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Contest: Win SWAG From Champs Sports

Celebrate Champs Sports new e-zine, SWAG, with a nice hook-up.

The word “swag” has swept the world off its feet and is used in everyday language seemingly more frequently than last names—it’s literally inescapable. Particularly in the sports world, where athletes frequently use the word to describe both their on-court game and off-court personalities.

There is no true definition to the word “swag.” Its use is relatively lofty but at its core, the word is an all-encompassing synonym for “cool” and everything that is determined to be cool.

With swag engrained in everyone’s brain, our friends at Champs Sports are releasing their own e-zine version of swag, entitled, quite fittingly, SWAG (Stylish Ways to Acquire Game). The quarterly installment will focus on athlete’s cultural impact on their respective world of sport—whether that’s basketball, football, baseball or what have you.

“Real athletes know that having Game is more than just their performance on the court or field—it’s about how they embrace the sport-lifestyle and identify themselves as athletes 24/7,” says Frank Bracken, vice president of marketing, Champs Sports. “SWAG takes a look into the lives and interests of today’s biggest athletes and celebrates the people who inspire sports culture in a unique way that speaks directly to teens.”

In essence, SWAG focuses more on what the athlete does to inspire their performance on game day. Whether that’s fashion, music, being community driven or some unique aspect of their life that helps them maximize their performance; SWAG will have it covered.

With that in mind, SLAMonline wants to know what basketball player you think embodies the idea behind SWAG and best embraces the sport-lifestyle to the fullest?

Drop your answer (along with a working e-mail address) in the comment section and the best answer will win a hook-up from Champs Sports similar to the pics above.

The first edition of SWAG can be downloaded for free here (Mac) or here (Droid).

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  • Corey

    best swag is Russel Westbrook hands down! no other player the in league can rock the glasses and backpack like that dude does!

  • http://twitter.com/KhullerThanIce Aamir Khuller

    In my mind, Kevin Durant embodies SWAG. KD raps (Rolls Royce) w/ Priv, has a great signature shoe that is extremely popular among teens, (I have the Year of the Dragons) But with all this, he is extremely humble which makes him a great role model. Like I said, he’s all over TV, he’s been on Jimmy Kimmel, he has a movie coming out, and is very visible in the OKC community as well as DC (Barry Farms SE.) and well as the Goodman League. Kevin also popularized a few fashion trends, like the backpack, as well as the buttoned-up shirts. Dude also rocks the glasses well, unlike Russ!

  • Alex Ramirez

    Dwayne Wade Hands down. He has so much swag it hurts. On the Court, he can capture an entire arena with one leap and break
    down a defense with one spin.

    Off the court, Wade is the Swag Champ. Dwayne Wade is the only Basketball Athlete who can Sport a band-aid on his face and still look cool. Easily the best dressed Male in sports, always sporting Fly
    hats, fresh shades, and an Armani jacket.

    The Swag Trophy goes to Dwyane Wade, and will continue to Swag through the NBA unless Russel Westbrook can do something about it.

  • Double J

    “Its easy to talk about,
    its easy to sum it up when you just talk about SWAG. We sittin’ in
    here, I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talkin’ about SWAG. I mean listen, we talkin bout SWAG. Not a game, not a
    game, not a game. We talkin bout SWAG.” If it comes down to one individual, who represents all that is basketball and all that is “sports lifestyle”, it has to be Allen Iverson. From his dress to his persona, AI keeps it 100. I once saw this dude cross an NBA point guard, drop a J in his face, and stare him straight in the eye as he stepped over his broke, fallen body. From the first opportunity, AI went hard against the GOAT. AI has been in jail three times and still puts on. There are articles written, forum’s argued, and barber shop’s preaching about this man’s swag. Allen Iverson of Hampton, Virginia has got swag.

