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Bryan Colangelo Explains What Went Wrong

Or, he tries to, anyway. The Raptors’ sure-to-be nerve-wracking offseason begins with a twisting GM. The Toronto Star (and the rest of the city) isn’t buying any of his spin: “Bryan Colangelo, the Raptors president and GM, wants you to know everything’s under control around here, and so it must be. On Monday Colangelo called Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the pension-fund-owned controller of the local NHL, NBA and fifth-division pro soccer franchises, and this is an actual quotation, ‘one of the best organizations in all of sports.’ He went on: ‘I’m talking about hockey, basketball, soccer, real estate. Everything. Television. It is a company that will do everything in its power to answer the fans’ concerns, and that’s what we’re doing.’ To paraphrase Allen Iverson: You’re talkin’ ’bout real estate? How relieving to know that the local sporting monopolists are condo-selling geniuses. And how fitting. Some sporting GMs are described as visionary architects, and maybe Colangelo will become one someday. But on Monday, in a wide-ranging post-mortem on his team’s second straight losing season, Colangelo sounded less like a savvy builder of great rosters than a desperate seller of swampland. Four seasons into his sub-.500 tenure, it’s getting harder and harder to buy a word he says. Two seasons after he told you Jermaine O’Neal was the answer, six months after he told you Hedo Turkoglu was the answer, on Monday Colangelo insisted he isn’t far from hitting on the actual answer. Never mind that his only all-star, Chris Bosh, is committed to testing free agency. Never mind that, in a guard-driven league, Toronto’s starters are certifiable second stringers. Never mind that Turkoglu’s massive contract appears as immovable as Jose Calderon on defence — not to mention Calderon’s contract. Never mind the toothless (and cheap-as-they-come) coach who is ‘learning’ on the job, and slowly.”

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  • floe

    f*ck the police!

  • Buschfire

    Coangelo says its not as ugly a picture as we’re painting it, but its definitley not as nice as how he paints it either… How can he say we weren’t a bad team? just inconsistant?

    I think we were just an inconsistantly bad team.

    When we went on our winning stretch before the allstar break we were, for the most part beating teams under .500 and the wins we did get agaisnt teams above .500 were either off back to backs, depleted teams with injuries, or just playing on Off nights, and the calls seemed to sway our way… though the win we had against Dallas this year was a good one…but i digress.

    With the quality level of our defence as many people have stated and I agree with, WE WILL GET SWEPT IN THE FIRST ROUND EVERY TIME.

    Jared Jack and Jose Calderon cannot co exist, Coangelo said “combined the are 22 and 10 on avg” we need that sort of output from 1 guard consistantly. Combined the 2 guards should have an output of at least 30 & 15 on avg.

    I really hope we can get rid of Jose this year maybe package him with Belinelli and Wright, and we could get somthing in return that can play defense, and run the floor with more slashing.

    I don’t think Bosh’s departure is as iminent as everyone claims it to be though…. IMO he’s got a reasonable base to grow with here in T.O, and the grass may not be as green as they say it might be elsewhere… instead of the 75 % chance of him leaving i put it at 55% leaving 45% staying.

    Triano is learning, as Coangelo stated, but he better learn quick becuase if he doesn’t get it right next year I want him gone. well I want him gone this year, but thats not going to happen because I think we’re still paying Sam Mitchell…

    Now that MLSE will give BC the chance to dip into the luxury tax are we able to sign, another big contract? (a Glue guy) whatever you want to call it, like how Cleveland picked up Antwan Jamison…somebody in his calibur of play? is that even possible?

    I look forward to seeing how Sonny Weems and Demar Derozan develop I hope they can both step it up, and I’d really really love if we could sign Amir Johnson this offseason.

    lastly I really hope both Andrea and Hedu really work hard in the offseason to getting into shape Hedu needs to loose the fat, and well Andrea just needs to do what Bosh did last offseason. oh and work on his defence!

    I think if Coangelo is as good of a GM as we hope to be I don’t think the Raptors are in that bad shape… (I hope)

    in the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the playoffs!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Hedo was went wrong.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    *insert what in the middle.

  • Flight

    Cosign floe

  • kh

    “He went on: ‘I’m talking about hockey, basketball, soccer, real estate. Everything. Television. It is a company that will do everything in its power to answer the fans’ concerns, and that’s what we’re doing.”

