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Alexis Ajinca Dunks on Roy Hibbert (VIDEO)

A poster for the Pelicans’ big.

Roy Hibbert is one of the League’s best defenders, but even the best defenders get got from time to time. Last night, Alexis Ajinca threw one down on the Pacers big man.

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  • cbb_fanatic

    Wow!!! First Anthony Davis did it last year, now Alexis!!! Nice!!!

  • Lloyd

    I was rewatching the episode of Open Court the other day with the segment about getting dunked on, and players’ attitudes about it is completely different than that of the fans. Barkley painted it out to be not a big deal, going out of his way to say he admired the guys who contested because you were only going to slam on them 1/10 times. The guys who get dunked on are the guys who go for everything defensively. (Only Shaq was adamantly trying to prove he got dunked on the least, but we know how petty he is)

    That said, in the heat of the game it’s got to be pretty embarrassing getting dunked on, especially for guys who find their identity in shot blocking. The guys I can’t help but mock are the ones who have almost no chance of blocking the shot, still go up for it, then get dunked on hard. Likewise for the guys who try and draw the charge. They deserve what they get too. If you have no chance of blocking the shot, get the hell out the way!

  • keyon dooling

    two goofy doods


    I agree with Lloyd. No one can stop Griffin when he has an open lane, but at least Perkins, Gasol and Mosgov tried..

  • Ugh

    You want to be a truly great player you contest every single shot you’re in position for, and you play defence to be in position to contest every single shot. Personal pride is for losers. Winning is for winners.

  • Lloyd

    You know what else is for winners? Not getting embarrassed trying to do something you can’t do. Every game consists of smaller contest just like battles in war. Every possession is a battle. If you get dunked on thinking you’re more capable than you actually are, you just lost.