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LeBron James: Public Enemy Number 1 in Cleveland

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Let’s agree on a few points first: LeBron didn’t it “owe” it to Cleveland — its fans, players, coaches, and management — to stay, he was an unrestricted free agent, absolutely free to choose where to work next season.

That being said, fans, management, coaches and anyone else who ever cared about the Cavs had every right to be upset with James’ decision. It is devastating to their franchise, some parts of the local economy, and perhaps the most painful thing to ever happen to Ohio sports.

The way “The Decision” was carried out, during an inexplicably silly one-hour television special, only added insult to Cavs fans’ pain and suffering.

Here’s a collection of some of the reaction from Cleveland following last night’s devastating turn of events:

-After finishing up with the burning of LBJ’s jersey and other memorabilia, fans lit up sports radio stations lines and web message boards.

-Dan Gilbert briefly lost his mind, called LeBron a quitter, and his letter continues to dominate the Cavs’ official website.

-Some in the local media predictably compared James to Art Modell, arguably the most hated man in Ohio sports history.

-My favorite reaction to the whole thing, though, comes from the Plain Dealer. Today’s edition features LeBron walking away, and they have a small graphic poking at him for failing to win a title in the seven years he was in Cleveland. Awesome.

The NBA can’t schedule a Heat/Cavs game in Cleveland soon enough.

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  • kangaroo Jack

    its his choice, let him do what he wants. Harden up and get on with life. he is gone

  • K Wilhelm

    Why didn’t Cleveland management bring the three hot shot superstars to Cleveland since all were willing to take pay cuts to play together?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Maybe that 7 year ring graphic should be attached to Gilbert, the Grimace, Danny Ferry, and several dozen sh*tty teammates the dude TRIED to carry every season, since neither those players or the management could surround him with superstar teammates and even when Lebron tried recruiting them himself, they turned their back on him because……..the city of Cleveland is a joke. Nothing else can be said. Cleveland blows. Sh*t, it sucks so bad that an entire FRANCHISE left. But, you know, the past is the past.

  • http://Badnewzb8ller Badnewzballer

    I’d say blame Cleveland itself! Like Noah said: ain’t nobody wana be there!

  • WangChung

    Co-sign Eboy. The difference between how small-market teams like OKC and CLE built their teams around their stud(Durant and LBJ) is huge. Wise draft picks and value acquisitions vs. overpaying role players.

  • Young C

    Everyone shouldnt have been suprised at this decision. I look at it this way; LeBron has given Cleveland his best for 7 years. He has gotten them to the playoffs every damn year just about and to the Finals with a crappy ass team. The organization hasn’t surrounded him with enough talent. And now he leaves and everyone hates him?! Bullshit!!! He’s not doing this for the money people he wants to win a championship, everyone does. Why did Allen Iverson leave Philly? I can come up with more people thats a prime example. LeBron is moving on and I think Cleveland should as well.

  • LD

    Glbert really made himself out to be the bad guy with all the nasty things he said. This is a time where the Cavs need a positive leader. LeBron never said anything bad about Cleveland. I have so much more respect for LeBron now.

  • mj23

    @Eboy: People are more upset with the way he did it more than anything. He didn’t have to make such a spectacle!! If he quietly moved on to a different team, he wouldn’t be criticized as much. This was more about the marketing of Lebron and it backfired.

  • http://slamonline.com Maurice Bobb

    Best. Headline. Cover. Photo. Ever. Dude should win a Pulitzer. Period.

  • Joe

    You can see from this Miami website Lebron isn’t even the lead guy anymore:



  • e–gay

    Cleveland couldn’t bring the 3 ‘superstars’ because D.Wade is Top Dog of the three amigos. It’s obvious that he’s convinced them to take less money and join the player who’s already won a ring. Who can seriously compare Ohklahama to Cleveland. Cleveland was the number one team last year and was built solid at every position. Ohklahoma was elminiated first round. ya’ll don’t know basketball.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Is it safe to say that the whole “Witness” thing is over with? Also, I will cringe a bit if the TrEboys start to dance and take imaginary photos of each other night in and night out. If they are committed to just winning and business on the court that silly sh*t shouldn’t follow him.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    E.. ive already respectfully said something to you about the cleveland thing on the the other post..

  • rayray


    how bout them raiders…


    Bottom line: LeBron likely will be viewed by the public (sans LBJ slurpers and Heat fans) as a coward for how he handled “breaking up” with the Cavs. When you think back to how LeBron couldn’t even face the media or shake hands with Dwight Howard after Orlando tossed the Cavs in the 2009 ECF’s, it all makes sense. This is who LeBron is. He’s the kind of dude who talks ish behind your back, and then acts like he’s friends with you when he sees you. The kind of guy who breaks up with a chick via text message. Kobe must be chuckling somewhere while watching this Decisiongate all unfold.

  • Ben Flook

    Kobe’s better than LeBron……………… Philosopher………………

  • AL29

    The 1 hour special, which was the only way Cleveland was notified of the decision, was ridiculous and disrespectful. It’s as if he broke up with the city of Cleveland on national television. At least do it respectfully, with a press conference, and as little hype as possible.

  • Amate

    ohh come on. this behavior is ridiculous! he’s a free agent so this was HIS OWN decision! I don’t know what the people in cleveland thinking about?! Lebron did his best for 7 years there, for the team, for the fans, for the community! Cleveland should say thank you for this to him, not cursin on him!

  • mj23

    How could David Stern let this happen?
    They are the Yankees of the NBA.

  • namik

    Jordan wouldn’t have gone out like that. Sh*t, Kobe wouldn’t have gone out like that.

  • LD

    I don’t see how Cleveland was tormented by the one hour special. They didn’t have to watch. They could have just went online or turned on the news at 10pm to find out.

  • AT33

    LeQueen had his freedom of choice like every other free agent. The problem is not that he didn’t stay with the Cavs, the real problem is that he’s a Queen now with the Heat. The Heat already have a Superstar, a champion, a true Hero, DWade. Will will all be witnesses of a transformation from King James to Queen James, from Jordan like to Pippen like. This is sad, we are all witnessing a great talent make a stupid ‘Decision’.

  • Hussman25

    My FB page is ablaze w/ this… Went into detail abt my feelings there and dont have the time to elaborate; all Ill say is this: Bron leaving the Cavs: His Choice. Bron TV announcment: WRONG! Cavs owner blasting him: DOUBLE WRONG!

