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Gavin Maloof: ‘Kings are Reason for My Existence’

The Maloof bros give the Sac Bee an unintentionally hilarious interview. Read the whole thing, but here’s one highlight: “Since you brought up Arco Arena, what’s the latest on the arena situation? Your commitment to Sacramento? Because of the arena uncertainty, it’s no secret your family routinely is approached by groups attempting to lure franchises to Seattle, Kansas City, Las Vegas, San Diego. Joe Maloof: ‘We don’t want to hear about those people. Who are these people, anyway? I think they just want to get their names in the paper. We want to hear about getting our team better and getting people back in the building. Now, it’s a fact of life that cities that don’t have NBA teams go after them. There are only 30 franchises; they’re jewels. But we’re not interested. We have a team and a wonderful community, and we’re committed to turning it all around in Sac.’ Were you surprised that Peter Gruber’s ownership group recently outmaneuvered Larry Ellison for the Warriors? Joe Maloof: ‘No, that was a fair price ($450 million) for both sides. You can’t go into these situations looking for bargains. That was the mistake we made before we bought the Kings. Want to hear a story? We tried to buy nine, 10 teams, and we kept looking for a good business deal. And nothing was happening. Our younger brother Phil finally told us, ‘Pay more than the other guy and get your team.’ That’s what we did when we bought the Kings. And, really, it’s so much fun. Gavin Maloof: ‘It’s the reason for our existence, for my existence.’ For your existence? Are you serious? Gavin Maloof: ‘If you take the team from me, you might as well bury me six feet under! I would never sell. I might sell a percentage but would never give up controlling interest. We want to leave the team to our nephews.’”

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  • Drew

    I wish I had an uncle that wanted to leave me a sports team to own.

  • MikeC.

    I hear you Drew. My uncle left me a 1993 Ford Festiva that needed new tires, new exhaust and lots of body work. Well, I guess I lost less money fixing that up than I would have running an NBA team last year.

  • MikeC.

    Actually, now that I’ve totaled up all my receipts, it would have cost me less to run an NBA team last year than it would have to fix up that car. Somehow I managed to sink over $400mil into that car, not including spinner rims and fly honeys.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    My uncle left me- years in theropy.. (drunk @$$hole)

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    ^ the theropy part is a joke..:)

  • floe

    sounds like a sales pitch


    Las Vegas Kings has a nice ring to it.

  • http://Yahoo Shanoooooo

    Cosign Drew. I know I can run a NBA team as bad as the Kings have.

  • horsey

    the lakers and kings play in vegas this year…not sure if that happens every year but when the arena sells out talks of vegas getting a team should turn serious. how great would that be? a team that suctions money from tourists as much as the hometown fans? they couldn’t build an arena large enough…

  • WangChung

    The Kings would be the reason for my existence again if they had guys like J-Will, Webber and Christie. Vlade too. Getting Demarcus is a start.

  • Pat Byrnes

    We were happy when you came to Sacramento with such enthusiasm. In retrospect, we should have been wary. Local folks fought hard to get an NBA franchise into Sacrament. It should not have been sold to outsiders. Don’t take our kings, sell it to locals. The Kings make Sacramento notable in the world.