  • Double J
  • David

    The easy answer would be to say Dwayne Wade. But all that falls apart when you realize he paints his toe-nails and when he wore those flip up Harry-Potter glasses. No judging, just not something you think of when you want swag. Lebron James is probably the next choice cuz he just won his first ring, came out with his own clothing line, and just started a family. However, when you think of swag u think of stuntn a lot of girls so being married kinda ruins that. I think there are actually two players that embody swag the most but neither more so than the other right now. That would be Amare Stoudemire and Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is mad young, a BEAST on the court, fly as hell with his no frame look (idk about the red ones haha), and already a star on a team to beat. Amare on his level, cuz he’s on a seriously exciting Knicks team that has a ton of potential, he’s all over fasion/lifestyle magazines GQ or XXX, he’s been on the BET awards (lookin stoned as hell) and he’s got a ton of cash, living in NYC, single, and well…. need I go on? Actually with this I think Amare wins, but I think Westbrook is gona pass him by the end of this season.

  • Remy

    My first, obvious choice would be Allen Iverson. AI was very much a trendsetter when it came to fashion on and off the court. He had many youth imitating not just how the ball crossed over in his hands, but how the braids crossed over on his head. The fitted hats, the retro jerseys, du-rags, bandannas, baggy pants, jewelry, etc. Iverson set the bar.

    His style and swagger carried over on the court. He was the originator of the arm sleeve fad that nearly every NBA player dons now. And when other players started wearing them, he turned it up a notch with the spiderweb pattern. He also rocked the over-sized headband, yes, the same one we clown LeBron James for but thought it was cool when The Answer wore it.

    Nowadays so many current NBA players try to follow the hipster fads piggybacking the whole reluctance to conform when the reality is they’re all conforming. AI set the bar when it came to not conforming. While other players expressed lukewarm sentiments about adhering to the NBA dress code, Iverson bluntly said that the dress code is not who he is and doesn’t allow him to express himself.

    Iverson’s game was always about self expression. His “swag” manifested itself off the court as well as on the court. Not just with his dress but with how he played the game of basketball. His relentless nature, his trash talk, his fearlessness. His signature layup and dunk consisted of him holding the ball up with one hand on his gather and either finishing with one hand or two hands almost teasing the defense.

    When you say swag or swagger, I think Allen Iverson. One may even stand to reason that a lot of rule changes came about because of Allen Iverson. Dress codes were instituted, dribble moves were scrutinized. I don’t think there’s much of a question that during the late 90s and early 2000s, we all wanted to be The Answer more than we wanted to be anyone else.


    I would have to say LeBron James got that swagg going on just about now. He finally won a championship, won a gold medal and nominated MVP of the regular season and the NBA Finals. I grunte you will see him having a blast and just toying with the completion this season approaching. LBJ has SWAGGG

  • De

    Jeremy Lin embodies the idea behind SWAG cause first of all SWAG=Something We Asians Got. Second of all, Lin step right up and at the right time when the Knicks needed a point guard. He showed SWAG in his game with crossovers breaking ankles such as John Wall, Derek Fisher, and some other dudes. Not only that but some of his layups are amazing and he has air skills. However Lin’s biggest moment was his three point shot to win the game against the Raptors. He even impressed such veteran players like Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant and LeBron “The King” James. Whenever Lin got the Ball people were on their feet. Not to mention he did all this while sleeping on his cousin’s couch. Now that is embracing the sport lifestyle ti the fullest. If that doesn’t attain SWAG then I don’t know what does.

  • Kyle

    To me KD has the most swag. He is a 3 Time NBA Scoring Champion,with a great signature shoe with sneaker powerhouse NIKE. And don’t forget to mention he can RAP, something NBA players try to do but cant actual do it. Future NBA CHAMPION, and MVP. email: woogo1@hotmail.com

  • Adrian Morales

    Nailed it my man. D-Wade has what we call swag. In and off the court from commercials to appearances. The man never looks bad and has a great image/reputation. Good Post Ramirez.

  • Kyle

    Also… KD is reprint that DC and is the definition of SWANKY!! He is as cool as the other side of the pillow!

