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Billups’ Turn to Criticize All-Star Voting

Tell ‘em why you mad, son: “You end up having guys that are in that position that are taking away from some deserving guys,’ Denver guard Chauncey Billups said in an interview with FanHouse about the possibility of Iverson getting elected in the East or McGrady in the West. Billups could be one of those guys … With the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant being the other starter, it would take one spot away from a group of impressive West guards when coaches vote for reserves. Those sweating include Billups, Nash, New Orleans’ Chris Paul, Portland’s Brandon Roy, Utah’s Deron Williams and Golden State’s Monta Elllis. ‘You probably want to give the fans some kind of something to do with it, but I just think that’s way too much,’ said Billups, the latest player to be critical of Iverson and McGrady being in position to start. ‘I would rather it be something like the players vote (for the starters). Everybody knows who should be there or who is playing good enough as far as your peers go. The fans probably should affect something. But I think that’s a bit too much.”’

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  • MikeC.

    I have a feeling Ellis will be the one to get the shaft when the coaches pick reserves. Nuggets’ record will get Billups in, same with Nash.

  • MikeC.

    Also, since I’ve never been in this position before, and probably never will again…FIRST!!

  • tavoris

    Go ahead and un-involve the fans…see what that does to the ratings.

  • cramzy

    We get it, Mac & AI are not allstars…but what about KG? Does he really deserve it over Bosh this year? It’s not like this is the first time this has happened. Steve Francis, Grant Hill,Vince Carter,Penny Hardaway etc.. Let it go

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    Good point tavoris. An all-star game with McGrady, Vince, AI, and Shaq will draw more viewers than one with Durant, BRoy, Josh Smith, and Gerald Wallace. Sad but true.
    How about two all star games. One that the fans vote in and one that coaches, players, ect. pick.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    Better yet – instead of East vs West it’s fans picks vs coaches picks.

  • http://www.slamonline.com barnabusb

    @dirty frank: That might be kind of cool, actually.

  • anton

    except that multiple players would be on both teams, right?

  • http://hoopsworld vladimir

    billups is not an all star or superstar type, his all star appearances were not imressive, coaches voted him in not by fans

  • http://theurbangriot.com/ NUPE

    I’m really getting tired of people (players, coaches or ‘ture’ fans) complaining about the starters and or process. Stars are made by the mass of fans and if they believe AI and T-Mac should start, then they deserve to start. Do I think that either one of those guys are better than some of the other’s mentioned in the article? NO! However, they have earned the right to be called all-stars by the fans and that’s what it’s be all about. The All-NBA team is for the best players, the All-Star game is for the stars. These two list don’t have to be the same.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    NBA: Where Deron Williams gets shafted.

  • http://hoopsworld vladimir aguirre

    billups is not an all star or superstar type, his all star appearances were not impressive, coaches voted him in not by fans

  • http://www.slamonline.com vladimir aguirre

    billups is not an allstar or superstar type, hi last all star appearances were not impressive, coaches voted him in not by fans

  • Torrance

    Me so agree with Nupe.

  • http://kfj Jukai

    yeah… Not letting fans vote will have zero effect on the ratings of the game. Zero. I’m all for taking away the STARTERS away from the fans. If they wanna vote in some reserves, that is fine.

  • http://www.slamonline.com vladimir aguirre

    billups is not an all star or superstar type, his all star appearances were not impressive, coaches voted him in not by fans, one of the boring guards in the nba.

  • http://www.hoopsworld.com vladimir aguirre

    billups is not an all star or superstar type, his all star appearances were not impressive, coaches voted him in not by fans, one of the boring guards in the nba……….

  • http://www.yahoo.com Logues

    so i guess its not really fair to measure players greatness by how many all star appearances they get now

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    The NBA’s advertising campaign says, “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS.” Don’t get pissed at the fans. They are just doing what it says.

