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NCAA Finals Live Blog

Louisville outlasts Michigan in a classic National Championship game.

by DeMarco Williams / @demarcowill

There’s something rather poetic about tonight’s national title contest. The two schools’ home cities —Louisville, Kentucky and Ann Arbor, Michigan— are about 350 miles apart on I-75. Know where the halfway mark is between the two spots? Dayton, Ohio, where this whole journey began back on March 19. It’ll all culminate tonight, of course, with confetti on the ground and jubilant hands in the air. But somebody’s gotta make that long trip home trophy-less. That’s just the way it is. I can’t say for certain right now if it’ll be the Cardinals’ Russ Smith or the Wolverines’ Trey Burke, but what I do know is that if you make your way back here at tip-off, we’ll go on the ride together to find out…

…And we’re baaaack. About 30 seconds before the Louisville Cardinals came onto the court, Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” started blaring from the rafters. Gonna go out on a limb and say that Coach Rick Pitino did not request that.

-Right after Michigan hits the court Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” comes on. Startin’ to feel a little like 2002 in the Dome…but ironically, that’s the same year Maryland won the national championship in Atlanta.

-If we’re predicting the score based on crowd noise, the final will be Louisville 75, Michigan 63.

-Scanning the seats, it’s looking pretty split between the fans wearing maize and blue and those in red and white. Might give the slight edge to Michigan.

-Trey Burke already has more points (5) in a minute and a half than he had all first half vs. Syracuse.

-Understanding the finality of things, Mr. Burke is looking to score early and often. Love the aggressiveness. But hey, if this were your last time wearing a collegiate uniform, you’d try to bring it, too.

-The jumbotron just panned to the Fab 4… as in Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, Juwan Howard and Jalen Rose.

-Though Peyton Siva looked more like Blake Shelton than Blake Griffin on that slam attempt, I saw his vision. The Cards are gonna need a 10-and-5 night from him.

-Of course, the down side to Burke’s more aggressive approach overall is foul trouble. Two by the 10-minute mark stings.

-Michigan hasn’t missed a beat with Spike Albrecht in the game for Burke. In fact, the lil’ homie’s 15 points have the Dome buzzin’.

-Who is this Luke Hancock? The kid went nuts in the second half on Saturday and he’s going ham again tonight. His 16 points have done all but silence Spike’s 17.

-38-37 at the break. Albrecht vs. Hancock, Part 2 in about 16 minutes.

-The marching band from Morehouse College, an all-male historically black school based in Atlanta, is serving as the chief halftime entertainment. What’s weird is that they have female dancers and what looks like a couple of ladies playing instruments. I’d love to hear from a Morehouse alum who can tell me how females got with the unit.

-I’m pretty sure the folks at CBS are doing a good job sharing Albrecht facts, but I bet they missed this bit about the young man’s high school, Northfield Mt. Hermon in Massachusetts: the guy who invented volleyball (William G. Morgan), the guy who founded Burger King (James W. McLamore) and the lady who killed in Bill (Uma Thurman) all went to the school as well.


-The second half starts with Burke back in the game and the Cards back up to their long-range tricks. 40-38, Louisville.

-A trey from Trey. The point guard position has been tremendous tonight for the Wolverines. 27 points from Burke and Albrecht.

-At the 46-43 timeout, the Basketball Hall of Fame’s 2013 class was introduced. Though names like Gary Payton and Rick Pitino will headline the roster, I’m glad incredible ballers like Bernard King and Dawn Staley were formally recognized. Payton might be “The Glove,” but Staley’s hands were some of the quickest I’ve ever seen on the basketball court. Period.

-Burke’s trying to make things happen. Siva’s trying to make things happen. That’s the mentality your leaders have to have in biggies.

-Two points on one end. Two on the other. Neither squad is blinking. This one feels like it’s about to get special. 54-52, Louisville.