  • Kevin

    No one, not even LeBron James, is as fearless as Kobe Bryant.
    Throughout his career, Bryant has pushed teammates
    out of Los Angeles, chastised teammates, requested a trade and run into
    legal issues. Despite all of this, he will leave quite a legacy behind
    him once he hangs up his jersey for good.
    Few players in the
    history of the game have meant as much to their team as Bryant does to
    the Lakers, and he knows this, ergo the aforementioned incidents above.
    will be the first to tell you age is but a number and not an indication
    of what’s to come, and he will get in the face of any player, be it a
    teammate or member of the opposition, he feels the need to.
    when it comes to self-esteem, Bryant is anything but lacking. Even when
    Bryant is bringing the ball up the floor, he seems to be strutting. He
    knocks down improbable shots nonchalantly, and when he catches fire,
    every person within a 50-mile radius knows it.
    Bryant lives in his own little world, one that fans and analysts both embrace and despise on different occasions.
    He rides to games on a helicopter, reserving the right which rockstars and politicians usually are accustomed to. His jersey if the number 1 selling jersey in the world. He models his game on the court and off the court, and as people know, MJ off the court was as every bit smooth on the court as off with his slick suits.

    One thing is for sure, though: His at times warped sense of reality is the epitome of swagger.

  • Bravo

    Lol some of y’all sound so gay

  • Stevethecannon

    Dang bro, you just stole my answer and my champs gear lol.
    And it has to be AI for the reasons above.

  • Jwoll

    The player that embodies the idea behind SWAG is Dwyane Wade. Number 3 was over-looked in the 2003 NBA Draft behind LeBron, Carmelo, and Bosh, yet was the only player out of these four to win a NBA Championship on his original drafted team, doing so in his 3rd season in the league. Wade won over the hearts of sports fans nation wide, as his commercials with T-Mobile, references in rap songs by Jay-Z, and by convincing the reigning MVP to come play for his team, rather than the other way around. Wade started off his career by signing with Converse, a bold move at the time choosing them over powerhouses like NIke and Adidas. He eventually switched to Air Jordan, which is what the SWAG company from Champs use for their Swag clothing line.
    Wade embraces his sports-lifestyle to the fullest by making guest appearances on TV shows such as: ESPN First Take, The Tonight show with Jay Leno, and even making an appearance in the basketball movie: Just Wright. He attends Yankee games when in New York, and is still an avid supporter of his hometown Chicago Bulls, and his college team Marquette.
    In winning his 2nd Championship this season, playing throughout the NBA Playoffs with a knee injury, and by embracing his sports-lifestyle to the fullest, Dwyane Wade has showed why he is the best basketball player who embodies the idea behind SWAG.

  • Cole

    Kobe Bryant embodies SWAG more than any other athlete. 17 years ago he announced he would turn pro straight from high school, wearing some shades inside the gym. He was an 18 year old kid that thought he could take on Michael Jordan. Throughout his career he’s made countless highlights; Dunks, game winners, up and under no-look shots, fall away jumpers. When he walks into the arena everybody knows Kobe arrived. The TV cameras are following him, he’s wearing a nice suit or classy dress shirt, usually with sunglasses and Beats by Dre headphones. He is a very intelligent individual, his answers in interviews are always articulate and smart. He is a global icon that is loved everywhere he goes. Thousands show up in China just to get a glimpse of him, and even at age 34 he’s one of the biggest stars on team USA, he has a sick collection of Nike gear that is extremely successful. From Staples Center all the way to China, Kobe will always be a star and always have SWAG.

  • ethan katz

    Nick Young is the unrivaled champion of swag for one simple reason: the guy just doesn’t give f**k. He doesn’t care how tall the opposing center is, because he is going to try to dunk it on him anyways. He doesn’t care who is guarding him or how open his teammate is, Nick young wholeheartedly believes that he will score the ball. He doesn’t care if you liked that blouse thing (for lack of a better word) he wore. And apparently cp3′s son liked it because he was staring at it throughout the post-game press conference.