  • The Philosopher

    LONG… LIVE… THE KING… HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bibbvn01

    True: LeBron does not owe the city of Cleveland anything, except respect. Being from Cleveland I cant be mad at LeBron for making his decision. But I can be mad about the manner in which he did it. He left the Cavs high and dry, he could have at least offered to do a sign and trade deal to get another player here!! To hold out this long and cause the Cavs to lose out on every decent free agent that was on the market was selfish!! The Cavs should have been the first to know his decision that was the least he could have done. His legacy wont be he stuck it out and finished what he started. It will be he left to join another man’s team cause he couldnt get it done on his own. But hey if he’s happy with that so am I. He should just keep in mind that Kings dont follow….they lead!!!

  • mj23

    @LD: I think they were hoping that he said “CLEVELAND”,but Lebron punked them.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    The fans and the Cavs organization should thank LeBron for giving them 7 great years.

  • Robb

    This is coming from a LBJ hater (that’s me): He owes you nothing Cleveland, you owe him years of excitement, competitiveness, fun and hope. Cleveland’s always sucked and James made the city relevant, at least, for some time. He finally got sick of a team of mediocre players who shined mostly because of him, and a coach of the year who wouldn’t have had that title without Lebron. He has the right to pursue a championship and this is his biggest opportunity, he had to take it. Yes, the one hour special was really a low blow to the people of Cleveland, but as they should know better than anyone, that’s Lebron’s way, he’s an egomaniac, really what did you expect?. Anyway, be grateful to him because he gave the city a reason to believe.

  • The Philosopher

    Co-sign Robb @11:28a.m.
    And, I bet Barry Sanders approves of this move. Kevin Garnett, too.

  • vtrobot

    CLE fans and the city gave so much. Yeah, right. I’m sure it took a ton of effort and energy to climb onto that bandwagon and remain on it for the last 7 years. Who wouldn’t support a player like that if your city was fortunate enough to get him in the lottery? You owe LBJ. Not the other way around. We’re all sorry that your city is a boring sh*thole. Don’t blame ‘Bron for that.

  • Gman

    @Namik… Kobe was going to do it, until they pulled a miracle trade and since that day the lakers have been great.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    Cavs/cle dont own lebron, and he doesnt owe us any.. but i understand this happenning because people there did everything for him. And because of how he did it to the city he told the world he loves. THAT HE HIMSELF TOLD EVERYONE THAT HE WANTS TO WIN A TITLE IN CLEVELAND AND WONT STOP UNTIL IT HAPPENS.? I understand he wants to win.. I think he really wants out. But it wouldnt be like this if he spared cleveland with the way he did this whole thing. Thats the last thing he could’ve done for a city he said he loves that he calls home. Is that how you show appreciation to the least? That at an angle is betrayal, lying.. If your wife betrayed you wouldnt you be mad? you dont own your wife right?

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Who CARES, he is PIPPEN 2.0. He went to Wade’s home to play with him. Wade has ONE UP Lebron, in the end if they finish career together. Wade will always have one more ring. So Lebron will have no shot at being top 10 like Kobe is now. Because people will say your teammate (WADE) led a team to a title by himself and you needed Wade and Bosh to get your first. WHAT IS AMERICA COMING TOO, THE QUEEN HAS MOVE, LIKE A CHESS PIECE being used for 5 years in someone else’s territory. WADE is the real winner.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Co-sign The Seed.

  • Brian

    LeBron did the Cavs a solid by waiting until the last possible moment to tell them that he wasn’t coming back. That should leave them in good shape. I feel really badly for the Cleveland fans despite how obnoxious they were during their ‘Kings’ reign. LBJ does have that 1 state title he won in HS so I don’t know why people are saying he can’t win.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    someday maybe Dan Gilbert will realize that the letter thing was wrong. but i dont blame the guy for bursting out like that BECAUSE IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. He did wrong yes, maybe, but guys bashing Gilbert are all hypocretes. You are worse than Dan Gilbert.

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    They’ll get over it. Orlando eventually did.

  • george w. buckets

    @Brian i think lebron has 3 state titles from high school…

    But anyways, as you can see everyone is mainly dissing lebron for leaving cleveland, even though it seems like he is guaranteed a ring or rings in miami. You have players like Dirk who will spend their entire career and stay loyal to a team like the Mavs, but get ridiculed for not bringing a ring to his team. Now LeBron has an opportunity to get a title and people are bashing him. As fans of the NBA, I think we definitely get spoiled by the players and especially the media.

  • Vince5

    The guy didn’t have any obligation whatsoever to stay in Cleveland. This is a golden opportunity for any player. He didn’t win a ring in 7 years and that’s Lebron’s fault? His career playoffs averages:

    71 games, 29.3 ppg, 8.4 rpg, 7.3 apg, 1.6 spg and 1 bpg. You know, “he wasn’t playing hard enough!”.

    Next season, the Eastern Conference is going to be “interesting”.

  • snasty10

    Why aren’t we talking about the $500,000 LeBron raised for the children?

  • Javy

    This adds to the fact that LB quit and now a lazy a****ss who doesn’t want to work at it to win it all.
    This is like using steroids, using your money to buy a ring. What a lame way to compete.
    Damn, Jordan: can you come back and show this loser how to work in the gym, practice your shot a million times, bounce back, fall and stand up…..
    Lazy damn loser.
    Kobe, let’s get ready to teach this fool the way it gets done.
    He might offer you money not to compete in the finals and let him win…..

  • T-Money

    Well you certainly can’t say that LeBron is not all about winning anymore. The thing I’m enjoying about this? He doesn’t give a fvck about doing it the MJ way or doing what journalists would like him to do. He’s basically said: “I don’t care about your Kobe comparisons and I don’t care about your MJ/Pippen analogies. I don’t care about aboslute max money either. I’m doing me and I’m gonna hoop with two of my best friends. The end.”

  • Javy

    @ snasty10: because that’s how you try to fool everybody. When you do something to cover the fact that you have a huge ego, that’s trashy, lame and makes you a scumb……here is how it went: so that you don’t look like you’re not an attention h***ore, let’s make it seem like you are giving back so instead of you collecting the funds, let’s give them to the kids so that you are the hero instead of a guy who lied to all those teams and let down Cleveland.

  • T-Money

    And don’t be a hyprocrite: your opinion of LeBron James has not changed because he moved to Miami. The ones who hated him still hate him, the ones who didn’t care at all still feel no way about him and the ones who like him still like him (unless you’re actually FROM Cleveland).

  • D12FSU

    it took about 7 years and 20 ankle surgeries for orlando to get over shaq leaving..and that was only until we got Dwight in the lottery..sucks to say cleveland will be mediocre till they land a top 2 pick. IMO they are still good enough to make the playoffs in the east, but like a 7-8 seed…im still confident orlando will win the division (it takes a team) but how nasty would it be to see cavs-heat in the first round

  • anony mous

    lol @ snasty10

  • WangChung

    @E-Gay: Both teams lost to the eventual conference champs. I think basketball fans can agree that the OKC-Lakeshow matchup was a bit more competitive than the C’s-Cavs.