  • http://.hoopsworld.com vladimir aguirre

    billups is not an allstar or uperstar type, his all star appearances were not impressive, coaches voted him not by fanns…..boring guard

  • Jrooks

    The allstar game is made for us you bum

  • tavoris

    Meh, the all star game is FOR THE FANS. Any other opinion is misguided. These players need to stop complaining about ASG voting and volunteer for USA basketball (the real honor).

  • Brown14

    Didn’t Vince stand down and let Mike start in his final Allstar game, even tho he was voted in as a starter? Couldn’t McGrady just do the decent thing and decline to play? Or just fake an ijury, he’s got enough to choose from…

  • tavoris

    @Brown-he could, but I doubt he will…just to stick it to the Rockets…no All-Stars among the players that are playing, but their banished player gets in. Nah seriously, he’ll probably decline to play, since he’s pretty sure to get booed

  • http://aol.com Run’N'Gun 219

    I have a problem with players who dont desrve to be an allstar playing in the game. People always go back and look at stats and credentials(allstar game, mvp, etc..) to judge the players carrer. Now if you just throw people in who you ‘want to see” not the players that earned it. it will be a false accomplishment on there resume.

  • darrell armstrong

    waaah waaah im not an all star- chauncey

  • Statik

    The league should still let fans vote for players but use a list of players that are actually playing like an all-star that season, i.e. if Monta is rolling big he’s on, if Vince is sucking he’s off, that way they have no way to pick someone who doesn’t deserve it. They’ve got plenty of guys who track stats that can easily help out in that department, then they can let the fans pick whoever the hell they want for ish like the celebrity game or shooting stars

  • Yesse

    I agree with Chauncey.

  • Yesse

    I still wouldn’t want to cry losing the all star game roster spot, that i would deserve.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Meh, they are crying like making the All-Star team is going to change their lives. Let it go.

  • Nashty

    I hope T-Mac starts and f**k around and put up a triple double to win the all star game MVP and then go back being injuried right after that. That would piss off alot of people…..

  • Nashty

    I hope T-Mac starts and f**k around and put up a triple double to win the all star game MVP and then go back being injuried right after that. That would piss off alot of people…..

  • Brian

    The game where the guys are all hungover and playing 1/2 speed is for the fans, please leave it that way!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I don’t think Deron Williams is going to make the All-Star team this year, and AGAIN it will be complete bullsh!t.

  • tavoris

    @Teddy-Sucks to be a Jazz player these days….no respect.

  • TyMo

    Fans shouldn’t really have any say on who makes the All-Star teams. Maybe one slot on each roster, but nothing more than that. All-Star games should feature the most productive players so far in that season. I’d rather watch the players who have played the best ball than the biggest names.

  • tavoris

    @TyMo-most basketball purists would agree with you, but it wouldn’t reduce the All-Star snubs. No matter what Chauncey complains about, there still aren’t enough guard spots for Kobe, CP3, Williams, Nash, Roy, AND Billups. So, even if T-Mac doesn’t play, Billups STILL isn’t gonna get in

  • http://www.realultimatepower.net doyouwantmore

    It’s not like the fans are paying to see competitive baskeball. It’s the one time people get to see their favorite players play for fun, basically. Most of us would rather watch Deron Williams and Mr. Big Shot over Iverson, but that’s because we are basketball fans, not star-struck teenagers. (well…most of us)

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    is it just me? or have All Star games been getting worse and worse… really, the last one that I enjoyed was 2004…. since Lebron has come into the league, the quality of play just hasn’t been very good or entertaining

  • http://fjkld.com Jukai

    I really don’t see the All-Star games as ‘fan games.’ I see it as an ALL-STAR game. You know, ALL-STAR being the best players competing against each other? Not ‘fan-star game’ but ‘ALL-STAR game’
    Maybe we should change the title of the game then?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Wow man T-MAC said 3 weeks ago he would give his spot up. Why did anyone not here. This whole complaining of AI and T-Mac not deserving all-star appearances shows just how much people love to hate these guys sure they dont deserve it they barely played but their past career dominance and popularity gets them in because of the votes. If this was someone other than AI or Mac im pretty sure no body would complain and I know that because KEVIN GARNETT doesn’t deserve it either but hes starting cas of popularity and past dominance too. SO S.T.F.U.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    not hear*.