    Having the confidence to pull something like that off is half the battle, and Nick Young has immeasurable confidence. The man has swag and he knows it. If you don’t believe me check out his name on twitter, its @NickSwagyPYoung.

  • Nicolas Fleming

    Javale McGee has a pet Platypus. That is all. Swag

  • Zuretti Carter

    Gotta be Clyde Frazier. All you have to do is look at how he embodied SWAG to the fullest. The man dressed sharp, drove fly cars, had fly shoes, and had the smooth game to add to the total package. Later on in life he brought that swag lifestyle over to the microphone as play by play announcer for the New York Knicks. Swag on a billi my friend.

    Email: skalawatz@gmail.com

  • Jake

    When you think about postgame interview attire, you immediately think about, Dwyane, Lebron, Russ and KD, but one historically SWAG-ADOCIOUS ensemble outshines them all in my opinion. This outfit, and specifically the shirt single handedly brought Nick Young to the podium after Game Four of the Clippers’ first round game against the Grizzlies. When taking a look back to realize why Nick Young was placed at the podium, all signs point to the shirt. Nick Young had an underwhelming five points and from what I remember played no critical role in his teams victory.

    Nick Young, or should I say Swaggy P has had some other excellent feats of SWAG that have gone mostly unnoticed. In my opinion SWAG is almost synonymous with confidence, and no one exudes confidence like Swaggy P, he frequently ignores the concept of the “extra pass.” Swaggy P may have a point though, if passing to an open teammate would be considered “extra” then why not let it fly, and let it fly he does. Other than Nick Young’s uncanny ability to put up the rock, and his post game fashion, his on court footwear selection is also off of the charts. Earlier in his career Swaggy P has laced up many the pair of flashy Nike ID Kobes, recently though he has taken his sneaker game to a new level, so much so that he crowned the Nicekicks.com 2012 Kicks on Court Champion. He rocked multiple pairs of exclusive Lebrons, the ever flashy Foamposite One, and a variety of other exclusive and less popular, but always Swaggy selections.

    Before Nick Young was shipped off to one of the flashiest cities, and Javale McGee made his way to Denver, the two took NBA swag to another level. Ignoring their infamous missed wide open layups, and lack of on court awareness, they have both had many noteworthy throw downs. Off the court though, Nick and Javale thrive in the Swag department posting a series on Youtube called “The Nick and Javale Show” showing their personal achievements in the SWAG department.

    When skimming through nick young’s twitter and instagram accounts it’s easy to see why Nick Young embodies the idea behind SWAG in the NBA.


  • Jimbo

    Easy, Russell Westbrook. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but the man walks to press conferences dressed for preschool. On top of that, he has red lensless glasses, enough said. Russell Westbrook walks on and off the court with his own swagger.

  • bballsteph

    James Harden. From his beard to his fro-hawk, he shows how SWAG. He is a unique player whether on or off the court. The way he plays makes him who he is but his beard is a symbol of how he is different from other players. He may be a sixth man, but for sure is he the only “beard man” with SWAG.

  • Robocop

    Brandon Jennings is the walking definition of swag. The guy’s game, personality, interests, pursuits, style, and talents are all swaggy. He is the epitome of swag. The way he plays the game is exciting, flashy, explosive, and just……swaggy. His off court pursuits are well documented and he is always one of the first people into the hottest and freshest in music and fashion. He is a trendsetter. He works hard and he plays hard. He is a baller on the court and he is a baller off the court. Everything about Brandon Jennings is swag, fresh, clean, dope, sick, and ill. It’s actually hard NOT to use the word swag when describing Brandon Jennings. Watch a Brandon Jennings Hoopmixtape and it is impossible for the word ‘swag’ not to come to the forefront of your mind. Follow him on Twitter. Swag. Follow him on Instragram and you will see nothing but the swaggiest of the swaggy in his every day life. If any baller on planet earth embodies the word ‘swag’, it most definitely HAS to be Brandon Jennings.

