Rip, Kevin Freeman, and the lovably-pudgy point man Khalid El-Amin somehow survived and won my 10-year-old self a cool 200 dollars, no small amount for a kid. Indeed, I can say with a straight face that El-Amin was responsible for kicking my love of collegiate hoops into high gear, and while l’m obligated by the rules of fandom to root for the school I’m currently attending, I always secretly root for UConn when no one’s looking. Plus, I spent all 200 bucks on Magic The Gathering cards, so I’ve sorta always wished I had bought something a little cooler. That’s where the t-shirt comes in…

  • the rod

    I have to go to UNC without any doubt.Living here in Europe i only get a chance to see so many college basketball games but fortunately skytv does get as many different teams as possible. UNC is another thing anyway. Being the school of the GOAT, i became a fan of them about 7 years ago and since then i follow them closely watching as many games as possible and it has become “my school”…man i even rock a carolina jersey,hat and sweatshirt when watching their games(and u cannot imagine how hard it is to find this stuff here..).So i would really like to receive the UNC t-shirt because
    1)it’s really difficult to find any carolina gear here
    2)i may be not the biggest UNC fan in the us but i sure am this side of the ocean!!(in a soccer crazy country as Italy,no less!)

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jake Appleman

    RIP, KM

  • Meet the Spartans

    MSU all the way…heres my story. Every year when bracket fever spreads across the country (And North to Canada in my case) I make two brackets for everypool, the first with my favorite teams winning their games despite the possible ludicrous upsets and with of course Michigan State winning it all every year (the other michigan never gets out of the first round, and if they were in the play in game they would loose that too!) the second bracket with who I think will actually win games, of course MSU wins again. In past years this plan has never won me to many pools. Until the 2008-2009 spartans! My bracket is a contendor.

    Why do I like Michigan State? Its a blue collar university in a blue collar state. Tom “H to tha” Izzo’s boys are always ready to play. From Mateen Cleaves, Mo-pete, Eduardo Najera and David Thomas’s (stud on Canada mens national team) championship team in 2000 to Drew Neitzel’s squad. But this team is going all the way. Kalin Lucas and Goran Suton!!! NUFF said!

    I could write for days, but I wont, I will tell one more story.

    When picking my college program I only finalized my choice when I saw the colors of each program. Kinesiology = Green = MSU = ME, So kinesiology it is. Loving it.

    Go spartans!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Nice shirt! Everybody in the world would look great in that shirt, seriously.
    Except for Jukai. He’s too g@y.

  • http://nonsuperstar.blogspot.com TinyRoads

    I’d like the MSU shirt to wear when I play pick up with all my Michigan friends. Games start Saturday?

  • truce

    I should win the UNC shirt so i can wear it to the title game on Monday.

  • http://nicekicks.com MeloMan13

    KING cant be off the shelves. this is temporary right??

  • Ken

    I deserve the Maryland shirt because I identify with the Terps. No, they don’t get any of the top HS prospects. But they work their butts off. They’re undersized, but their relentless effort somehow lets them beat even the best teams. Kids come to College Park as unknowns, and Gary makes them good enough that they get drafted in the NBA. How can you not root for a team that started Dave Neal this year…as a center! The fact that we made it to the Dance, much less the second round…what’s that? Final Four t-shirts? Aw hell.

  • ~El Boydelz~

    I don’t want, I NEED that Carolina shirt!!!

    I’m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada but LOVE ME SOME TARHEELS! Consider the following points.

    -First college game I ever saw was the UNC vs. Georgetown classic with Jordan, Worthy, Perkins vs. Ewing and Sleepy and I was hooked.

    -The next year I berated all my grade 8 classmates about the Heels only to have them lose their first game of the season to Joe Klein and Arkansas.

    -I was so distraught after the Final Four loss to Mike Bibby and ‘zona I drank an assload of whiskey and passed out in a hotel bath tub with the doorlocked leaving my friends to piss in the lobby bathroom.

    -I cried when Dean Smith retired.

    -I skipped the NCAA tournament the year the Heels lengthy tourney streak was broken.

    -I still follow the Heels in South Korea and order games every season from Pontel a European company that offers games on DVD.

    -I’m revealing myself as a full Heels nerd on the internet with no regard for my reputation.

    -I follow the NBA to a great degree based on the where abouts of former Heels.

    -I never said a bad word about Serge Zwikker.