    This is exactly why Toronto teams will never be any good. The MLSE has an ABUNDANCE of money, with more rolling in by the minute. However they aren’t willing to spend any of it to bring REAL teams into the city. Just look at the Maple Leafs and the Raptors both of which always rank fairly high (Raptors 14th, Leafs 6th) in attendance, regardless of the Junior Varsity squads that come out to compete. I understand the salary cap, the high taxes whatever other excuses you want to throw out, but at the end of the day money talks. Everyone who supports the Toronto teams needs to send a message to these Franklin Hatchett con artists that we want to see quality teams representing the city of Toronto. Until we as fans, stop paying ridiculously high tickets prices and stop going to games (which doesn’t really make sense) the powers that be will continue to get richer while we continue to suffer.
    And if the MLSE still refuses to offer top cash for top players at least make better decisions with the money you do have. STOP getting trapped by the contract year player!!!

  • rashado

    anyone who is from toronto knows that the entire lower bowl of the ACC is more often than not sold to corporate peoples who bring their clients there for to impress them. therefore the team makes a lot of money regardless of the product,, not to mention for some reason even our maple leafs who suck make i believe the most money of any NHL team. the corporate thing + the fact that toronto has fans that’ll come to games regardless of how boring/bad we are.

    so the money is there regardless, unlike with a team like the lakers, the raps ownership doesn’t see a point in spending more to win when they can make money while losing. its simple really.

  • Buschfire

    @Rashado – I completley agree, the way it is it sounds like this will be a never ending cycle of hopelessness for fans. We may as well wait at least 50 years till we win an NBA championship… in the meantime keep dreaming… and now Toronto Raptors fans have an idea of how a Toronto Maple Leaf fan feels like….

  • Sparty’s Law

    Then prove it and exceed the salary cap. F*ck a luxury tax.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Okay so if JO and Turkuglu weren’t the “Answer” and since there guards aren’t that good there is only one “Answer” and it is Allen Iverson. If I were Colangelo I would sign Iverson for veterans minimum and sell tickets keep the buzz going because the Raps aint gonna have any buzz when Bosh leaves and put him in the right offense get 25 points a night and maybe make the playoffs. Colangelo would look like the smartest man in the world and the Canadians would love AI.

  • Shem

    Honestly, Colangelo doesn’t sugar coat things like Jay Triano. Jay really needs to yell when things are going wrong. He tries not too to show he’s not worried but his strategies don’t work. When Portland grabs 14 O boards in the half and you say we just gotta add a bit more effort, GET THE FUC* OUT!!! YOU GOTTA GET DOWN AND BOX OUT. Bosh said he wants an all star guard and what the King (of Toronto) wants the King (of Toronto) gets. Go for Joe Johnson, DWade, John Salmons etc. Then get a starting pg. Hopefully trade Calderon while bringing Jack off the bench. Also, re-signing Amir Johnson as well as Sonny Weems has to be top priority. Some young guns that bring it every night. The worst spot to be is near middle. Not enough money or low picks to rebuild while your not contending. The Raps gotta figure things out.. not only for their sake but for mine (I’ve been yelling at my tv quite a lot these past 2 years)

  • Keyvin

    Pardeep is 100 % correct. The Answer for the Raptors is AI he will take Canadian basketball to another level and if given the right system can take the Raptors to new heights as well. Please make it happen Colangelo.

  • The Philosopher

    Iverson is finished. But, I admire people’s love for him, although he was the MOST selfish player in the history of basketball.

  • MikeC.

    @rashado – I know what you mean about the lower bowl all full of corporate cats. My fiance is an Ontario teacher, so she gets great deals on tickets through the teachers union. She took me to my first NBA game a couple years ago to see the Knicks play the cRaptors. We got to sit in awesome seats (8th row near centre court). Nobody around us was actually paying attention to the game. They were all watching the mascot, talking on their phones, or talking to each other. I was the only ‘real’ fan in my entire section. Security almost kicked me out for taunting the Toronto ‘fans’ during the game, and waving my big orange Knicks towel. I learned one thing from my experience. The real fans in TO sit up top, which is where I’ll be for my next NBA jaunt.

  • MikeC.

    @The Philosopher – I agree. Iverson’s game was predicated on ridiculous physical talent, and an iron will. The physical talent has declined, so the iron will doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Kinda like what we’re seeing with KG lately, except AI is more than a foot shorter. At least KG is still 6’14″. Iverson is physically done.

  • http://djsfklrf.com Jukai

    Wow, people are talking about signing Iverson? How did that go for Memphis and Philadelphia?

  • mitchqqqqqq

    LOL @ MikeC 6’14″ HAHAHA wow! you fail

  • Shem

    Iverson was supposedly coming to Toronto last year but noooooooo iverson. I love him to death but a undersized sg that isnt the best defender is the opposite of what we need