  • Rob Stewart

    If you are constantly bragging about your own SWAG or forcing a fake SWAG image then you are automatically disqualified from having it. That being said I think D. ROSE embodies the word. Confident, humble, real, and dedicated. I never hear about him trying to impress people and “floss”. The guy won R.O.Y and dang neared cried to his momma. And when you look at his highlight tape, dunks, moves, and talent he has all the reason to brag. But he just remains himself. That’s the ultimate SWAG

  • roscoe

    Allen Iverson… came from nothing & played as hard or harder than anyone who laced it up. Practice?

  • roscoe

    You beat me to it too. AI.

  • Calvin Ly

    Rajon Rondo has to define the idea behind SWAG, on and off the courts he embraces the love he has for basketball, from changing the game with his amazing court vision and passing abilities to being able to connect with his team mates and opponents on and off the court, Rajon Rondo has brought his swag to the NBA stage. It’s not just his skills that define his swag but also his personality, from those funny moments during the jump ball where him and KG do the football hut and him pulling off those bloopers during interviews. Rajon Rondo defines swag and embraces the sport-lifestyle to the fullest.

  • blizzardman

    Brian Scalabrine IS swag. Dude doesn’t play that much, but still holds himself with SWAG. I GOT THAT SWAG.

  • al jordan

    From rocking Converse Pro Leather Mid at UNC, to wearing the Air Jordan
    3′s at the 1987 NBA Dunk Contest… Then starring in Space Jam aside
    Bugs Bunny sporting the “Space Jam” Jordans.. all away to crossing over a
    tired Bryan Russell wearing the Jordan 12′s.. Michael Jordan has been
    an icon, that has represented “Swag” to the fullest. His og kicks are
    hard to get a hand on.. People all around has always wanted to be like
    Mike. 6 championship rings on his fingers and a USA medal around his
    neck, and awards and recognition galore. I could go on about Air Jordan
    for days, and people would go wow.

    Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant and all of the NBA rising stars
    are wonderful. But, if it wasn’t for Michael “Swag” Jordan.. who knows
    if the shoe game as well as the game of basketball would be as popular
    as what it is today. He is a legend and a pioneer.


    i taught swag stood 4 secretly we are gay by a 1960′s gay activist group

  • smoothice

    who has more swag? hmmm lets see, perhaps the dude who’s been swaging on dudes his whole career, tongue hanging out arm cocked back in mid air staring right at ya and he knows and you know there’s nothing you can do about it, who has more swag than a man signing an autograph for his opponents with how many points he’s gonna drop on them that night, who has more swag than a man chilling in his Ferrari and watching his competition come off the bus cigar in hand and asking who’s trying guard him that night. who has more swag then a man who had the competition wearing his kicks while he was still playing, who has more swag than the trendsetter who carried the league to a new level, brought nike to the masses, along with his own brand whom his his school wears and pro ballers continue to endorse, who has more swag than arguably the greatest athlete of our time, the real debate is who has more swag than the GOAT?

  • Jose Mateo

    The Answer to this Question is exactly who you think it is!
    Allen Iverson!!!
    What A.I did for basketball culture was HUGE.Back when everybody played the same generic game, Allen Iverson was a cultural earthquake. Allen Iverson came into the league and he brought along his style of play and his SWAG to the NBA. Iverson played with tattoes,corn-rows,shooting sleeves and a flashy game. His game was flashy and so was his SWAG.What Allen Iverson did was he paved the way for many more players to express themselves and choose their own style and not go with what the norm is.

  • Lakerfan24

    I have to go with JR Smith because on the court he rocks new hairstyles like the one when he came back from China and he rocks some nice shoes while getting hot and dropping some treys. Off the court hes always copping the new shoes and clothes living the life a player with SWAG should

  • jufu

    kobe all the way. on and off the court he’s got just straight up style. looks fresh in everything off the court, looks just straight cold on it. nobody has the literal swagger of kobe. helps that he’s the last trash talking player standing that can back it up. dude’s just cold. that’s swag.