  • namik

    Gman- Kobe was going to the Clippers or Chicago, where he would still be the man. Kobe never planned on going to some team to be another superstars’ b*tch. Big difference. Oh well, good for him if he’s happy.

  • Yesse

    Cleveland is really starting to look like a city full of stupid people. It is a business. LeBron can go anywhere he wants to. People already made a too big mess about LeBron’s decision and this pop’s the cake. I wonder if LeBron will make it out alive from the Q when the season start’s.

  • snasty10

    Did LeBron really put himself on TV? I didn’t know he had his own channel and owned a TV crew. Did he hire Jim Gray too? Was that his studio in Greenwich?

  • Brian

    @ g dub buckets: My fault, you are correct. I was thinking of his 1 Division 2 championship and forgot about the 2 Division 3 titles he won.

  • http://brimartin13@gmail.com Brion

    Hey Cleveland hang in there, being from Seattle we would still rather have any team without Lebron on it…..I remember when we lost my favorite player TO CLEVELAND!!!(Rainman)and he got fat, so hopefully Lebron puts on the pounds and develops a coke habit.

  • ConeyIslander

    Soccer leagues do this all the time. As a Knick fan im slightly disappointed but I like seeing players take control of their own futures. Should he have not learned from Kevin Garnett’s MISTAKE in Sota?! Best of luck REAL HEAT FANS, see you guys in a few months! Good luck!

  • george w. buckets

    @Brian lol its all good

  • george w. buckets

    @T-Money that is probably the realest comment ive read on here during the ENTIRE free agency period

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    He had the right to make and announce his decision anyway he wanted. Cleveland fans and everyone else have the right to react to that decision anyway they want to. One thing I’ll give LeBron credit for is that he’s proven he’s all about winning. He’s taking less money, less ‘credit’ if he gets a ring, and going to get less spotlight not being the only attraction on the team and possibly giving up ‘top dawg’ status in a city. If it was all about ‘ego’ or money as some people claim he was all about, he wouldn’t have made this decision. The fact that he did this speaks volumes to me about what he’s ‘really’ about. I wish he would have maintained his ‘loyalty’ to the Cavs, but I don’t discredit him for wanting to win.

  • george w. buckets

    lebron is trying to win. maybe he gave up 23 to stop the comparisons between him and jordan, and is wearing 6 to honor bill russell and to begin LBJs quest for 11 rings

  • Rudds

    Dwade wears the pants, Lebron wears the dress. I never figured Lebron for a sidekick but I guess thats what makes him happiest, and I really do wish him all the best.

  • bill breedley

    the queen douche will never ever again be compared to MJ,Bird,Magic and Kobe. chump may finally become a winner riding dwade, but miami move ends his chance to be in the greatest conversation. wins will feel very cheap

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    When did Kobe get entered into ANY conversation with MJ, Magic or Larry? B*tch, you’re tripping.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    GREENWICH, Conn., July 8, 1990 Michael Jordan announced on national television he’s leaving Chicago to join the Detroit Pistons. Jordan said it was tough to bolt Chicago, where he was the most popular athlete in many years, because he thinks he has a better chance to win a championship if he plays with Pistons star Isiah Thomas. Jordan said by playing together, he and Thomas “won’t have the pressure of going out and scoring 30 every night.”

    That would have sounded absurd, right? Well, it is no more absurd than what LeBron James is doing. Jordan was 27 years old in 1990, slightly older than James is now. He had never been to the NBA Finals. He had been beaten up by the Celtics and Pistons for years. He doubted his supporting cast was good enough.

    But he never doubted himself.

    And it became very clear Thursday night that LeBron James does doubt himself.

  • riggs

    i just find it hilarious that a F*cking OWNER is talking about loyalty….LMAO

  • Diesel

    Look, I agree he didn’t owe it to the organization to stay. But I think after 7 years of them completely retooling their team and organization to suit his needs, he at leased owed it to them to tell them in person, give them some notice, not shut them off from contact completely. Cavs cuold have been out there trying to improve their team earlier if lebron told them he was leaving as soon as he new – which I’m convinced was months ago.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    You f*cking ignoramous…..If Michael would have done something like that it would have been to join the Lakers with Magic, the only guy at HIS level at that time. Magic was the great singular talent, the Pistons were a rival. You’re so dense to Lakerlicking, you couldn’t reason DJ Mbenga’s shaft out of your sh*tpipe, so you make up fantastical scenarios to try and cover your fear of having your current “dynasty” end prematurely. Your embarrass Laker fans with each post. Retire for a while and come back if they get another Finals berth.

  • loqui

    I see this as very selfish move because he wants rings w/o the challenge. Glory without the possibility of failure. True competitors shouldn’t strive for that! But, he has made his decision and I will respect that, not the person.

  • namik

    I think the seed was quoting a SI article…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    He posted it, so he got it.

  • Clay

    The seed’s comments are worthless.

  • vtrobot

    i want to be in CHI so that i can be closer to my kids. actually, i’m just f*cking around. flights from MIA to CHI are pretty quick. the kids will be fine. – sincerely, d. wade. that’s nice. i bet d. wade didn’t think that he’d get so much backlash shrapnel. all 3 of them are f*cking tools with their media obsession. i’m sure the reality show will be fascinating. especially since it will be SH*T THAT’S ALREADY HAPPENED! i really need to see the inside story on how ‘bron jerked around the clips and how d. wade wasted CHI’s time. must see TV, for slurping fanboys. these 3 need to arrange for that LA times photog who shot kobe to do their first “group shot.”

  • Keep

    Cleveland fans have no idea what it means to get Vince Carter’d. Lebron looks like a class act compared to that guy.

    BUT, I’ve got nothing but love for people who hate Lebron. It’ll be fun to see Cavs fans hate.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    So now it just came out that Lebron is the only one who is taking a less than max deal of the three. 5 years with an opt out after 4. Bosh and Wade each get max deals for 6 years, with an opt out after 5. Sacrifice. I like it.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Jordan got ‘lucky’ that the Bulls were able to get Pippen. If it weren’t for that, he may have never won a ring (which wouldn’t have any impact on how good of a player he was – skill level doesn’t change with rings). LeBron never saw his Pippen coming so made it happen. Weak move maybe, but doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in himself – he didn’t believe in managements abilty to get it done.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    But James does not have the heart of a champion. He does not have the competitive fire of Jordan, the bull-headed determination of Kobe Bryant, the quiet self-confidence of Tim Duncan, the willful defiance of Isiah or the winning-is-everything hunger of Magic Johnson.

