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John Calipari, Scott Drew Voted ‘Biggest Cheaters’ In NCAA

CBSSports.com recently surveyed nearly 100 college coaches, getting their thoughts on some of college basketball’s current issues. One question asked was, “Who is perceived by college coaches to be the biggest cheater in the sport?”

The coaches answered—anonymously, of course—and Kentucky’s John Calipari took home the inglorious crown, receiving 36 percent of the vote, followed by Baylor’s Scott Drew, who received 34 percent of the vote.

Here is the complete breakdown of the poll, followed by some quotes, all courtesy of CBSSports.com:

1. John Calipari (Kentucky): 36 percent

2. Scott Drew (Baylor): 34 percent

3. Ben Howland (UCLA): 12 percent

4. Jim Calhoun (Connecticut): 7 percent

5. Tom Crean (Indiana): 3 percent

6. Dave Rice (UNLV): 3 percent

On John Calipari: “Cal probably doesn’t have to cheat now as much as he used to, but he’s still the standard. The rest of us can’t even deal in his league. He’s the best.”

On Scott Drew: “I don’t even have to blink when I say the answer. He’s despised by a lot of people because he comes off holier than God. Meanwhile, everyone knows he’s had to cheat big-time to get the program to where it’s at. If it wasn’t for the God stuff he wouldn’t rub people the wrong way as much.”

On Ben Howland: “I’ve had many conversations with other coaches about [what's believed to be going on at UCLA]. And this is from me, someone not even recruiting the West Coast.”

On Jim Calhoun: “You ever been to Storrs? It’s miserable. But Calhoun, somehow, has recruited pros there for decades. Hell, he’s one of the guys who actually got caught cheating [with Nate Miles]. He’s the obvious answer.”

On Dave Rice: “They’ve gotta be doing something at UNLV.”

On high-major coaches in general: “They all [expletive] cheat. Every high-level coach cheats.”

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  • LA Huey

    I like the last quote.

  • patrick

    I guess the cheating in reference to this is all about recruiting..that’s the only area for cheating really that i see

  • Dave

    Calhoun over-texts and calls a recruit and he’s a big time cheat? Something the league went and made legal this year? That school rarely gets McDonalds all-americans.

  • http://thahiphopcorner.com Kevin

    These coaches are just plain hating

  • J-MaC

    Gotta have an edge to recruit the best talent, however it’s usually the boosters who provide the cheating edge.. The coaches are usually not involved with that part of the business to keep their hands “clean”.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    NCAA basketball is one of the most corrupt leagues. Some of these coaches criticizing are indeed jealous but they definitely aren’t far from the truth.

  • DFWHoopster

    Here’s a shocker: all of those names on the list had top 10 classes last year except Calhoun. Calipari, Drew and Howland had top 5 classes! Haters gonna hate. Gutless survey. Sign your name to that or keep your mouth shut!

  • bike

    Calipari runs a farm system for NBA lottery picks and it works. Shady? yes. Unethical? Probably. Not really cheating in the strictest sense.

  • Dave

    Real talk DFWHoopster. I can’t remember the last time UConn finished top 10 in recruiting.

  • Brad09

    NCAA college coaches have there agendas but still really these are the guys on the list??? Callhoun is probably the best at finding hidden gems see lamb, okafor, m williams, even gordon. I got to IU and who does Crean have that is that great besides Zeller? Callapari will always be hated by the rest of the ncaa because he is fair and away the best recruiter in the nation. Howland and rice however should probably be one and two. How did Rice land 3 mc d all americans not to mention the likes of moser. How did Ben Howland get the 1 and 3 player in the country (sorry just cuz u block shots dosent make u 1) after the things that have came out about the program in the past. (wether it was reeves nelsons fault or not)

  • dupelupe

    Coach Cal is ‘a cheating? I thought that Lou Roe, Marcus Camby, DaJuan Wagner, DRose, Tyreke Evans, Xavier Henry, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, DeMarcus Cousins, MKG, Teague, Daniel Orton, and Anthony Davis were honest, smart, young men who followed World Wide Wes like slaves for no reason. Hmm, maybe I was wrong. Whatever happened to that $250,000 AD’s dad requested for his son’s “services”? Haha Kentucky sold their souls!!!

  • RickWitIt

    lol john calipari is the only head coach to win his 500th career game twice figures hes number 1

  • The Mauve Avenger

    lol people envy success

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Also “They’ve gotta be doing something at UNLV.”? What high school recruit wouldn’t give a little thought to playing college ball in Vegas?

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    @dupelupe, Xavier Henry didn’t play for Calipari. He attended Kansas.

  • Bonquisha

    @TheWhiteMarkPrice – very good, very good. He committed to Memphis then pulled his commitment when Cal left for UK b/c of the pressure to stay home and play at KU and Kentucky had no scholarships available, although Cal tried his best by dismissing a lot of players for no reason. What a slime ball

  • Guest

    “I got to IU…”!?!?! I assume you mean you, “go to IU”? After reading your post, I do not think you got past fourth grade.

  • TheyJellyButFarFromFalse

    well yah but what about the other coaches that had top 10 classes and were not included at all? Bill Self, Roy Williams, Boeheim, or mike krzyzewski never get accused of being cheaters or down right a**holes like Calipari and Drew. i have utmost respect for cal’s accomplishments, especially in recruiting, but if the shoe fits then…

  • Maybeoncebutnotnow

    Xavier Henry Attended Kansas University without controversy, and while i am amazed at the recruits Cal has brought to Kentucky in recent years i tend to think he has been mostly legit since he left Memphis. this year and last Kentucky has been mediocre and top recruits havent committed there anymore often than the other big programs..Kansas, Arizona, Duke, Michigan, Syracuse, and Oklahoma State have all got top 10 or higher recruits OVER kentucky in the last 2 years.

  • yahTheyjelly

    yah they are forsure but these accusations arent anything new concerning these coaches. there was no doubt, at all, that calipari recruited fraudulently at memphis, not to mention memphis and calipari helped multiple players remain eligible through academic forgeries and out right cheating during his tenure there as revealed by the NCAA following their loss to Kansas in the ’08 National Championship. but since then its up for debate on his legitimacy. i think he has been legit. he doesnt need to cheat for recruits at Kentucky. and the last 2 years they have lost most top recruits to Kansas and duke, not to mention programs like Arizona, Oklahoma State, and Indiana. i think its bs, kentucky gets top recruits because its freaking kentucky, just like KU, Duke, UNC, Syracuse, etc.