  • tealish

    Swag can come out in different ways — it can be in your face, let ‘em know, like Kobe and before him, Mike — but it can also be from that soft spoken killer who doesn’t have to shout it, because he knows he’s got it, and he knows you know. And in today’s world where swag can be so played out by everyone who’s jumping to crown themselves this and that…the cat who best embodies this low-key swag, is Kevin Durant. From his cold-blooded daggers to his off-court demeanor, KD is Mr. Cool and that’s why he’s got *it*

  • mvv

    who else?

  • L Dribble

    Until they implemented the dress code policy. Now you’re allowed to wear Ironic glasses, a plaid shirt and a backpack but not oversized headphones and throwback jerseys :(

  • t sizzle

    #3 Aquille “The Crime Stopper” Carr representing that B-More SWAG

  • JermareoDavidson

    Short and sweet. The only NBA player who “makes love to pressure.” My man Stack Jack keeps it cool on and off the court. He has the heart of a CHAMPion and the SWAGGER to which all envy. Give it up for Stephan Jackson.

  • Dee Hodge

    John Wall hands down, from on court to off court, everything about him embodies swag

  • Comment_System

    One of the dumbest connotations in the history of the english language.

  • IamYOU

    John wall’s teach me how to dougie has the best SWAG!

  • Dan

    I’m going with Derrick Rose. He’s a great role model to look up to and a cool guy. He’s got style on and off the field. Wether it’s his stylish double-pump reverse layups under the rim or his fresh gear on the street he never disappoints me. I’m sure a lot of people agree with this. This guy’s everywhere, in commercials, advertisements on the street, magazines, TV and every time I see him I can’t think of anything else than that this man IS pure style. I’m more of an old-school loving guy, I love the early 90′s and haven’t really liked term “swag”, but Derrick brings a whole new definition to it. It well may be the 21st century term for “fresh”, that’s all I can say.

  • Max

    Win swag…
    What is this world comming to..

  • troyboy


  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Allen “The Answer” Iverson. Dude was THE definition of Swag when I started watching basketball. That vibe he gave off just by walking from the team bus to the arena was on another level. Everyone wanted to know what he was wearing next. Back before David Stern forced players to dress formal, AI was the trendsetter. Even his on-court gear was mimicked by kids everywhere. Who else could influence a generation of kids (both boys AND girls) to wear armsleeves without knowing the purpose of it? And don’t forget about the kicks. The Reebok Questions are STILL constantly being retroed and sought after because people still reminisce his precense and what he meant to the game; on and off the court. No doubt, Iverson is the first person that comes to mind when you think of the word swag.

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    Id have to go with James Harden as swag, the beard, fro-hawk and skull candy endorsement. Consideration to Nick Young as well. He is called Swaggy. P.

  • Nick Tang

    Jordan, without any doubt has and had the most swag out of any basketball player that has ever played the game. No other player has their OWN brand worn so much on and off the court. For that is a representation of SWAG. Not only on the NBA stage, but seeing legendary players like Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant etc. repping Jordan’s gear on the universal stage at the Olympics just takes the 4 letter word to the next level. And finally, it’s all the dreamers and kids like me that fantisize to be a baller and it’s wearing a pair Jordans that fulfills our dreams that much more.


  • PakkAttackk

    Rajon Rondo. He can pull of both, the professional suit look & the current swag trends these days. KG even nicknamed him “Swag”, anyone remember that green collared, black & white striped jacket he wore in the ATL series this year? It’s not even just off the court that he has swag, on the court he wore his headband upside down on purpose until the NBA banned him from doing that. Any other players have swag on the court like him? From his unique game, to his swag on AND off the court, Rondo got the best swag. He embraces the sports lifestyle to the fullest too, he interned at GQ today. No other NBA player has the swag that Rondo does on or off the court.

