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Greg Oden’s Streak of Incredibly Bad Luck Continues

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

There was talk of winning the League’s Most Improved Player award. He had, at last, emerged from his cocoon, and was turning into something of a leader on his team. And most importantly, for himself and his team, the word “bust” was no longer applicable.

And now, it’s all come crashing down in flames. For the second time in his short career, Greg Oden’s season has been cut short due to a major knee injury. He had successful surgery yesterday on his left knee, to repair his fractured patella.

As for the Portland Blazers, they’re trying to put on a brave face, and move on without Greg.

From the Oregonian:

Despite everything that’s gone wrong with the season thus far, Nate McMillan remains upbeat, optimistic and focused. “Not for me,” he said, when asked if it was hard staying positive. “You have to. There’s no other choice. There’s no other option. It’s not going to do any good to feel sorry for yourself. You have to go forward. Everybody’s going to try to pound you and this just gives them more reason for them to try to knock you out quicker. We have to prepare ourselves with the guys we have. We think we can win some games.

“It’s going to be tough. But it’s life. Things happen. And we have to focus on the future.”

Team owner Paul Allen summed it up best following the game on Saturday night, as he walked with his head down, totally dejected.

“These things happen in sports.”

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  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    Poor guy.

  • Exile


  • james

    BIG OAF! accident prone always hurt how the hell you break your kneecap lol lol lol lol

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    I really wish this were happening in OKC and not Portland.

  • http://nicekicks.com MeloMan2.0

    im starting to feel realy bad for the dude

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    On top everything else , he’s just a good kid and he doesn’t deserve it. Its really sad.

  • Hussman25

    @ all the people who feel bad for Greg: Bust only should apply when on-the-court you dont produce; this is purely because of medical reasons… But dont u think the Blazers saw these things coming from his medical report when he was given a physical exam prior to being drafted??? Now teams should do waaaaaayyyyy more medical background checks b4 u invest ur franchise in these kids… (Just saying)… Bynum has come back from two major knee injuries, but Oden just looks to me like his bones may be out of wack… Structuraly… he is NOT sound.

  • God Shamgod

    I feel bad for him he was really coming along this year as a player. Too bad really, but he had injuries in college as well so pro teams were aware of his history. Talented player I hope he can stay healthy at some point. I’m thinking Kevin Pritchard has to be shaking his head a little about why Durant isn’t in a Rip City jersey right about now.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Man, hope he gets well soon. I really saw big things for him this season. I even drafted him in my fantasy leagues. That realy sucks. Get well soon man.

  • http://slamonline.com Niya-girl-fresh

    This sucks so bad, I was rooting for him and hoping he’d make a full recovery from this streak of bad luck and the injury bug. He was playing so well, and then this happens it’s like a curse, bad luck or something.

  • dial up

    You guys can feel sorry for Greg all you want..but this kid has had a major injury every year since senior year in high school. It’s not normal. Imagine if this kid played football?? Don’t feel sorry for someone who chose a life of professional sports, especially if ANOTHER major injury could keep this kid in the wheelchair for the rest of his life. He should retire while he still has legs.

  • http://slamonline.com Dave

    Wait, dialup, we shouldn’t feel sorry for him because he has an abnormal number on injuries and could suffer a permanent disability from it?

  • http://slamonline.com NUPE

    I hate for any player to get injured and Oden seems more prone to injury than your average player. Hopefully he can heal and the docs can figure out some kind of program to really help him stay healthy. I’m not sure if it’s genetics or bad luck, but whatever the case may be I just wish him the best.

  • Bballrehab

    I feel sorry for the guy, he seems to be a good kid. That being said, concerning the debate about whether he’s a bust or not, I’m sorry but I’d be inclined to say he is: he has no impact on offense and takes way too few rebounds for such a big guy. We’re talking about a n°1 draft pick here, the kind of players who you expect to dominate or at least you expect to show signs of domination right form the start and he sure isn’t showing those signs. I wish him a quick recovery though.

