Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 at 9:00 am  |  6 responses

Channing Frye’s Resurrection

When the crowd feels compelled to give you a standing ovation for hitting an open three-pointer, then you know you’re mired in a horrific slump. That was Frye’s life in the WCF, until last night, when he finally burst out as the AZ Republic details: “Eight days had passed between 3-point baskets for Channing Frye One hundred and forty-nine game minutes had passed between 3-point baskets for Channing Frye. It felt like an eternity. And then it happened, a 26-foot, no-hesitation launch that swooped into the basket like a vulture grabbing prey. ‘I just set my feet and let it ride,’ he said. The crowd let out a collective sigh of relief … The heat was enough that it prompted Frye, who had 14 points and six rebounds, to gently scold the media Monday for focusing too long and hard on his struggles. Maybe, but it was hard to ignore the numbers: 1 for 20 vs. the Lakers coming into the game, including 17 consecutive missed shots. He might have felt slighted by the press, but he surely felt support from Suns fans. They went crazy after his first basket at US Airways Center. He made 4 of 8 shots, all from 3-point range. ‘My teammates believed in me, and I continued to just believe in myself,’ he said. ‘And you know, I came to a realization that is for some players a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Why not just relax, have fun and let it ride?”‘

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  • riggs

    if he gets it going? oh boy…better late than never

  • Ken

    yeah, given how bad he was in Game 3, we were lucky to win that, and it was a must-win. So yeah, I agree with better late than never.

  • Fat Joe


  • Tupack Shakur

    Tupac Shakur supports the LA Lakers.

  • Aaron

    A little premature.

  • ray ray

    vultures don’t swoop onto prey, they scavenge dead carcasses. rodney dangerfield supports boston!