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Hamed Haddadi Isn’t Doing Iran Very Proud

And that makes him a sad panda: “Because I haven’t played enough or played good, I feel like I haven’t presented our country the best way,” he said through his wife, Missagh, who moonlights as his translator. “I think it will be better when I play. I want to present the name of Iran to make good, positive connections.”

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  • http://thegoodpoint.com/writers/samjoynt.html Sam Joynt

    First, but I think it may be because no one cares.

  • http://fdklf.com Jukai

    You’re going to have to put up a triple double every day to present the name of Iran in a good, positive way.

  • riggs

    can we get a pic of the wife or somethin ehh?

  • WhaHuh

    Hes not really getting a chance. gasol REALLY isnt that good

  • Mendel

    @ Jukai, Quadruple double twice a day might do it.

  • Mendel

    Hamed Haddadi needs to understand the only way he can show his country in a good light is through the flames of bombs being dropped on them.

  • http://fdklf.com Jukai

    Mendel, that made me snort out my drink. Beautiful.

  • WhaHuh

    WTF @Mendel

  • JoeMaMa

    This stinks of CIA interference.
    Same thing happened to Leo Rautins, when Canada broke off relations with the US over maple syrup taxes.
    For shame!!!

  • mingus

    any of you yanks ever been to iran?
    didn’t think so.

    Beautiful people, amazing history.
    And this is from a guy with a North American accent, who was treated a million times better there than in my country or (certainly) yours.

    ‘Y’all’ watch too much CNN/Foxnews.
    Get out in the world, and see it, before spewing your blind hate.

    And Mendel…your handle shows how far you’ve fallen from your faith and into the rhetoric of ‘our’ times. For shame, dude.

    For shame.

    Hamed wants to rep his people, and you hate on him for it? Make jokes about the slaughter of his people as a good thing?
    State that the only way he can rep his people positively is to play at an inhuman (with apologies to Big O) clip?
    What if he lives like a role model?
    (he sure sounds like he aspires to be one to me)
    Not enough, hey?

    Not nearly, it would seem.

    9/11 or 1 love?
    think about it.
    (you’re better than that!)

  • riggs

    thanks for the daily assumption mingus.

  • http://docfunk.blogspot.com Doc Funk

    Mendel isn’t doing this post very proud

  • mingus

    and what, pray tell, is the assumption?

    That those who post joking of imposing evils upon a people have actually never been to the place they speak so ignorantly of?

    pray tell, child.

  • Mendel

    @ Mingus, go to IRAN and take Hamed with you. He is only here cause of Sterns affirmative action/ basketball globalization trip, and free the spot up for a brother, or if you really don’t need anybody give the spot to Shawn Kemp.
    And also PHUCK YOU. Currently that country lives by the notion that the holocaust did not happen, and that israel should be wiped off the face of the earth, and is creating nuclear weapons to cause global mass destruction so they can get laid, and they fund and help in the killing of our American soldiers over seas. Any country that hates the USA and acknowledge the extermination or a race can suck it.
    So take that bull crap spewing out of your mouth to the rubble of 9/11 and show that in a positive light and I hope they treat you well there you phucking pick head mutha phuka.

  • http://docfunk.blogspot.com Doc Funk

    I am intolerant of your intolerance towards his perceived intolerances. Lets bring it back to basketball? OK? Cool.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hemantsbeats what

    “I haven’t played enough”… yes, when he gets more playing time, all the posters he is featured on will be very popular back home.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com H to the Izzo

    The Holocaust AND 9/11 in one post?Bravo,Mendel.In all my days of INTERNETTING,that’s a first.

  • http://dsfklf.com Jukai

    Hey, sorry if I’m ignorant too, but I agree with Mendel! You know, what a wonderful country with GREAT people, who I’m sure would treat me, a Jewish American, as a freaking PRINCE if I went there.
    Just a BEAUTIFUL country that funds killers to go out and blow themselves up to kill others.
    Mingus, have YOU ever been to Iran?

  • http://www.kicksonfire.com Anton

    In fairness, his “death to America” tattoo really isn’t helping

  • mingus


    ummm yes. Thrice.
    In the name of academic pursuits, no less.

    and mendel: confusing the rhetoric of the state with the minds of millions of very human individuals is a dangerous way to live.
    And (not quite) think.

    go read some Singer, child. Calm down. and think for yourself.

    And don’t stop yourself from hooping with the brown boy (nods to Funk)(humbly) just because of your rotten attitudes towards the Unchosen people. (in so many more ways than one, it is feared…)

  • mingus

    *@jukai, sorry

    and one presumes that you’ll never know how well you would be treated in Iran Jukai, as it is patently clear you have neither to ambition nor the intestinal fortitude to test your ignorances in any real world way.