    XXL please…

  • rob stewart

    I would like the Mich. St. shirt because I have been a huge fan of them ever since they had Eric Snow and Shawn Respert in the backourt. And even when Mateen Cleaves was seated on the Kings bench wearing a Chris Webber jersey I still respected his heart, effort, and hustle. Heck my favorite cereal is Fruity Pebbles so how could I not have made love for the Flin(t)stones?!!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I heart UCONN and Khalid El-Amin!!! Watching some of the most entertaining and consistent SG’s in the NBA to date, such as Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton and Ben Gordon all started with their college days. Rudy Gay and Caron Butler have carried the torch in recent years sd young stars in the NBA from this famed land of ‘cut and when you look at the current roster with AJ Price, Hasheem Thabeet and Jeff Adrien are ushering in another successful run through the NCAA in 09, you can’t help but get that giddy feeling of being a fan of an awesome university squad! I feel I deserve a shirt in the same way that UCONN has deserved their spot in the final 4 this year. Here’s to UCONN going all the way to the BIG DANCE THIS WEEKEND!
    size medium my good man.

  • Thalilbigkahuna

    I love Villanova, and although I don’t meet many ‘Nova fans in Alaska, I still rep them to the fullest. I’ve been telling people that we’re gonna win the whole thing every year since I can remember, and I need some new Villanova gear to wear to school when they win the championship. I’m only 17, so I wasn’t around to witness the 1985 squad win it, and I feel that we’re long overdue. Regardless of whether I win the shirt or not, Villanova is, and always will be, my team, and I will proudly rock this shirt in support of the Wildcats.

  • Jacob

    I want the tar heels one so I can burn it in front of the tar heels fans here in washington/canada

  • http://jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    I would like the UConn shirt. I should win it because I am a basketball junkie and fan who has been following UConn for years. Most of my favorite NBAer’s have come from the storied school at Storrs. Those fortunate enough to have worn the blue and gray like Walter Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Caron Butler, Cliff Robinson etc just have a certain swagger about them that no doubt was in part due to their UConn experience. I will wear the shirt with pride and faith that this year’s team, with it’s future NBA stars will again lead Coach Calhoun to the NCAA’s holy grail. That shirt is destined to be on my back as I rock it with my Jordans proudly after UConn wins it’s 3rd NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. That is why I deserve to win the Uconn shirt. Thanks.

  • S-Mc

    fellas… april fools joke. posibly???

  • NAS

    I want the Georgetown t-shirt, cuz i bleed Georgetown grey since the day i was born in G-Town hospital / the doc looked at me and said son you are a hoya / my first words were Dikembe Mutumbo / on my wedding day i was wearing G-town jersey and shorts / my best man was John Thompson 17th / when i die i will have mourning stand at the door and dunk on all the visitors

  • matt

    I would like the Michigan State Shirt. I just spent 400$ on tickets to the final four back home and I am going to drive through friday night to get to Detroit in time to watch Michigan State poop all over UCONN. Thats why I need one of them shirts.

  • NAS

    plus 1984 is the year i was born

  • kaj

    I would like the UNC shirt.
    I’m actually a bigger Florida fan
    but since i’ve never won something on this site it would be great to win that shirt.

  • serevei

    doesnt bother
    never even heard of these schools

  • Slim Jim

    I want the UNC shirt because it`s really hard beeing a tar heel fan living in Norway. You can`t get any gear and the games come on at after midnight, so Slam, show me some looove and hook me up! I`ll Trade you for a soccer shirt..

  • chintao

    Get ready, Mr. Mourning. It seems that NAS is already brain dead.

  • Hussman25


    But back to the topic at hand, I LOVE VILLANOVA! I fell in love with the cats early in my life while enjoying them battle the other four (sorry Drexel) philadelphia city schools. Even thru the years Coach Rollie changed the way the city series was played, the cats could do no wrong. I mainly want the shirt due to the fact the man who got me involved w/ the big five is no longer here to enjoy this evolution of city hoops with me (my grand pop). From Pinckney to Mcclain, Kittles and Lawson (and Timmy T for one year) to Ray and Foye and now Cunningham and Reynolds Nova has always been on the national radar, but now when you think Tradition you do think NOVA. This final four trip does not only make you think about Nova’s past sucess, but their bright future w/ Coach Wright at the helm. U cannot go forward w/o remembering your past and Coach Wright embodies that. Fmr players work or have worked on the staff, fmr players come back and show support thru good and bad times.

    This comment has turned into not just an entry for a shirt, but my testimonial. My testimonial to my favorite college program. The shirt would represent not only success in the present, but a reminder for how NOVA NATION has got to this point… the brink of another NCAA TITLE!!!

    Enjoy the FINAL FOUR ALL!

  • Hussman25

    Oh… Forgot to mention Coach Lappas… U were part of this too… Thanx!

