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Larry Bird: Danny Granger Has ‘Regressed’

Larry Legend tells the AP that his star forward took a step back this season both statistically and in terms of his effort on the defensive end: “Danny Granger, now more than ever, understands that Larry Bird is hard to please. Granger averaged 24.1 points this season, fourth-highest in team history and eighth-best in the league, but the Indiana Pacers president said his high-scoring forward took a step back. ‘I think sometimes, he rushes into things,’ Bird said. ‘He regressed a little bit.’ Statistics support Bird’s claim. Granger’s scoring average dropped from 25.8 the previous year, when he was an All-Star and finished fifth in scoring, while his 3-point shooting and free-throw shooting also dipped. His overall field-goal percentage fell by two percent. Bird said Granger didn’t defend as well as he’d hoped, either. ‘I thought his defense was great when he had a challenge, and I thought it was poor when he thought he could overmatch his guy,’ Bird said. ‘A lot of nights, he was very good on the defensive end. I’d just like him to be a little more consistent.”’

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  • http://www.nba.com/suns Dacre

    Larry Birds ability to surround Danny Granger with decent support and star-quality players also regressed….

  • kriz

    you dont think tyler hansbrough is adding enough talent lol

  • matt the jazz fan

    i can’t believe that that ear infection that lasted ALL YEAR isn’t raising more questions

  • T-Money

    i always have a hard time rating danny granger and kevin martin. they pass the boxscore test but i always end up unimpressed when i watch them live. cats that they can get you 25 a game in the L are certified killers and yet…

  • LA Huey

    @T-Money, I just find it easier not to rate dudes balling on cellar dwellers.

  • Deano

    all right then, trade him for a white dude like you know you wanna Larry. lol

  • Deano

    Listen Larry Bird was a great player and all, but any lets be real he’s giving Roy Hibbert scrap minutes. If he wants to figure out whats going on with his squad he needs to fix that first. Hibbert is an All-Star Center already and he’s getting no PT

  • kobesbestfriend

    this proves how much Granger sux as$…never shoulda been an allstar…he so freakn overated its pathetic…all he does is launch wild 3s all the time like he’s reggie miller(who sucked as$ too i might add)and doesn’t play a lick of D at all…Its 2 bad that a grade A coach like Jim Obrien has 2 try 2 produce wins with such a mediocre cast

  • A5

    You have got to be kidding me. Larry Bird is the worst GM in the league and he’s blaming the crappiness of his team on this? Maybe you shouldn’t sign Dahntay Jones for 4 years when nobody wants him or bring in Earl Watson to be your starting point. He’s sunk this team since he’s taken over and has got no clue what he’s doing. Granger is the only player worth a damn so if anything trade him and blow this horrible thing up.

    He needs to go and so does his butt-buddy O’Brien.

  • E.

    Larry is just trying to motivate him to be a better player. I do agree he needs to be a better GM.

  • Shem

    Co-sign Dacre, starting line is Earl Watson, Dahntay Jones, Granger, Murphy and Hibbert. Most of those are second string guys an mediocre teams except maybe Murphy. Hibbert’s getting better but not there yet

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    He’s telling the truth though

  • http://www.twiter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    I dont think Bird is saying the team sux because of Granger. He just wants to see his best player take that next step after having a breakout season. But I agree with T-Money, there are guys that fill up the stat sheet, but have no real affect on a teams success one way or another. Look at Antawn Jamison. He’s averaged 20+ and 10 forever, but theres just something about it…

  • ClydeSays

    Funny to hear Bird talk about D. He’s wasn’t exactly Ron Artest in his day.

    Granger is a scoring wing player. You can’t have it all. A better roster would take some pressure off of Danny & he would improve overall and not ‘regress’.

  • Sparty’s Law

    When the Pacers played in Toronto this year my buddy got really drunk and spent the entire gaming asking Granger if he could live in his batcave and be his Robin.

  • The Philosopher

    Bird, next to Jerry West, is the best talent scout in the League. Great coach. @ClydeSays: Bird wasn’t Ron Artest defensively in his day, but he was one of the best help defenders of all times. His reading of passing lanes were what made him one of the all time steals leaders when he retired. That is why he knows what he’s talking about when he’s talking defense.

  • The Philosopher

    But, Danny Granger is a second option on a better team. Imagine him with the King.