Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 9:40 am  |  9 responses

Chris Bosh Delivers Big Performance in Game 6 (VIDEO)

After talking big prior to the Miami Heat’s must-win Game 6, Chris Bosh came through for his squad when it mattered most. CB found Ray Allen for the game-tying three, and recorded two enormously clutch blocks to secure a 103-100 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

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  • Max

    Should’ve fouled Bosh after the rebound.


    like pop said, this ain’t Europe, you don’t foul when you’re up 3. stop that nonsense bro

  • north

    Except that Pop did that to Shaq many years in a row when the Spurs met the Lakers so your comment and Pop’s doesn’t hold ground.

  • Max

    There probably wouldn’t have been overtime if they had.
    Everybody was out of position after the rebound, so there we’re plenty of shooters open (Ray and Mario in the other corner).


    cause Bosh shoots 80% from the FT line for his career. Shaq on the other hand. come on man

  • Dev

    True, he prolly shoulda had Timmy in the game to get that rebound tho

  • Cursive

    Bosh’s block was clean. He threw Green down with the ball. Van Gundy is an idiot. Don’t know why he is allowed to speak.

  • north

    really? Your logic doesn’t make sense 3 minus 2 is still 1 so they’re up 1 (one) point. And besides the comment was “This ain’t Europe”. Where in that comment is the fact that Bosh shoots 80% FT’s? He, and you, were stating that fouling on a rebound isn’t an NBA basketball play. So really, come on man.

  • Lan

    Is Splitter allowed to move and hold Allen from fighting through the screen?