  • heartlandG

    Get Well…lol that ni99a just dont look old, he built old

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I feel so sorry for this dude. Man, he just can’t win.

  • tavoris

    1) I’m so happy 2 see God Shammgod’s name in the comments…made me smile.

    2)feel really bad for Oden, but Ilgauskas did spend a lot of his early career hurt, before putting together 5 or 6 consistently healthy seasons. Hope Oden can do the same.

  • Hornet

    The guy is cursed.
    Fell bad for him.
    Portland & drafting big men….remember Sam Bowie anyone?
    Hope he’s strong mentally too not only physically

  • RV

    Tavoris, Z had his foot re-aligned and that’s why he’s been able to stay healthy, prob can’t do the same for oden’s knee if it’s chronic…

  • vmcb

    I felt so sad when this happened Saturday night. Oden seems like a good guy and he had worked so hard to come into his own this season. Even if he can never come back 100% as a basketball player, here’s hoping his life will be ok.

  • http://none The Philosopher

    Why don’t more players wear knee pads? They take so much weight off of the knees.

  • Ronald

    I think there’s seriously something structurally wrong with Oden’s knees. There is no way that there isn’t something wrong. I hope he gets the Ilguaskus fate and comes back injury free for the next 8+ years.


    *sigh* :( its his height thats the problem, i think he has calcium deficiency as well.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    When Oden went down with the injury, he had some WWII flashbacks and requested some morphine.

  • knickerbonkers

    Sam Bowie was a reasonable pick in 1984. Blazers had drexler. It was fashionable to believe u needed one big to win the big one. Nobody knew mike would become Stern bandwagon driver. Before Mike who won without quality big? So those who think Tblazers should have picked mike who knew? That crap about drafting the best player available is craap how can you tell who gonna pan out?

  • Statik

    How about the NBAPA petition the docs in Phoenix to offer their services to players with bad injury cases like this for a nominal fee? If they could keep Grant Hill and Shaq on the floor most of the season just wonder what they could do for the old man

  • knickerbonkers

    Those who think Tblazers should be cryin over spilled durant juice…keep in mind the 1996 draft was considered best since 1984 and ummmm AI was first, Jesus was 5th (now watch this) 6.Antoine Walker,7.Lorenzen Wright,8.Kerry Kittles,9.Samaki Walker,10.Erick Dampier, 11.Todd Fuller, 12.Vitaly Potapenko. KOBE WAS 13th! Who showin you fantasy guys the most love out of that group now? You can never tell who’se gonna blow on draft night.

  • http://badnewzballer Jdubc

    lol @ Anton. Welllll im a true Oden hater. I could never understand the chatter about him being a better player than Bynum. But damn this sucks. Couldn’t he wait till after he played the lakers a couple of times. If Bynum came back after all he went through, Oden sure can.

  • knickerbonkers

    For all those thinkin Tblazers need to be crying over spilled durant juice. Keep in mind 1996 was considered 2nd best draft since 1984 (sam n mike). AI was #1,Starbury was #4, Jesus was #5(now watch this)6.Antoine Walker,7.Lorenzen Wright, 8.Kerry Kittles,9.Samaki Walker,10.Erick Dampier,11.Todd Fuller, 12.Vitaly Potapenko. What am i gettin at? KOBE was 13th! Who showin u fantasy guys the most love now? U never know who is gonna blow or bust.

  • knickerbonkers

    didnt wanna post twice. stupid PC

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    This is sad. I cannot see the dude lasting in the league. This was a pretty innocuous play that he got injured on and yet you’re not surprised. He’s just not built right. A real shame.

  • black pinoy

    this is just wrong.. but htf did he fracture his patella.. aint no one near him..did he got hit or something or does he just lack vitamins and calcium or what.. go drink milk homie.. but i hope you get well

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I’m not evn sure what a fractured patella is but i’m quite sure I don’t want one. Get well soon, Greg.