    And yes, I met many wonderful AMERICANS (not sellouts, not terrorists, not commies) whilst in Iran. They were learning of the world
    (and straight killin on the court), not hating on it.

  • mingus

    and i do apologize for my early and antagonistic tone. I wanted to incite, but regret this juvenile strategy,
    (fitting though it may be for THIS romper room…)

  • dsleepy

    i agree w/doc funk although i think it’s hard to bring a topic that in any way involves nationality/race simply “back to basketball” but i embrace the sentiment that the sport we love could help in bridging psychological and emotinal barriers and baggage that we carry. at the same time i’m deeply dissapointed in mendel’s comments. one of my best friends is iranian and he’s taking current events pretty hard. maybe stop lumping an entire NATION of people into being one thing just because of propoganda you may have been fed or hearsay you’ve encountered. because if not, then what makes you any better than the 9/11 attackers themselves? and as mingus pointed out, do you really have any first-hand basis to support all you’re saying?

  • http://www.xtremecouture.ca LeeVan

    This thread makes me feel like I’m in a Shakesperean play with a modern-day twist, which saddens me.


    wow this post is a sign of the times or what huh. Ignorance breeds ignorance guys, and we are all going to burn in hell.

  • Gambit

    Hey! Theres nothing wrong with trying to represent your country, especially Iran. That like you trying to put a small town on the map!

  • niQ

    the grizz should just let him play. i mean, it’s not like they’re in the playoff run.

  • nathan

    if were talking about race and crap. i wanna see more white boys playing. haha. i never see any of them out thier.

    its more like a euro league.

    out of like 400+ ballers, their are 40 something white americans. some teams have none i think its 6. pretty insane.

    im stuck cheering for kirk, or steve blake.
    ehh, what i side sign for white americans trying to make a living being a baller.
    luckly for me im also half black.

  • adams

    Mendel might be the most ignorant loser of all time.

  • http://itsadcthing.blogspot.com Squad

    saw dude in a hotel after they played the spurs. he is a large human being.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    “Mendel Posted: Feb.4 at 12:39 pm
    @ Mingus, go to IRAN and take Hamed with you.”

    “mingus Posted: Feb.4 at 1:43 pm …..And don’t stop yourself from hooping with the brown boy…”

    Mingus = Suspect example

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    I would actually like to visit Iran. Seems like they got something interesting culture over their that the western world should look into. HOWEVER the anti-holocaust stuff is not cool.

  • that dude

    Is Mendel really a code name for Dick Cheney?

  • CodeRed

    Mendel is off the charts. Thank you Mendel. Everyone seemed to overlook the best part of it all and bashed him when he commented the serious issue of: He is only here cause of Sterns affirmative action/ basketball globalization trip, and free the spot up for a brother, or if you really don’t need anybody give the spot to Shawn Kemp

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    no, we would all be dead. Mendel is codename for ‘Ignorant, right wing jew’

  • http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=RBQEmmgDl9I Boing Dynasty

    Hi Mendel, tackle an on-comming bus.

  • wilz

    hahaha..ah man, I hope mendel never wakes up…the real world might shock him.
    cosign all the mendel hate

  • http://www.yahoo.com Royal

    Is this slamonline or foxs news? (I thought basketball was supposed to take our minds off these things)

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I think there are problems going on in both countries. Political, historical, religious…and Hamed Haddadi came on strong in the olympics, give the guy a run coach!?

  • http://fdklf.com Jukai

    I would be treated well in Iran? Like that American who disappeared years ago and the Iranian government refuses to even comment on him?
    The moment they find out I’m Jewish I’ll be in a bunker somewhere in a mountain side.
    What reality do some people live in. I’m sure Iran is a beautiful, vibrant culture… for people of the same skin tone. People are hatin’ on Mendel while Mendel’s hating on one of the most racist countries in the entire world. Interesting, huh!

  • http://fdklf.com Jukai

    Sorry guys, I’m not going to give hate on Mendel who is hating on a country who supports their anti-semetic, anti-women’s rights country.

  • http://slamonline.com/online/nba/2009/02/whats-my-name-21 John

    if u wanna do good 4 Iran leave that sandbag cameljockey USA hatin abuse ur wife terrist breeding country ask 4 a big enough azz so they can suc it

  • http://www.mynameinorange.blogspot.com Hisham

    Yeah Jukai, like the States are any less f*cked up. People like you reinforce the stereotype that Americans are a dumb, ignorant, self-centred and arrogant people. Which is also not true for a good portion of Americans. This kind of prejudice is what you need to steer clear of, if you want to be taken seriously. You too, Mendel.

