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Lakers to Target Blake, Watson & Ridnour

But the L.A. Times reports that apparently the team is unwilling to use its mid-level exception on a PG: “The Lakers will look at free-agent point guards Steve Blake, Earl Watson and Luke Ridnour, the executive added. But whoever signs with the Lakers will have to take a pay cut because they don’t plan on using the mid-level exception to sign a player. They will be looking to sign an experienced big man for the veteran’s minimum, which will be as much as $1.325 million for a player with 10 years or more of experience.”

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  • http://www.twitter.com/notebooknick NotebookNick

    Really? If I’m Shannon Brown or Jordan Farmar, I’m offended.

  • http://myspace.com/circasurvive Bryan

    Farmar has no right to be offended.

  • http://www.threadsandkicks.com.au Eduardo

    Don’t see the reason behind this as Farmer and Brown do an effective Job already. Farmer could improve but he’ll want to start and Brown definitely would want more minutes after a break out off the bench season.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    ^neither of them do Bryan.
    Shannon Brown can’t shoot for sh*t (least not on a semi-consistent basis), and Farmar doesn’t attack the defense at all on screen rolls.
    Brown should be a much better defender than he is. He has the athletic tools, but they’re vertical, not lateral. Still…
    Ridnour doesn’t do anything badly. He can handle, play the 2, shoot it, and he tries defensively.
    ALSO, he had that awesome basket for Seattle when he was on the ground and threw it up from the FT line. That’s automatic brownie points.

    If the Lakers don’t intend on spending the mid-level exception on a player.. where else is it going to be used? Botox for the Laker girls?

  • http://twitter.com/terryfinisterre terryfinisterre

    None of these guys has as much potential as Farmar. They are all going to be 30 years or older next season, none is an especially good shooter, I don’t know if they are known for defense. Jordan should stick his ass on the bench for one more year, try to get up to 25 minutes per game, prove himself IN THE TRIANGLE and not the UCLA offense he loves to run.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    @terry – Lakers 2nd unit barely runs a triangle offense as it is. Main reason is because the guards can’t shoot from deep consistently. That, and they don’t have a mobile big who can pass (Pau is sitting and Walton was injured most of the year).
    Coach Jackson’s second unit plays to their strengths – athleticism, cutting and fast-paced play. They don’t have a Flip Murray, Jamal Crawford type guy who gets buckets in iso plays.

  • a_whiteman

    ^ WHAT????? buddy have u seen ridnour or blake play? They probably wouldn’t be around if they couldn’t shoot. Blake is money from 3

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    @whiteman – er, you aren’t talking to me are you? Since I did say Ridnour could shoot it…

  • Bruno

    a PG who can shoot from 3 doesnt hurt nobody so bring Blake

  • a_whiteman

    @hursty…no I was speaking to terryfinisterre

  • Roc

    You’re right, Bruno. Bring in Blake. He is overlooked, and had a lot of good games last season

  • vin


  • LD

    I vote for blake.

  • Exiled Zebra

    Earl is the best defender out of those 3. Lol at farmars ‘potential’

  • ianny b

    Guys realize the Lakers are in pursuit of a point gaurd to run the offense. neither Shannon or Farmar have been able to do that effectively. that’s the reason Fisher is still in heavy rotation. then again,not sure if a point gaurd can actually play with Kobe who never allows the triangle to run it’s course. He just demands the ball and gets upset if he doesn’t get it.

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    Still dont understand this blind faith that people have in Farmar and Brown. They must not watch them play becuase they are junk. Steve Blake would be the top choice I think because of his slashing and killer 3-point mentality. Luke is runner up. Ive always loved Ridnour’s game.

  • Purple & Gold Reign

    Listen guys I’ve been a Laker fan for life. I’m 30 and really got into the NBA and followed the Lakers since the end of Showtime (88 & 89) seasons. Jordan Farmar is very overrated. I’ve been watching him since his days at UCLA. He’s worked hard and improved his jumper. But hsi weaknesses are: Horrible basketball IQ and bad defense. I’ve watched him the past 3 years make so many bad decisions at critical parts of big games. On defensive he gets steals which are nice but he also gambles to much on defense which leaves other team PG’s burning the Lakers team defense for easy layups. Out all of the 3 PG’s I only want Earl Watson or Luke Ridnour. Steve Blake aka EMINEM’s look a like is overrated also. He’s a streaky shooter who had big games against the Lakers the past 5 years, other than that the guy has no handles and cannot create plays off the dribble to finish at the hole. Blake’s defense is horrible and the elite PG’s in the western conference kill him and eat him up for breakfast on a nightly basis.

  • NBA kid

    I’d say ridnour wears purple and yellow next year because he’s the best floor general of the 3 and the bucks could then give complete control to jennings and not split time next season

  • Purple & Gold Reign

    @ ianny b. Do you realize or know anything about the triangle offense? Probably not. The triangle offense is an offense that does not require a true PG. Phil Jackson in his coaching days with bulls has always preferred tall PG’s to run the triangle offense that’s why he’s used guys like Ron Harper in LA & Chicago. Also he uses guys like Pippen & Odom to run the point forward position who usually bring the ball up the court to setup & run the triangle offense. When these guys aren’t bringing the ball up you will also see Kobe take the inbound pass to setup & run the triangle offense. It’s been that way ever since Phil got to LA. People are quick to forget that Kobe led the 3 peat Lakers in assists each year during those championship runs with Shaq. PG’s like Derek Fisher, Ron Harper, and B.J. Armstrong are used by Phil Jackson in the triangle offense to find the right spots in the triangle to find open 3 point shots. That’s the reason why you see the highlights of Fisher, Harper, Armstrong hitting big clutch open jumpers & 3 pointers. Your whole claim that Kobe doesn’t allow the triangle to run is a joke and straight hater talk blasphemy.

  • Reflex


  • Shawn

    Who are they targetting as the big man with 10+ years under his belt?

  • Laker 4 Life

    Shaq wants/needs to come back!!! Come off the bench behind Drew and Pau, reunite with kb and phil for 1 maybe 2 rings, and then retire where he belongs up with kareem and magic, etc. But only Kobe gets the statue next to magic!!

  • CRB

    @LDR4: Steve blake’s slashing ability?! Are you forreal? He has none! I’ve watched him for 4+ years as a Blazer. He can hit the spot up 3 and make the simple pass. Nothing spectacular, nothing gamebreaking, but also nothing back breaking.