  • http://www.clutchfans.com/ Blue

    Though I hate to see this happen to a seemingly decent guy like Oden, I sure hope future NBA picks look at this situation (or what happened to Shaun Livingston, Jay Williams, Bobby Hurley, etc.) when it comes to managing their money.

  • http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Extreme height + Extreme Weight = Injuries

  • http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Let me refine that before someone gets all technical with me: Extreme Height + Extreme Weight = Higher Likelihood of Injuries

  • http://www.slamonline.com B-zog

    Big Man thats clumsy He is going to get injured

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    good luck greg . please talk to keyon martin jason kidd , amarie statamire, andrew bynum
    you cAN DO IT NICKY

  • http://www.clutchfans.net nick

    Jackie is right, particularly when you combine those factors with a game that necessitate, especially for a big man, constant jumping (which is no good on the lower extremities). It’s really just sad to see guys who are both good players and good people (Walton, Brad Daugherty, Yao, Oden, etc) have their careers interrupted or truncated by injury. Sigh.

  • darren

    Trade him to the Suns. Let’s see what kind of miracles they can do with Oden.

  • Ghost (of Oliver Miller)

    The Header should read.. Greg Oden’s break of incredibly bad knee continues.

  • LA Huey

    if you get injured from that…it just wasn’t meant to be. Greg might want to consider hanging them up. I feel bad for him, he’s a really nice guy.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    hes finished, johnathan bender style.

  • http://salmonline Levi Yeti

    dont hate i feel bad for him yall should 2

  • tavoris

    Jackie-you didn’t need to refine that…I still hold out faith for Oden tho, because he’s just getting to the the age in which his body isn’t growing any more.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    He looks like an abnormal-growth thyroid gland kind of person, and not a naturally tall athlete. People with abnormal growth are often very fragile. Still, I feel bad for Mr. Glass.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    Chin up ole man Greg! Shame, looked mightily promising this year, but let’s be frank, GO had the look of a career riddled with injuries about him for a long time, there’s always a few stars who don’t have the bodies or the luck. Let’s hope he isn’t rushed back

  • Still ballin

    Think positive Greg..god is with u..

  • Robb

    when I read that Greg looked to B Roy right after the injury and said “I’m sorry” Man, that broke my heart. He’s a gentle giant. I hope he can come back stronger next year.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Th3_R3al_Chris

    Is Greg Oden the father of Shawn Livingston?

  • Simmy Sosa

    (Barber from Coming to America) Greg Oden 48 years old!

  • D12FSU

    there’s bad luck…and then there’s just not having the ability to carry your body. Its tough on your legs to have to hold up all 7 feet of man, some bodies just cant hold up…bill walton had his feet…oden has his knees

  • dma

    in hindsight, everybody would rather have durant than oden. every one of you would have taken oden over durant on draft day.

  • O

    I remember telling everyone a few years back that Oden was going to be that year’s Glenn Robinson. Number #1 pick that wouldn’t get too far.

  • flash

    there goes greg oden……again

  • Jose

    GO! get better man. you was doing good this yr. keep the head up. (To be honest.i saw the collision he had and i do not kno how he managed to break his left patella still)

  • J

    this might be the saddest news of the season, it almost brought me to tears. i just wish the best for him and hoping that he would come back 10 times better.

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    lots of classy guys here with some exceptions…im sure hes thankfull for your best wishes…as a Blazers fan, look, Durantula is really special but whats done its done and Oden averaged 15 10 2.5 blk last five games in 25minutes…imagine if he plays 40…all the best to the young old fella and a good rehab!

  • chintao

    Look, I have nothing against Oden personally, other than he went to the loathsome Ohio State. For that reason and for the fact that there actually has been some debate on the subject of his ability to stay healthy, I can’t resist saying, “I told you so.”

  • chintao

    Also, Anton hit it lovely once again.

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