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    At tavoris: Is it just me or is there WAAAY to much presumption going on as to why Billups is voicing his opinion? Wait he disagrees with the allstar voting? Why, that must be because he wouldn’t be able to get in, what a crybaby wah wah, etc. OR, it could be that he genuinely just cares about the other young, deserving players playing their hearts out this year that deserve this one of a kind distinction.

  • http://fjkld.com Jukai

    Pardeep: Link?

  • http://NBA.com Miss Kelly

    Regarding Brown14 comment about Vince giving up his All Star starting spot for Michael Jordan. To this day, I disagreed with that; and I thought (& still think) that those who said he should give it up to Michael (& pushed for him to do that) should have minded their own business. If the fan voted Vince in, then he should have started. THE FANS DID NOT VOTE MICHAEL AS A STARTER; and if Michael was a real man, he would have understood that, respected the fan vote, and not accepted Vince offer to give up his spot for him. He would have said “Thanks, man; but no thanks. The fans voted to see you.” I lost respect for Michael when he accepted Vince’s starting spot. If you’re letting the fans vote, then let them vote. The players (for the most part) and the coaches are not the ones paying to see the game – it’s the fans. Let them see who they want to see. It’s ONE GAME. People are always talking about the fans don’t know what they’re doing or don’t know basketball – I was not aware that you had to have certain knowledge before you could vote and your vote count. I’m sick of all of the “basketball experts” trying to decide how fans should make decisions. When the “basketball” experts are asked to vote for the All Star Starters, then they should vote the way they want; but when the fans are asked to vote, PLEASE LET THEM VOTE THE WAY THEY WANT; AND EVERY ONE ELSE SHUT (I almost said some cuss words)UP!!!

  • Naiym

    I go to ALL-STAR almost every year…and it is for the fans…It is a sporting event that brings MONEY where ever it goes…to take the voting away from the fans would be detrimental to the business of the NBA….This as a business venture you’ve got nothing w/ out fan participation. I know it’s frustrating for some players for the fans to have control..I.e the 2009 Dunk Contest where the KNOW not a dang thing fans voted NAte R over Dwight..but it’s a weekend for the fans by the fans…and of the NBA players…

  • Naiym

    @Miss KElly you are soo right..>I loved VC because of the dunk contest 2000 and he was a star of the NBA at the time…Jordans time was winding down and he chose a mediocre team to wind down with!! I was mad that he gave up his spot as Well…BUT after hearing Jordans Hall Of Fame speech , i can understand why he had nO problem taking the spot…He LOVES himself a whole lot…lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/PDXGayBball dma

    Monta Ellis get the shaft? Dude’s team has a terrible record. And before you say injuries, look at Portland and Houston. Now as the All-Star games goes, who cares. It’s all about popularity and money. Let’s be happy to know that the 3-point contest can’t be rigged… that easily.

  • tavoris

    @dma-u musta missed when the 3pt contest WAS rigged to get Peja the win over Wesley Person. Can’t remember the year, but Wesley was on fire, and Peja was cold…they gave Peja a do-over because of a buzzer failure

  • tavoris

    @melvin ely. u r probably right. However, these comments would carry more weight-and legitimacy-coming from a player like Lebron, Kobe, Wade, or Nash. Fringe all-stars giving their input is gonna look like “crying over spilled milk” every time.

  • FoCo

    Melvin…good point about people pretending to know Chauncey’s motivation. Lots of people have spoken on it. Some on this site and I know none of us are pissed cause we aren’t making the All-Star game.
    All-Star game is bull**** anyway. If it was really for the fans they would make more tickets available instead of giving the majority of them away to celebs and corporate sponsers and you would see normal people sitting down in the bowl instead of fighting for overpriced third level tickets.