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NCAA Investigating Eligibility of Kyle Anderson, Tony Parker

UCLA’s eligibility issues just got a lot more complicated. Shabazz Muhammad was already ruled ineligible to participate in the Bruins’ tour of China in late August because of an ongoing investigation, and now, reports have surfaced that the NCAA is probing the recruitments of fellow Bruins Kyle Anderson and Tony Parker. The kicker in the story: according to reports, another college basketball program “turned in” evidence of the violations. Via Scout.com: “BruinReportOnline.com has now learned that there is an NCAA investigation that includes allegations of violations involving Anderson and Parker. It is not clear, at this time, if there are any additional details of the new allegations, or whether they’re related to the existing investigation into Muhammad. Sources close to the situation have indicated another college basketball program turned in evidence of violations in the recruitments of Muhammad, Anderson and Parker. BruinReportOnline.com is unaware if UCLA is specifically named in the alleged violations. Muhammad was deemed ineligible to participate in UCLA’s recent exhibition games in China because of the NCAA investigation into his relationship with the AAU booster and the improper acceptance of flights was on-going. Despite the new allegations, Anderson, the 6-foot-8 forward from Jersey City (N.J.) St. Anthony, and Parker, the 6-foot-8 center from Lithonia (Ga.) Miller Grove, were allowed to go to China. Parker didn’t participate because of an injury.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    I Guess the coaches in that survey the other day weren’t lying

  • Max

    A 6’8″ center?

  • ganjahluv

    their all dirty’er an shit. how come you choose a school that has tanked and plays such a plodding game to begin with? $$$$. Bazz payed by adidas, parkers aau coach coincidentally gets a position on the ucla staff and anderson has agent dealings. eff ucla.

  • shockexchange

    @spit hot fiyah Either that or the other coaches are snitchin’ / throwing shade.

  • JB

    Another program turned in UCLA? Will there be a whistleblower program? The NCAA rules are so complex, that most schools don’t even know when they are cheating.

  • The Seed

    Blue Chips, gets another team.

  • ZOGS


  • http://twitter.com/niyosimba Sir François Rocks

    poor ucla, they will never recover from their klove years.

  • FreshBehavior

    It was USC… misery loves company.

  • Sonic35

    just let ‘em play !! the NCAA totally over complicate things …

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bishop.SeanMagicJuan Sean MagicJuan

    You didn’t watch Sullinger this past year?

  • Rasheed

    You gotta watch him play. Reminds me of Zach Randolph

  • Max

    Well, Sullinger had a 7’1″ wingspan so that makes up for his lack of height. Don’t know what Parker’s is.

  • Max

    If he can get Zebounds, I’ll become a fan of his.
    We’ll see how he does on the next level.

  • ganjahluv

    Florida was probably the school as they were recruiting Anderson pretty hard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588405714 Jay El Payaso Watkins

    Damn Kyle, say it ain’t so. I know how hard your family worked with you to get you where you are bruh. I sure hope this blows over for real