    He is an extremely gifted player who wants the easy way out.

    And how do we know this?

    James said so himself.
    1. “You have to do what’s best for you, and what’s going to make you happy
    2. “We don’t have the pressure of going out and scoring 30 every night or shooting a high percentage.”
    3. “I know how loyal I am.”
    4. “It’s about joining forces with the other two guys.”
    5. “This is the greatest challenge for me.”

    That’s one of the great ironies of this — James is trying to flee pressure, but he will just face more of it. He is trying to maximize his “brand,” but he just damaged it.

  • mj23

    He said D-Wade “axed” him and Bosh to join him in Miami.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    @mj23 – I know the Yankee comparison comes to mind, but have you lost yours? Bosh = Rivera?? Are you kidding me, in what way?! MO is the ultimate CLOSER. What has Bosh closed? An unsuccessful chapter being the man on a crappy Toronto team that went no where under his leadership?

  • ciroqobama

    The Seed is a hater!

  • rav

    all this has shown is that lebron, despite having just about anything a man could want is still a desperate little attention whore who needs people to tell him he’s great

  • http://twitter.com/dyalektraps d.Y.

    What if Lebron had been a bust? The team would have traded or cut him, and everyone would have called it a nice move. There would have been no backlash. Loyalty in sports is a one way street.

  • http://null.com Reemo

    @The Seed You talk as if you know what Lebron has in him. You don’t know. You think, you speculate. This is still the NBA and they have to play games so they still might not win 5 rings. The easy way out would have been to stay in Cleveland and toil and lose. None of those people you named were born in the places where they were drafted and none of them left. That alone shows he has at least little more something than all of them because he knew this would happen. Lebron took the path that’s less traveled not the easy way out

  • Javy

    HOO Lebron, So big on the outside, so small on the inside.
    Once everything is done, he’ll be on the same breath as Mbenga, Horry, Ginobili and Byllups.
    After 5 years, I would want to ask LB, hey did Wade’s back got swollen up because you were on top of it for a long time.
    Does he need medical attention?!!!!!

  • http://Badnewzb8ller Badnewzballer

    For those of you who hate on Kobe for winning with shaq. You best show the same hate on bron. If kobe’s 3 rings with shaq don’t count then surely Brons won’t with the heat

  • http://www.soundclick.com/thesupergenius Che-Son

    Please God let this be the end of the chalk routine. Time to man up, shut up, get serious and just play. Sucks for Cleveland, definitely a b&&tch move, but all the same – Congrats HEAT

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Actually… Co-sign Badnewzballer.

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Royal

    Lebron made a good decision by going to the heat.People need to realize there will not ever be another MJ, Bird or Magic. Lebron will leave his own legacy and if pairing up with D-Wade is part of his legacy ,then so be it!!

    Ps.Go Lakers

  • http://www.soundclick.com/thesupergenius Che-Son

    OH, and to BADNEWZBALLER: Kobe didn’t carry his team to the Finals, win MVP, and make playoff runs every freakin’ year BY HIMSELF. Kobe may be more cold-blooded and make better choices, but Kobe needed Shaq and Gasol. Lebron probably could have squeezed out a ring with Cavs eventually, but instead he chose to go for a multiple-ring dynasty with his good friends.

  • FoCo

    Lebron is wrong to have gone about it the way he did. “The Decision” was a stupid egotistical idea. That being said he was never going to win with that bunch of stiffs in Cleveland so I can see his motivation.
    I do think that last night Kobe and the Lakers saw a bunch of people jump on the bandwagon…and somewhere deep in the heart of Mississippi Brett Favre is plotting out how to get “The Decision 2.0″ on the air real soon.

  • vtrobot

    @ The Seed: Please give Michael Rosenberg (cnnsi.com) credit or anyone else’s articles that you’re cutting and pasting. @ mj23: bosh is prolly closer to being nick swisher than he is to being mo. i’d be OK with kobe = mo, and that’s about it for NBAers.

  • http://www.hufsf.com Waylonakolipse

    1st off only teams with multiple All-Star level players win the title. If Jordan didn’t have pippin/rodman/kukoc/grant/armstrong all of whom made All-Star teams as Bulls then he’d have zero titles…

  • http://www.hufsf.com Waylonakolipse

    …Cleveland was so wack that they depended on a basketball player to help the regions economy, spirituality, and recognition. Thats sad. If I was that baller I’d want to leave to. Wade, Bosh, and you see what those women look like in Florida? E-Z decision….they burnt his jersey? Thought they was having money problems could have sold it on eBay to those fools in Miami hahahahahha.

  • JW

    Make no mistake, Miami is Lebrons team now.

  • O

    So now that the Lebron/Jordan comparisons are no longer relevant, is it time to start the LeBron/Pippen convos? LeBron/McHale? LeBron/Allen?

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    I liked his article and some of these cats dont read other websites. Its neat they thought I said that stuff and thought I was dumb, but came from a great writer, the last two statements. I liked his twist on his view of James.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Lebron is Pippen 2.0, but has better passing ablity, plays less defense, but Lebron is the Chosen One for Miami. LOL!!!

  • http://Badnewzb8ller badnewzballer

    @che-son: So your saying shaq would’ve won those 3 rings w/out kobe? Lebron woulda, shoulda, coulda squeezed out a ring but he didn’t. When kobe was doing all his crying back in the day demanding a trade, he had a horrible team, but at the end of the day he stayed. Lebron was back2back mvp, best record in the league, favored to make it to the finals and still left.

  • Bruno

    by the way … Bosh sucks hahaha

  • http://www.hufsf.com Waylonakolipse

    No way…If this scenario Wade is 2nd fiddle to LeBron. Wade is Pippin and Bosh is Rodman + Kukoc……but where’s Kerr, Harper, or Burrel? They might need 1 year to get the role players right. So Kobe has 1 more title run left.

  • vtrobot

    @ The Seed. I agree. That was one of the better articles that I read today. I’m just saying give the credit where it’s due. Peace.

  • Clay

    It’s hard to be an NBA fan right now. There needs to be more rivalries and killers. I would rather watch Wade and Bosh battle against Amare/LeBron, Boozer/LeBron, or something like that.

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    Guys, let The Seed pout— now Kobe’ll never get his seven rings and The Seed wont EVER have an argument for the dude being better than Jordan.

