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Michael Jordan’s Son, Jeffrey, to Leave Illinois

For the second straight summer, Michael Jordan’s eldest son has made headlines. Here’s an excerpt from ESPNchicago: “Jeff Jordan has been granted his release from the Illinois basketball program and is expected to transfer, the school announced Friday. Jordan, the eldest son of NBA great Michael Jordan, played three seasons for the Illini and totaled 110 points, 98 assists and 68 rebounds in 92 games. As a junior, Jordan came off the bench and averaged 13.8 minutes while backing up point guard Demetri McCamey. ‘Jeff was an important part of our team; a competitor who provided depth and steady play at the point guard position and was a defensive presence for us,’ Illinois coach Bruce Weber said in a statement.”

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  • Dardo

    110 points, 98 assits and 68 rbs in 92 games translates into: 1.1 ppg / 1.0 apg / 0.7 rpg. LOL

    Those are some future Hall of Fame numbers bro!!!
    I mean what is the coach supposed to say when Jordan’s son leaves, he sucked anyway?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    It must be hard as hell to be MJ’s son, no joke. I mean, as far as wanting to make a name for yourself, anyways. I think Marcus is handling it a lot better than Jeffrey though.

  • Chris

    Obviously I know nothing about MJ and his parenting, but having observed his career through the media microscope, what kind of help do you think he gave?
    Being such a cold-blooded killer, and preaching that anyone that wanted the title had to come ‘go through the champions’ and take it from him…I can’t imagine it would sit comfortably with him that anyone was better than him, even his own son.
    With that alpha-male mindset in consideration, I’d love to know what, if any, advice he gave to Jeffrey.

  • http://www.youtube.com/ The Promise

    Why is he transferring? So he can go ride the bench somewhere else?

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    ^Probably so he can go to school somewhere else.

  • Goat

    and if he transfers, he’ll have to red-shirt a season (thus lift weights and practice for a full year), THEN, maybe he’ll be able to produce (when he’s technically in his fifth year of school).

  • penny

    i thought he was giving up basketball for good?

  • Shem

    Can anyone imagine being the son of Michael fuc*in Jordan. The opportunity you have to be able to work on your game with the greatest player of all time. It’s pretty dissapointing to be honest.

  • http://www.solecollector.com NDP

    I would assume he’ll be going to school somewhere near Charlotte…

  • that dude

    Why make judgement on something we know nothing about? Its minimally interesting news to pass the workday and lets just leave it at that.

  • http://www.nbaballhog.wordpress.com God in Basketball Shoes

    It would be interesting to find out if the kid actually enjoys the game anymore, or whether the pressure and attention from being MJ”s son has gotten to him. SLAM, you should do an interview with him soon and find out what it’s like for him.

  • http://Yahoo.com 323 356 9658

    I’m MJ third son

  • Hussman25

    WTH! This kid is a headache! I’d have a hard time to imagine him going to a D1 school and having to sit out a year just makes things worse (he may realize hoops isnt for him while sitting out)… Sad really

  • BostonBaller

    What the heck was Craig Seiger wearing last night. That had to be one of his worst outfits ever and he dresses badly every day. That’s his thing.