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Kicks: Limited Air Jordan To Release Soon

by Chris O’Leary / @olearychris

Not a lot of concrete info to drop here, but something exciting nonetheless via CounterKicks.

CK received some tips on a new Air Jordan PE release that’s going into production that will apparently be limited to 1000 pairs. This comes after the limited run of the Air Jordan XIII Ray Allen PEs that dropped last week.

“We are told the new Air Jordan player style will again be constructed in a white and green based colorway and limited to 1,000 pairs total. Confirmation on Jordan Brand athlete and Air Jordan shoe model to come as it develops.”

My completely uninformed guess/hope is that the mystery shoe is Air Jordan XI Ray wore for the Celts’ 2008 season opener/banner night. He also wore those shoes in warmups the night that he broke the three-point record this season. Of course, Ray broke the record in the just-released XIIIs.

Pic via CounterKicks.

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  • @Deknowz

    WTF? LAME!

  • O

    As your AVERAGE sneakerhead – I’m HELLA disappointed in the people who work over at Jordan (shout outs to that cutie called Dinusha. She was incredibly cute and looked out a few times. I was going to marry you, but then I heard you started working for Adidas… It was nice meeting you). The Ray Allens, Jordan 3′s DB (which were supposed to raise money for charity, but were limited??? That makes NO sense!) – all the ones with the illest color schemes are crazy limited. But the public gets alllll we can get of the American Jordan V’s? Those were WEAK! The Cardinals? Those came out a few years back. I don’t get these peoples, dunn. Y’all trying to get money or get people jumped, robbed and killed?

  • TheBoy

    It could be the Air Jordan XI gold patent leather/green bottom sole!

  • Malik

    Yeah I kno dem gone be some nines…

  • Slips

    It’s crazy. I’m far from a sneaker junkie, but just a mention of the XIs gets me pumped and intrigued. Beyond iconic sneakers. Can’t wait to see what this is.

  • Riggs

    Those are the 13′s

  • MilliB

    Ithink those are the Obsidian/black XIII’s.