  • james

    jukai what r u talkin about. did u get a DeLorean and go to the future n see kobe not winning 7 rings? smh at ppl always waiting to crown lebron when he still hasnt won. next year around this time we’ll see who has the title. n i wouldnt doubt if it was kobe and the lakers

  • cmc

    what a cheap way to win…..just a cop out

  • cp3fan

    I’m glad he did the special. He generated a lot of money for the Boys and Girls Club and he got five scholarships for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get one. I call it a success. Good for LeBron. Forget the fans in Cleveland. The man couldn’t keep playing by himself in the playoffs. Burn his jerseys. Do whatever you want. Enjoy your punk of an owner and your horrible team. No one’s going to want to play there now after Gilbert’s sensitive little letter. Miami-LA in the Finals I hope.

  • c_cantrell

    @jukai.. dude does pout alot lol

  • c_cantrell

    @t-money.. your a pretty smart guy bro.. enjoy reading your posts.. totally agree with everything u have said thus far


    the heat wont win cus they wont know how to play together i mean yea they might make it to the eastern confrence finals but the wont win it all and cavs owner needs to calm down

  • jumpman3224

    This is dicey for LBJ from a legacy standpoint. IF they win championships then he will be remembered as a star who sacrificed to win, but also as a guy who had to leave to win (may not be fair, but will be said). If they don’t win…


    the cavs owner is just mad cus they got blessed with this great player and they still couldnt win a champoinship


    and the heat dont have a point guard so they wont win

  • The Wize

    The Chosen Gone.

  • Javy

    Since the trio is at the top already, there’s only one way and that is “Down”.
    Injuries, reserves, other teams competing.
    If lakers win, that will be an upset.
    Big, Huge Upset….
    This is like Jordan, Magic and Hakeem (well I dont’ know about Hakeem/bosh) but close.
    Jordan would have won 10 rings.
    So the pressure is now on them to win every single one.
    If not, they’re a failure!

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Javy, Wade is entering is prime/entered last year. LeBron has yet to enter his prime. Bosh is about to enter his prime. Hate to say it, but the only way to go is up.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    And Chalmers is a PG on the rise, but wouldn’t having a PG kind of ruin it? Another dude who is supposed to dominate the ball? Go Wade/Bron/Miller/Bosh/Anthony or something like that. Have Wade or Bron handle the ball, you have Miller for spot-up threes, and nobody really plays out of position because Bron has been a point-forward all along.

  • JTaylor21

    Eboy is right, when did kobe get his name put next to the MJ,Magic,Kareem convo. Dude will never be in the convo, all of a sudden kobe lovers have contracted amnesia and forget that he was carried to 3 chips by a better player (shaq) and that he needs the most talented team in the league to make it to 3 straight finals and win two. What did the lakers do when it was just him and a couple of good players? they struggled to stay above .500 and when they did make it to the playoffs lost in the first round everytime. It wasn’t until he bit**ed and moaned that the lakers made moves. LeBron in miami is clearly the best player out of that bunch so how does that make him Pippen to MJ (Wade). Pippen was never as good as MJ or better than him even though pip was the superior defender. When the heat do win championships, lebron would probably win a few finals MVP also. So kill that noise about him being a second fiddle. Kobe was never better than shaq thats why he was a second fiddle and never won finals MVP playing with shaq. Pippen was never better than MJ thats why he was a second fiddle and never won Finals MVP playing with MJ. Think of it as Magic (LeBron) playing with MJ (Wade).

  • WangChung

    @Jumpman3224: A lot of people have spoken about the legacy aspect, and admittedly, I don’t read much of what LBJ says. He never seems to say much of anything. But I have heard of him mentioning billionaire aspirations and winning rings as priorities. Legacy is just something for guys like Wilbon to lose hair over.

    @Moose: Agreed. A rebounding big body should be a much greater priority. Others have already mentioned LBJ in a Magic-like role, Wade can certainly handle the rock.

  • Justin

    Personally, I think it was a gutless decision to go to Miami. I read an article by a Sports Illustrated columnist where he said “Can you imagine Michael Jordan deciding to leave the Bulls to join the Pistons because he felt he’d have a better shot at a championship?”. Michael lost to the Pistons and all it ever did was fire him up to get stronger and better, to make his teammates as good as he could make them. Lebron is trying to take the easy route and I think that’s crap

  • Izzo

    It seems as though the fan’s loyalty to LeBron lasted exactly as long as his loyalty to Cleveland did. Happy accident, I guess.

  • DC

    I think Cleveland wouldn’t hate him so much if he wouldn’t of carried out his decision. He made it look like he was announcing what college he would commit too. He wasn’t even sincere to the fans.

  • The Fresh Prince of Nsam

    I’m sorry 4 Cleveland but T-Money (and some very few others) is the only 1 who says something meaningful on this comment section today. From today on I’m a LBJ fan. Can’t wait 2 by his MIA jersey. He doesn’t want 2 win by MJ and some editorialists standards and that’s a crime? Come on guys, Haiti is not yet rebuilt! Go get your own lives and be your own alpha males!!! poor you!

  • ClydeSays

    Did KG get this kind of hate when he asked (quietly) out of Mini? Nope. Sure he was there longer but ownership/management appeared just as inept. Gilbert’s mistake in my opinion was seemingly to get LeBron whatever he wanted, instead of building a championship caliber team.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ The Promise

    Cleveland fans are classless, burning his jersey the night of the decision. Anybody who did that wasn’t a true LeBron fan anyway, you just loved him because he played for your team. It’s his decision, get over it, Laker fans are trembling in fear.

  • c_cantrell

    hey hes a man.. he puts his pants on in the morning jus like every other man.. he makes his own decisions jus like every (or most) other men do.. dont hate on him cause he did what he thought best for his career.. its not any of yals life or career–
    ITS HIS LIFE AND HIS CAREER– u ppl are jus lookin for something to talk trash bout.. if yal would focus half as hard on your own life as what yal do lebrons then yal would prolly be doing pretty good.. way to be your own man lebron

  • Bballrehab

    It’s unfair to bash him; didn’t Kobe threaten to leave his beloved Lakers if they didn’t surround him with enough talent? What has Kobe accomplished when he wasn’t surrounded with Gasol, Bynum, Shaq, etc.? Way less than LeBron did even when surrounded with a shitty squad (07 Finals).
    He wants to win a championship and it’s clear that the Cavs organisation hasn’t done shit for that to happen, and no:hiring a way past his prime Shaq and an old Jamison doesn’t count as a try to build up a championship team!