  • Erin Koglin

    MSU: Sparty is the best mascot ever. We have one of the best, if not THE best, coaches in the nation in Tom Izzo. Our team is under-rated, but works hard every day. As a student, the excitement on campus is amazing. You see people wearing green and white everywhere you look. We are all proud to be Spartans. Plus, the only team I chose to be in the Final Four correctly in my bracket is State. GO GREEN!

  • http://www.liveddb.com DDB

    Michigan State is probably my favorite current college program aside from my alma mater. The reasons I am drawn to state are such:

    1. Magic Johnson – growing up as a kid in the 80′s he was my favorite player. I got kicked out of several practices in 5th and 6th grade when I would finish off the break with a ridiculous no look or behind the back pass. Most of the time they connected but my coach would still snap and either make me run or kick me out. I didn’t care, the next time I was on the break, I was wrapping it around my head to whoever was running with me.

    2. Tom Izzo – Even though I am a Philly area guy I like the Spartans over the local team Villanova because of this guy. Being from a blue collar town I appreciate Izzo’s approach to the game. I think he really gets the most out of his players. I like the intensity of his practices and how it translates over to his players. They never lose because a lack of effort. I can relate to Izzo’s style because I am not the biggest, fastest, or most athletically gifted guy out there however I was able to parlay hard work and relentless hustle to playing basketball at the highest college level. It’s guys like Izzo that help guys to realize their full potential and there need to be more people like him in both the game and the world.

    3. Shawn Respert – This guys was just absolutely gross when I was like 13/14.

    4. Horace Walker – One of the best players to ever come out of my hometown, Chester,PA. He was an All-American at MSU in the 1960′s. He was one of the first guys to put our city on the map and the tradition continues today with guys like Jameer Nelson and Tyreke Evans.

  • reggie haters

    unc….i love anoop.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Damnit, reggie beat me to it. I was gonna go with the anoop dawg line. Good one, man.

  • Hussman25

    @DDB….. TRAITOR!!!!! And your from the city (chester)…. that’s not kool… LOL sike just jokes nuttin but love. Izzo is the most underated coach in america… MSU better give him a pay raise b/f he takes off…

  • ciroqobama

    I want the MSU one so I have something to layer underneath my Paul Davis throwback

  • Michelle Z

    Sometimes, being a Spartan fan is hard. I’m not saying this because I don’t have faith in my school’s teams. But look at the facts.
    1) The other Big Ten school in our lovely State is UofM. Not only do we have to put up with the arrogant students, but Walmart Wolverines and bandwagon fans are constantly in our faces about being a better school. I beg to differ, but I won’t get argumentative on here.
    2) Our football program has struggled for years. Just recently, we’ve begun to show progress. I have been to every home game for the past three years and have never left early–despite the snow and rain.
    3) As a basketball team, we are consistently underrated and picked on.
    4) Our University in general is looked at as a joke sometimes, especially by scUM.
    But I have stood there, proudly supporting MSU. I never let a negative comment about MSU pass unanswered when I’m around. I always pick State to win in brackets. I never miss a chance to sing the Fight Song. My friends tell me to calm down sometimes, but I can’t help it. I have Green blood flowing through me. That’s why I deserve this shirt!

    GO GREEN go white GO STATE!!!!!

  • http://www.liveddb.com DDB

    Meet the Spartans — Eduardo Najera did not play at Michigan State. He went to Oklahoma.

    Huss I don’t feel like a traitor…Villanova (the University) doesn’t identify much with The City! I’m not too high on their elitist administration, students, and alumni.

  • http://www.liveddb.com DDB

    I like the grit of some of their players though!

  • alonzo

    MSU old school, Magic, Nuff said.

  • TheSack

    I NEED the UNC shirt to cover Tyler Hansborough’s likeness that I apparently got tatooed on my back while celebrating UNC’s win over Oklahoma.

  • SpartyD


  • Hussman25

    @DDB… I feel you… The school the area may be suspect, but the squad and their coach is A… OK in my book… Even in an elitist environment, folks from area’s like ours can fair well for themselves… i.e Jameer, Darrin, etc…

  • Hussman25

    U HAVE NO ARGUMENT FROM ME THERE…. Good luck to MSU on Saturday

  • J-O

    NOVA t-shirt
    being a college student you have a certain right to root for your school team but coming from ucr where we just had the best season ever in div. 1 basketball ( a 500. record) i have had to look at other colleges for a team and Nova has been that school i paid attention to the reason is that they werent one of the Big basketball programs out there but over time they built their progorm to be respected enough by the others school hopefully one day my college basketball team will reach that status.