-At the break, the Division II champion Drury Panthers come onto the floor. My wife and I saw them take the crown yesterday afternoon in a hard-fought match-up with Metro State. The most memorable cat on the court was Drury’s Ian Carter. Not sure if it was because of his high-right, low-left haircut or his all-out hustle.

-Jordan Morgan’s ugly crash to the floor sends an understandable hush over the crowd for a few seconds.

-At the start of the game, I said Louisville needed 10 and 5 from Siva to have a chance. They already have 12 and 4.

-Tonight’s attendance: 74, 326, a new all-time high for a National Championship game.

-Albrecht still sitting on the 17 he had in the first half. Don’t think he’s scored a point tonight while Burke was on the same court.

-An alley-oop on one end. An alley-oop from another. You gotta love the fight in these two teams.

-Peyton Siva, love the energy, my man, but that was not a foul. All leather.

-The in-arena cameras just panned from actors Steve Carell and Paul Rudd to ESPN’s Jalen Rose. Wonder if Jalen can get a guest spot in Anchorman 2.

-Who’s keeping a tab on how many times Trey’s hit the hardwood with a thud tonight?

-Fantastic game. Siva has been a stud. Burke has been awesome. The co-stars have been stellar.

-Ball game. 82-76, Cards.

-What a year for Louisville. Sensational start to the season. A three-game losing streak in January. A phenomenal run through the Big East tournament. A No. 1 overall seed in the Dance. The Kevin Ware tragedy. And to watch it all conclude on the Georgia Dome floor with the title is pretty spectacular. Congrats!

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  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    What’s up Mr. Will? Should be a good one. I foolishly thought Indiana would be here, but you can definitely make a case that these were the two best teams all along. Enjoy the show!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    Also: CWebb is there, too, but I guess not sitting w those guys.

  • DeMarco Williams

    What’s good, Ben? Yeah, a writer beside me just told me that C-Webb was in the building. Don’t feel too bad about your Hoosier pick. I had Ohio State and Miami, so I didn’t do any better.

  • logues

    in case y’all didn’t see i took home the slam tourney bracket! got all but one final four team right! how bout this first half? if the 2nd half is similar, this will easily be one of the best games ever. white boys rainin 3′s like its nothin!

  • logues

    and who agrees that SLAM should start doing an annual ncaa tourney champion cover every year like they do the nba champs? i realize that it would’nt prolly create great sales, but would be a nice yearly keepsake and fun to look back on

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    Cool idea, Logues, but it would have to have a sponsor or something. The sales would just be too low. We like college hoops and cover it as best we can, but every metric from web traffic to comments to surveys to Tweets to cover figures show that our readers care SO much more about the NBA. If more college games were like tonight’s, maybe that would change. We used to at least do a Champs poster every year, but timing hasn’t even worked for that lately.

  • DeMarco Williams

    Logues, I can dig the NCAA cover…. our advertising team, however, is probably already cringing.

  • logues

    ya i kinda figured you guys prolly would already do it if it weren’t for the low sales… how about an article of a mini recap of each game of the champs atleast? i feel like there should be something to look back on ya know?

  • if u can’t beat’m.. foul’m

    I’ve seen less contact in football than in tonights game.. the hack-slap worked against wichita st. so why not do the same to michigan! The refs should be FINED!

  • http://twitter.com/_brandonallen Brandon Allen

    Just to comment as a Morehouse alum…the girls are from Spelman…(All girl sister school)…and SMH on that Trey Burke block

  • underdog

    Yes, that block was huge. Refs made some lame mistakes throughout the whole game.

  • bike

    A classic playground brawl on the biggest stage. One for the ages.

    Wonder how many of these guys leave early for the league?

  • Claire Jason

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  • Peter Walsh


  • Peter Walsh

    ….and this :(

  • http://twitter.com/trueballer4lif1 Melvin flynt

    Trey Burke blocked siva clean a robbed call! That could of changed the game!

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