  • James Butler

    Get over it Cleveland!! If your owner can’t be thankful for the contributions Lebron has brought, such as doubling the value of his franchise, he ought to lose him. Toby’s toes couldn’t be clipped so the slave couldn’t escape. LeBron has left the building!! Live with it!!


    he left to win a championship so that means that he thought he had a better chance of winning a championship in miami then in clevland and thats that and justin michael won a championship with armstrong and pippen and rodman those guys were great lebron had nobody in clevland but he does have somebody in miami and thats y he went there


    lebron leaving cleveland is good this way they can learn to trust in the almighty GOD and not a human being i heard a pastor from cleveland say lebron is right behind JESUS in the city of cleveland now maybe the people of cleveland will learn to put their trust in GOD and not a man


    snasty10 Posted: Jul.9 at 12:08 pm
    Why aren’t we talking about the $500,000 LeBron raised for the children?
    dude you cant be that silly to think that whole thing wasnt a publicity stunt to make lebron seem like good guy despite leaving let lebron take his money and personally donate it to the struggling and homeless people in cleveland without cameras on than ill be impressed

  • http://RickyRude@hotmail.com RickyRude

    Now that Delonte isn’t going anywhere, does that mean LeBron’s mom is gonna stay in Cleveland too?

  • MVPballer

    rayray Posted: Jul.9 at 11:05 am
    so…. how bout them raiders…

    Hahaha I am f*cking crying right now.

  • ricky

    I thought I would never see the day when Lebron (Pippen re-incarnated, just worse defense) would become the side-kick to Wade. And you loser’s have to realize, this is Wade’s team. He’s the only one with a ring, and has taken his team further than lebron + Bosh combined have. Hopefully Wade can teach lebron and bosh how to play defense, instead of just the block. -

  • joey

    Its Lebrons dream and a goal to win nba championships so he felt a better oppurtunity to acheive his dream in the 305 (Miami) so he took it good for him why fall short of your goals to please everyone sometimes it takes change to succeed. And plus Id rather have Cleveland hate me than South Beach I mean come on do they even party in cleveland? I will back and support Lebron no matter what he chooses to do I hope the hate fuels him. Time for the KINGS ring’S.

  • http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:OzhW3M1GBSKkgM:http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Hey Lebron might do well to be under Wade’s tutelage – not in basketball, but just how to conduct yourself. I’m sure if James wanted to do that photo shoot stuff, Wade would nix that in a second.

  • JTaylor21

    Whats all this talk about MJ and Kobe stickin with the team through thick and thin. MJ wouldn’t have won sh*t and probably would have gone to greener pastures if Pip had not developed in to the player he became. Pip not jordan as MJ lovers claim worked hard and got better by himself. Was jordan out there dribble and shooting the rock for him. NO. Pip could have said F it and became lazy, MJ wouldn’t win sqauat. And kobe has not played for the team that originally drafted him for his whole career contray to popular belive. the hornests drafted him but he pouted and moan like his always done in his career and was traded to green pastures. LA

  • http://twincityslim@yahoo.com Jahi

    Dan Gilbert is out of line, classless, and petit. On the other hand, LeBron James has forever tarnished his brand, not only because of the faux pas hoopla of “The Decision”, but because of the trio in Miami. LeBron should have signed with the New York Knicks. At the same time, the man is free to go where he chooses, and the over the top backlash of burning of jerseys, is a sign of American ignorance.

    With that said, this talk of Miami winning the championship is premature. I mean, Kobe will be at the top of his game for two more seasons, and the Lakers organization is superior to any in the league. Personally, I think Orlando, if they sign a shooting guard or trade for Arenas are still at the top of the East.

  • http://www.nba.com/suns Dacre

    So, The Miami Heat get Three superstars… Does that make Eboy a slurper now?

  • http://twincityslim@yahoo.com Jahi

    Eboy doubts the legacy of KOBE, as the one of the top 10 greatest competitors in NBA history, and possibly one of the top closers in NBA history. Yet, there will always be a contingent of armchair critics flipping burgers in extra medium t-shirts filled with envy. Brush your shoulders off internet “thug”.

  • http://www.nba.com/suns Dacre

    Essentially all thats happened, is that some of the modern games, most dominant players have joined forces. I’m thinking though, that Spoelstra gets moved off the sideline and the master Pat Riley comes down from the office above to get him some RING ACTION….move over Phil your ringed fingers at the top are numbered…

  • delonte

    lebron is going south… his mom is going west.

  • Bart

    Yeah Lebron didn’t owe them anything….. just a couple million dollars and a f&*ked team

  • http://jayemmbee.blogspot.com/ ClutchPerformer

    first off lebron owed them nothing, but he did have less reason to leave vs. bosh leaving toronto. bosh played 11 playoff games. Lebron made it to the finals and what not. they still might have won it soon, (this from an LBJ hater) now the thing that stupid is the whole hour long show, im from toronto and Bosh just said his piece and left, bron had a conference, why? just say it quiet, now cleveland knows how toronto feels bout VC and his lack of effort. next Bron did say he rather win than be G.O.A.T., so take away any chance of being in MJs realm, and yeah hes gonna get the same treatment Kobe got when people say Kobe has 5 titles, they will say yeah but you need Wade and Bosh to do it, just like Kobe needed shaq. LBJ went to Wades team, he left, theres no way hes the Man, Wade is the man , the one with the ring, james is no king, not that he was b4, wade is legit they wanted to be with him. this is like when KG and Ray went to Boston, it was still Paul Pierces team, and I do believe Miami will win it will be like the first time the Cs won, they just had a crappy rondo, but they got Chalmers instead. if they dont win its gonna be a fail cuz of the sheer star power, and to those comparing saying this like Mike needing more can you really compare Bosh and Wade to Pippen and Rodman? CB4 and Wade were the man on their respective teams while Pip and the worm werent. and as for the charity? yo he could donate money anyway this was just pure conceited on his part, MJ donated his salary from the wizards to the 9/11 fund, thats how you donate. I love wade and Bosh but I cant stand James and I still hate him, he punked out cuz he couldnt do it himself. Wade is the MJ on this team. on the bright side Kobe wont win again lol and even though Lebron wins he wont be MVP
    the whole problem just lies in how he did it not why and the result of it all and cleveland needs to chill, Toronto didnt burn jerseys we boo but not burn. and to the guy who said LBJ is magic and Wade is Jordan, but still said LBJ is better that would mean Magic is better than MJ and we know thats not true

  • http://Yahoo.com Sergio Rodriguez

    Can’t anyone bring up lebron without bringing up Kobe and dissing Kobe for wiinning three rings with shaq and another two with Gasol. This is sad nobody ever critizes magic for winning with Kareem Jordan winning with pippen KG with pierce and Allen. Can’t we just appreciate the talent that’s left in the NBA and enjoy the passion of Kobe for winning I know he isn’t as good as Jordan but he sure does compete like him. Hopefully one day when there is a other article talking about lebron people dont bring up Kobe and start saying he isn’t one of the all time greatest WHICH HE IS and I’m am not comparing him with anybody so you hAters need to stop talking crap about him when an article comes up about lebron

  • http://Yahoo.com Sergio Rodriguez

    What you haters have to do is buy tickets to a laker game and diss him when he scores on your team. For every 3 Jordan fans there is one lake hater And you can take that to the bank I happen to fall in the Kobe fan wagon but still love jordan to

  • http://Yahoo.com Sergio Rodriguez

    I’m mean one Kobe hater

  • B-More Mike

    He pouted & moaned when Charlotte drafted him? Where has this been? Jerry West worked that magic!! How would he get away with that and not get killed by the LBJ fans? J Taylor where’s the facts? The Jordan theory is woulda, coulda shouda BS that never happened!!!