  • http://www.mynameinorange.blogspot.com Hisham

    I’ll try to reflect your kind of comments on Jewish people, and you can tell me if they are true: “G*ddamn moneyhungry rats, all they do is steal and cry about being persecuted for the last 5000 years. The only reason that Israel is still even a country is because of the rich Jewish Lobby in DC. They’ve turned their inferiority complex from being hated by every people for the past 5 millenia into a power trip, thinking that they can do anything they want in the middle east without answering for it, killing thousands of innocent people in the process. Every Jew should go back to where they came from, or disappear altogether.” Does that sound like a reasonable comment, Jukai? I didn’t think so.

  • http://www.mynameinorange.blogspot.com Hisham

    And for anybody that didn’t get it: the comments above DO NOT reflect my feelings or beliefs. I am just saying that senseless hate will get nobody anywhere.

  • http://fdklf.com Jukai

    Great, show your personal beliefs and hide it as “giving an example.” Thanks for all your thoughts, Hitler. You’d have to take me for a fool to think those ain’t yer own personal thoughts, they were wayyyy too thought out.
    The fact that you’re comparing United States politics to Iran’s shows how truly mind bogglingly ignorant you truly are. I’m not getting my news from Fox, or from the New York Post. I listen to the BBC and NPR. I know Iran’s public policies (they were RECRUITING female suicide bombers, on government websites, to go up and kill Isralies) and I know they have the death penalty for homosexuality, I don’t know for a fact but it’s pretty much heavily evident that their government is TRAINING people to kill American soldiers in Iraq.
    Why should I like Iran? Why should I give them a pass? For a murderous government and the people that support them?
    Sorry, no go, Hitler. Thanks though.

  • chicago

    if you remember, President Khameni was the first person to call president Bush to apologize for 9-11. Also President Khameni held a candlelight vigil for the victims of the 9-11 tragedy. I assume you are referring to the recent politicians in Iran, such as the their current president. He’s an extremist to the extent George Bush was an extremist. He’s simply a reaction to the current travesty in Iraq. It’s tantamount to asserting that Ayn Rand was anything over and above a reaction to karl marx.(she wasnt. ) The current set of affairs in Iran are the effects of their current political system as well as negative sentiments towards American Interference. If you really look at it, the west has disrupted their political regime more than 11 times.

    If you truly disprove of the current state of affairs in Iran… First off you ought to read more about to understand how little their political regime represents popular sentiments inside Iran(Assides for the extremely popular Khameni ). Second you ought to accept your responsibility in shaping their political landscape. Lastly…you re a noob.

    errr. let him play? he cant be that great…but eh… he probally isn’t as bad as darko…

  • http://fdklf.com Jukai

    So, Iranian politics are blood sucking and scary because of the US? I can deal with that.
    I’m not holding beef with the Iranian people. I’m holding beef with Iran. Just like how everyone in the world hates America, they ain’t talking about the people of America, they’re talking about the president and the government of America. Iran seems to hate everyone they put in power, and all those college protests show Ahmadinejad isn’t anymore well liked than the rest.
    Khamenei seemed to be an alright guy, but he clearly has little to no power anymore, considering how he said he’d release those unfairly trapped British soldiers and it took him weeks to get Ahmadinejad to release them.
    Wow, I really can’t believe people are comparing America to Iran. That totally shocks me. I guess people really do take some freedoms for granted.

  • http://www.mynameinorange.blogspot.com Hisham

    Hey if you don’t believe me, fine. These sentiments aren’t mine, but i know people who do have them. And I know about them so well because i go against them in pretty heated discussions. So you believe whatever you like, Jukai, and call me whatever you like. Your level of thinking is obviously not very high to go as low as to call me Hitler. I actually live in a country that was devastated by that man. I am not an anti semite, my mother is half Jewish, my dad is a muslim, my dutch grandparents WERE IN THE RESISTANCE IN WW2, AND TOOK IN JEWISH REFUGEES. Please watch where you throw that name around.

  • http://www.mynameinorange.blogspot.com Hisham

    And to go back on subject, you can go back to hating Iran all you like, but why would you hate a basketball player who is a- about peace and trying to better US-Iran relations, and b- trying to make a name for himself.

  • http://www.mynameinorange.blogspot.com Hisham

    The US government are just crooks in a much less obvious way, but IMO not much better than Iran. Abuse of power, useless wars, only comply to international treaties when it suits them, having a huge poor and uncared for part of the population while spending all their money on advanced weaponry, trying to get out of being persued for warcrimes, guantanamo bay, etc. And for the record, these ARE my personal beliefs

  • http://www.mynameinorange.blogspot.com Hisham

    No, the US government doesn’t kill and oppress their own people, it just doesn’t care about most of them.