  • Noah

    Kobe Bryant portrays SWAG best, and that is not because of the numbers he puts up on the court, but his demeanor on and off it. On the court if he hits a game winning shot you don’t see him jumping up and down yelling. What does he do? Bites his lip, maybe clenches his fist, but that’s it. He knows he is going to make that shot as does everyone else so he has no need to celebrate any more than he does for any other shot. SWAG. Off the court, during his press conferences he wears classy clothes that are not over the top. You don’t see him wearing bright colored shirts with weird pictures on them or plastic glasses with no lenses. Collared shirt, jacket, tie, sweater: classy (SWAG). When he talks to reporters, he answers questions in a way that makes you feel like it’s a privilege to be able to talk to him. He talks directly without seeming too eager and occasionally throws in some subtle humor. He never acts like he is trying too hard. SWAG.

  • justin05

    Most NBA players have swag b/c you have to be confident to reach that level but the player with the MOST swag right now would have to be Kobe Bryant. He’s still ballin’ while most of players from his class have declined or retired. Plus, he’s cheated on his wife and she still took him back so swag to that! Jordan’s wifey threw him out but Kobe is just too swaggerific

  • justin05

    D Wade lost his swag when he kept crying to officials and finally got his way. He’s a primadonna just like Bynum

  • justin05

    where’s he at now? lol OH that’s right he had so much swag he didn’t think he had to practice haha. Just another nig ger w/ a quick twitch reflex.

  • justin05

    I agree, considering swag means confidence and not just ballers are confident.

  • Milos Sotirovic

    When I think of who embodies swag the best, I think of Kobe Bryant. Like Jordan before him, Kobe just carries himself to a higher level of confidence than any other current NBA player. Sure you can consider LeBron, Wade, Durant, etc. But I don’t think any of those guys are at the same level as Kobe. I mean, the guy has 5 rings for a reason…
    I think that his confidence that in his mind he KNOWS he can take over a game or hit the last shot for the win, any time, any place. The way he carries himself off the court is no different. Kobe has his own line with Nike (shoes, clothing, etc.), and he is the closest to Jordan that we have seen, thus far. Kobe Bryant’s persona on and off the court embodies the definition (if there even is one) of swag.

  • curtis206

    slick watts and his velour sweat suits.

  • Dale Bennett

    Marv Albert, best dressed interviewer and sportscaster ever, even beats Don Cherrys suits. Those suits are boss… thaat is all

  • idrees

    Kobe Bryant. The man is a crazy soccer player also. He can rap also, and had a rap song named after him, even though its lil wayne. His personality and how he proves haters wrong, I bet no ones knows he hit a game winner over lebron. Did he go crazy and celebrate? does he ever do that after a crazy highlight? no. he just walks away, points at the haters. He doesnt rock that childish shit russel westbrook or kevin durant wear. He wears the slickest suits, and after vanessa divorced him, it didnt affect him. he dropped 4 straight 40 point performances. the man practices hard also. after that loss to the heat in the 2011 season, he stayed long hours in the gym practicing. He rocks track jackets and nikes better than anyone else. and his performances outside the NBA are amazing. not even lebron, durant or wade could score 60 points in 15 minutes. He never plays below his skill level outside NBA games. And haters dont matter to him. Just a little “f*ck you” is all he says. Kobe Bryant is therefore most swagfilled player in the NBA.

  • A Blessing

    obviously it is russell westbrook, he has the glasses with the punched out lenses as his trademark. he won a gold medal and made in to the nba finals before losing to the heat…. he didnt have a great series he still has the most swag. russel is the pure symbol of swag in the nba. russel is always rockin the style and has the freshest kicks on and off-court. Nothing more to be said, russel is SWAG!!!!

  • Edmund Fitzgerald

    Allen Iverson

  • Guest

    Probably Joakim Noah because

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Probably Joakim Noah….because

  • CDa Tyrant

    Tim Duncan keeps it plain and simple.

  • shutup

    Can we retire the term “SWAG” already?