  • brandon

    Honestly, LeBron leaving Cleveland isn’t even the big deal…He just doesn’t seem like a competitive enough person…I dont get how you have the best record in the league for 2 years and just give up…

  • http://facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    Who wouldn’t want to play with Wade, he is the man. Got swag that Bron can only dream of, i played 2k10 with the new team last night. Makes hall of fame like playing rookie.

  • http://Www.clownpenis.com Tarzan Cooper

    Cleveland sucks, gloria too, thats why delonte was so happy at the kfc drivethru

  • http://myspace.com/circasurvive Bryan

    I actually respect him more now.Still think Kobe is a better player, but I am 100% on his side with his choice. Obviously I hope the Knicks cut that a$$ but I’m a realist.

  • ConeyIslander

    Cleveland is like the ugly guy with the supermodel girlfriend. Everything goes great until the day she looks in the mirror and remembers that she can do a lot better!

  • andrew

    this whole thing has said a lot about the character of lebron.. i think everyones (well most peoples) dream scenario is reppin your home town. lebron was one of the fortunate ones who was drafted by cleveland and could actually put the town on his back and he WAS the KING of ohio. the other case is players who get drafted and become the man in their city.. no one can argue kobe IS la and funnily enough MIA is WADES town (im sure you guys all watch a lot of bball and remember wade won a game and jumped up on the scorers table saying ‘this is my town’) anything lebron wins from here will be so much less fufilling than if he won with cleveland he can no longer say he reps akron because he bailed on them in his prime. had he done this move 5 years later he would of never gotten the hate he is getting now because he is 25 and in his prime. kg did that move and no one hated him for that. (someone mentioned ai but that is different. he got kicked out of philly) i get that lebron wants to win but he definitely isn’t the KING anymore.. maybe slam should start a new nickname for him. oh and i guess if we are looking for blame i blame mike brown worst coach in the NBA and dan gilbert i guess for not getting rid of him sooner

  • andrew

    oh and i forgot to add.. lebron as a kid always supported the chicago bulls and new york yankees so ye.. loyalty huh? i think he also supported the miami hurricanes in the early 00s and usc a couple of years ago and i would probably put money his a ne patriots fan too!

  • http://jayemmbee.blogspot.com/ ClutchPerformer

    Shaq was MVP on the team = best player on the team, how can you be best ever when you werent even best on championship team, the skill level between MJ and Pippen was enormous thats why MJ was the MVP it was no doubt, Kobe was 2nd fiddle thats why, which Lebron is now, KG is second Fiddle, cuz KG doesnt claim to be the best. Kareem was already on the decline he had a couple titles to his name as is

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    Why do the Heat need a point guard? Let Lebron run the point and put Mike Miller in the SF spot. On defense, have Wade guard the point, Miller the shooting guard and Lebron the small foward.
    They simply don’t need a point.
    Just get that center.

  • http://Www.slamonline.com Rhodeeski

    ^^ co-sign. Shaq will be back.

  • http://yahoo Ddub

    I notice that whenever something happens,kobe some how end up being mentioned,leave him out of this.He is a warrior,he would have died before he went and teamed up w/any of them,because just like bird wouldnt haave teamed up w/magic,and mj wouldnt have teamed up with them because they are competitors and they want to beat the best.True Legone was a free agent,but you dont lead fans on a personal joy ride!THAT is why fans fronm other cities are pissed.
    Ifs classless,sort of like Pat Riley when he wasnt man enough to tell the knicks he was QUITTING,Did I say man enough,yes Lebron you didnt owe Cleveland anything,But you quit on your team rt in front of everyone,in the playoff against the Celts, and you they didnt quit on you,so you were the Loser.Front runner,its easy to accept glory, but give those who give you the glory,the proper respect.Ticket holders and those watcing on tv.You knew along time ago what you were going to do,Bosh you are an addition,not a center piece,follower,cant even make up your own mind and be your own man!

  • bill breedley


  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    “hated on so much, Passion of The Christ need a sequel”.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    Here’s something to think about: Will LeBron’s jersey ever be retired in Cleveland?

  • bill breedley

    what a slap in the face for the cavs! karma will haunt ledouche. finally the powder blowing dancing clown has been exposed. funny how ronron is now a hero and ledouce the nba’s heel. fine to move to another team when you realize you dont have it to be the man, but going thru the drama and keeping your loyal fans hanging watching that pathetic show yesterday is something else all together

  • bill breedley

    JE think all the jerseys have been burned, nothing with 23 and james is left to hang in cleveland

  • Dorie in L.A.

    I’m pretty sure the people who’re burning LBJ’s jersey are not the true Akron fans and community who have had his back and benefited from his generosity long before the Cavs ticketholders claimed to love him. I think seven years is enough time to know if Gilbert and company are serious about getting some real help. Dude made a career decision to move forward toward his goals while he’s still young. What’s wrong with that? If anyone continues to work a job after it’s become stagnant he will become bitter. I wish him the best — along with all of his true Ohio family /friends/community that he will continue to love and take care of. I’d like to hear from some of them.

  • robbie

    Man, I thought lebron was goin to NYC. But I think a lot of us had the wrong idea about him to begin with. I think he realized that his best option for success would be on a team where he isnt the best scorer. Like many have said, he is a lot more Magic than he is MJ, and now he’s going to embrace it.

  • buggy

    CANT WAIT TILL NEXT SEASON,lets go number 6

  • ciroqobama

    whoaaaa wait wait wait…. “The Seed” cut-and-paste’s ‘his’ arguments from other writers?! Wow what a fn loser

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    I only cut and pasted on two statements,about MJ going to Pistons and top 5 reasons Lebron is not the man. from this dude at si. BOOK IT!!!

  • nombre

    Lebron isnt like MJ, he’s a lot like Magic, game and personality-wise. DWade and Kobe are the closest thing to MJ currently playing. Still, never thought Lebron would be willing to play second fiddle to anyone, and that is what he’s doing, this is very much DWade’s team.