  • adbphilly

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A city that has a hunger for winning. A city that strives to become the best it can be. A city that has witnessed underdogs too many to count. A city that holds home to a University that symbolizes heart, talent, and a tradition of success. Its a University that is the home to Wildcats. A University that has a passion for its basketball. These Wildcats have a history of being underdogs. 1985. Do I need to go any further? Legendary players and memories have been made at this university. These Wildcats have seen the pinnacle of greatness and also some experienced low points. But this Wildcat team of 12 players symbolize a group of guys who just want to win. True warriors of the game that have fearlessness everytime they step onto the court. From Pinckney to Kittles to Foye to Lowry to Sumpter, Nardi, Cunningham, Fisher, and Scottie Reynolds(5.5 Sec BABY!!). This school has been the school that I’ve wanted to go to since I was a little kid. I’m a freshman in high school and I still have my eyes set on this school. A school of excellence. Everytime I watch these warriors step onto the court, watching the unity and positive vibes, gives me goosebumps all over. Being able to get this shirt would mean so much because it means that you guys here at slam recongnize my love and passion for this school. I bleed navy and white. I cheer and cry for this team. True Underdogs(the rocky theme is playing in my head as im typing this.) I mean look at this comment post. ‘Nova is underdogs in this. People are writing for shirts of UNC, MSU, and UCONN. They dont see the true greatness in Villanova. And seeing this team go to Detroit for the Final four has made it even better. The ride to this moment has been absolutely a dream come true for ‘Nova fans all over the Nation. I think I speak for every Wildcat fan out there when I say you can’t even express your passion and love for this team, university, and community. I could go on and on and on. This team grows on you. Its simple as that. Having played some of the best teams in the nation, running a 4 guard offense, with the 5th guy being only 6-9(Cunningham), this team deserves to become champions of the world. And by nights end, on April 6th 2009, all of Nova Nation, including me, will be raising our hands in the air, waving the “V” sign for the whole country to see. NOVA NATION FOR LIFE and UNC THE NATION IS COMING FOR YOU!

  • UNCb-ball50

    I want the UNC shirt. It all started with mike. As UNC began to progress after Dean Smith you can tell when ever they are in the Final Four they ARE GOING TO WIN. We destroyed rat face coach K and the griffins with ease. So tell me how Nova is going to win. They have 1 guy and the rest just don’t have what it takes to win a title. Hansbrough Ellington LAWSON green and Thompson that’s a world of hurt. I have always had a deep desire to play for UNC. I am going to play at MJ’s flight school basketball camp. UNC versus Michigan Stateis what i am calling and we are going to whip those spartams

  • Do Work

    UNC shirt. I believe that I deserve to win the UNC shirt because of my undying love for their program. I broke up with my girlfriend earlier this winter when I learned she was a Duke fan before the first UNC and Duke collision this year. I just could not get past the fact that she rooted for the Blue Devils, no matter what. I keep praying every night that come NBA draft time, my Timberwolves will use their heads and draft Ty Lawson. He is the best pg in college basketball by far. Lawson is also the best leader in college basketball, you saw what happened when they didn’t have him on the floor in the ACC tournament. Tyler Hansbrough is by far my least favorite Carolina player of all time but I still have love for dude because he reps the Tar Heels. I’m really hoping to see them win it all to complete the mission he has been on since he set foot on campus at Chapel Hill. On the eve of April 6th, I fully expect to be celebrating a Tar Heels championship wildly in the streets all the way up north here in Duluth, MN. UNC all day, every day!

  • Ritchie

    I want a UNC shirt cause I wanna be like Mike!!!

  • http://www.hw-event-hosting.de h-dub

    KING does not fold, this must be a April Fool, no Words on their Site yet !

  • http://www.myspace.com/jordanaddic MrBruCru

    I want the UNC based retro shirt because one of my best friends is a Tar Heel fan. He didnt attend there, nor does he know anyone who goes there…but it would be priceless to see the look on his face if he sees me wearing that Limited edition, retro T, with the UNC logo on the sleeve.


  • juan

    man i juss wanted to say that i think i deserve that uconn shirt ever since i saw ever since i heard three of my favorite ballers played there like Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton, Rudy Gay, and now including one of my newest favorites Hasheem Thabeet I love UCONN more hen i should love the texas longhorns cuz im a texas boy but you know i really do think i deserve that shirt like the same reason i think the UCONN squad should win the Tournament. the shirt would also fit in my collection of retro collection so yea i think i deserve it ill probably be the first one to win something from slam here in Laredo tx

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nick Fleming

    MSU, the shirt would match my condoms.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Closing the comments…will email the winners. Thanks!

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