  • BIGJus

    Nick Young has the most SWAG. Period. The dude has straight gear for days! I’ll be awaiting my email at justus33@earthlink.net SLAM! Thank you and goodnight aha

  • ann


  • http://twitter.com/RealChillDude Stromile Swift

    Nick Young out of the current NBA players. Man wearing versace shirts and Christian Louboutin Slippers. Dude just turns up. Then on the court he gets straight buckets, I mean who doesn’t like that?

  • Tempest

    !Team Swagger!

    Brandon Jennings
    James Harden
    J.R Smith
    Kevin Durant
    Javelle Magee


  • Mike_111

    Goose Tatum. Before him there was sports and lifestyle… no Sports LifeStyle. A globe trotter and a Globe Trotter. Taking the game to millions around the world and taking game to the greatest on the court, by beating the Lakers. Never the world champ, but the World’s Champ. On-court and off-court were symbiotic. Whatever path ball-payers walk today, on and off court, Goose laid that path.

  • http://twitter.com/Jai_RB Judi Ruiz-Branch

    Chris Paul. The definition of “swag” is to have that so-called “it factor,” if you will, on and off the court. Not only has CP3 proved to have “it” on the court as he attacks his game with such ease and tenacity, he is arugably the best point guard in the league right now. (That pains me to say that since I am a HUGE Pooh fan, but he’s still recovering, hence the word “now”). He also exudes swag off the court as a genuine and grounded family man who embodies all that it is to be a great husband, father and role model. He is a great example of what young men today should aspire to be. Character and integrity both on and off the court. You can’t get more “swagger” than that. And if that’s not enough for you… his name alone is reason to deem him swagtastic… CP3… now that’s swag.

  • DD

    As a long time Lakers fan, I have to go with Kobe Bryant. He works very hard as an NBA player and realizes this. His work ethic and passion for the game are ridiculous (in a good way).

  • Lamar Washingtom

    So Who Won?

  • Peter Walsh

    Congratulations to our winner, Judi Ruiz-Branch!! Judi, I will DM you for your info. Thank you to everyone who participated and be on the lookout for more contests from SLAMonline.

  • Zabbah

    Dwayne Wade. That yellow jacket on Letterman was pretty dope, er swag I mean.

  • Bryson21

    To me if i had to pick the NBA player who has the most “SWAG” it would be Brandon Jennings hands down. He was the one who rocks all the different hairstyles( He had dreads/twisties, the gumby look, and the classic flat top) that right their is swag alone. Now lets talk about the brand he is sponserd by ? Under Armour. Its crazy to say but he’s one of the only people who can make under armour seem fresh. Plus he could have easily been with adidas,nike,or jordan. But he wanted to be different, have his own swag i guess you can say.
    Good Luck to everybody

  • Nile Goodwyn

    Russel Westbrook. From the “Gone Fishing” polos, to the red d-wade looking glasses, to his personality, Russy W is the epitome of SWAG. Kevin Durant looks to chilled out, D-Wade dressed like a heshe, and Lebron James thinks that he is still in high School.

  • Gdawggg22

    Lebron James. MVP, champion, Finals MVP, and the best player on our gold medal olympic team. Nobody has accomplished this feat since Jordan so he’s got all the swag. King James for a reason!

  • ryan

    lebron duh

  • DanHeatchamp

    Mike Miller. Has 3 dogs, 3 kids, an exotic fish, and once owned a monkey that learned how to open locks! can’t get Swaggier then that off the court! On the court 7 threees in Game 5 of finals=SWAG!

  • Andy Le

    I think Lebron or Kobe embody SWAG because they have the power to change games when they want to

  • http://www.facebook.com/garrett.campbell.75 Garrett Campbell

    carmelo anthony embodies the swag ways with the way he dresses and plays that shot over deng twice still fresh in my mind!

  • boris


  • JTray

    Dwayne wade he has got a lot of style. he is one of the greatest ball players, no Wade no Heat