  • jay

    one of late great John Wooden’s quote comes to mind. “It takes talent to make it to the top, but character, to stay there.” Oh did Lebron ever make it to the top.

  • J-Bird

    Dont compare Lebron to MJ, compare him to Magic. DWade is the biggest winner in all of this, he got two all world talents to leave their teams to come to his and be sidekicks, unbelievable.

  • jay

    here’s hoping Delonte knocks up Gloria.

  • Fat Lever

    I’m sorry, but for a person so concerned with his image and his basketball image, I can’t imagine MeBron being satisfied with taking a substantial cut in point production, especially with everyone looking at him now so closely. This guy is the most egotistical person in the NBA(which is saying something), so now I’m supposed to believe he’ll be ok averaging 16 ppg and 10 assists? BS, especially if they dont’t win the title. He left Cleveland to win to, in a sense, protect his legacy/image in the game. You don’t go from being the most self-conscious person in the league to the most giving and selfless person. Doesn’t happen.

  • jay

    oh cmon fat lever,you really think Lebron is trying to be a “giving, selfless person”? From the time the ESPN special was announced, everyone was getting fedup with the guy. what was suppose to be a major marketing, PR move was backfired with justified accusations of narcissistic, egotistical, self-centered behaviour. the only way to recapture the “image” was to make a move that will damn near guarantee championships, so all the fu*kery can be forgiven. also “word” to “Dan Gilbert”.

  • jay

    oh cmon fat lever,you really think Lebron is trying to be a “giving, selfless person”? From the time the ESPN special was announced, everyone was getting fedup with the guy. what was suppose to be a major marketing, PR move was backfired with justified accusations of narcissistic, egotistical, self-centered behaviour. the only way to recapture the “image” was to make a move that will damn near guarantee championships, so all the fu*kery can be forgiven. also “word” to “Dan Gilbert”

  • JD

    I loved on ESPN when they were talkin to the woman in Cleveland and they asked does anyone understand this decision?

  • ciroqobama

    BOOK nothing Seed, you are a tool

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai


  • julianosorio

    tmoney, fresh prince, you all right on, you play, you ain’t there to be seen, you there to win. forget everything, you there to win period.

  • Clay

    Remember when KG, Pierce and Ray Allen were teamed up in Boston? They did all their interviews together. LeBron is too good to announce his decision with Wade and Bosh. Take out of it what you may.

  • Jim Willis

    I don’t live in or near Ohio but I am a Cleveland fan. I AND perhaps most of us are not angry about LeBrons decision to Leave!. The WAY he carried out that decision was disrespectful and ego-centric. The Cleveland fans and mabagement are partly to blame for this over size Ego. They gave LeBron everything he asked for and d d not chide him when he behaves as an Ego- centric child. – but even so, LeBron. All of the people who begged and prayed for you to stay..little grandmas who baked you cookies.. Management and officials who tried to give you everything , did not they deserve a kinder goodbye!. Did they have to wait and watch Your Special Show?.. WASN’T that a little too much All AboutYou ?… -I appreciate that open letter from Dan Gilbert. SOMEONE HAD TO GIVE US FANS A REASON TO FEEL UPBEAT ABOUT OUR CITY AND OUR TEAM!.. Dan did what a good leader does!. I am now a more devoted Cleveland fan. -On another note, LeBron, the triangle and other hand signs you make are as You know, Satanic signs !

  • Jim Willis

    LeBron follows Jay-Z and ther Satan worshippers. THE HAND SIGNS that is part of LeBron’s pre game are known satanic signa. THEY ALSO WORSHIP 666. THat is why he picked 6 as his new number. LEbron is “cursed”. You can see it in his eyes. – Also, LeBron went from being number one on the team to now, number three. SADLY. He will Never win a title.

  • e

    lebron been looking real sad since he announced it i think the powers that be forced this on him

  • nastierthanu3

    @javy and jesus saves when someone, and I don’t care how famous the person is, raises half a million for a people that need it god bless them. Down the road after the convo has died down and the city of cleveland has recovered, emotionally, that money will still be helping people. All of us must look at ourselves and say “what am I doing for anyone else except myself?”. So I ask u both. What have u done this week for those who are in need?

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Beware the Nazgul foooooool!

  • http://www.threadsandkicks.com.au Eduardo

    You don’t get the best record in the league two years straight with a week supporting cast! Dan Gilbert invested to build a championship team around his star player. It’s not like he was in the same situation that McGrady was in with the Magic in 03, Francis in Houston 2000, G Hill in Pistons 05-99, Kobe 05-07. LeBron had a championship caliber team that was at times selected and approved specifically by his choosing to keep him happy. Best record in the League for 2 years, 66 which was just 6 games away from Jordan and the Bulls 72 wins. So people can’t say that this was a weak team. Allen Iverson took a mere nobody team all the way tot he Finals in 01. And that team literally had NOBODY! Ask yourself if Kobe had the same team LeBron had the past few years would he have lost with that exact team during the Playoffs? All signs and all fans will and should agree honestly… NO.

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Royal

    I would love 2 meet these tough ass bloggers in a alley in Baltimore, we might could have respectful debates! We are grown men and on any ocassion with the stuff said on these sites would get your a$$ kicked! Reality check, none of these guys will give any of us regular folk the time of day, not LBJ not Kobe not even Tim Thomas old a$$ will even sign a autograph for you at the local Dennys restaurant! Let’s be respectful of one another please!

  • matt.t

    Lebrons closest comparison from the past judging from his career so far is Dominique Wilkins.

  • Leo Pratama

    Hey, Lebron …… Winning the titles in Miami with Wade and Bosh isn’t a challange. It is an expectation. You need challange? Stay and win it with Cleveland.
    Also, if you’re leaving cleveland at least you can give them respect by telling them straight up, so they can move on. Give them time to reorganize, chase other free agents (there are other people than you, you know). For God’s sake they fired Mike Brown and let Danny Ferry go for you.
    Now you left them no time and nobody to sign. Who are they going to sign now?? Stephon Marbury or Allen Iverson, I suppose.
    All the top free agents are gone while they were waiting for you to make decision. But their nightmares were not over. You chose to announce the decision on national TV. What a shame. You lost my respect, Lebron. and I believe many others, not just Cleveland fans.
    Even if you win the championship it wouldn’t be a great accomplishment. You wouldn’t be the centerpiece, are you ready for that?
    Just ask Kobe. I’m out.

  • Bruno, RJ

    thanks for making al my comments right for the last 8 yars, LeQuitter…
    you have just signed the “I can’t deliver” letter to al your fans (i was never included).
    i’m happy that you found a REAL MAN to get you a championship.
    nice thing from some self-proclamed king or chosen one.
    we all really witnessed… witnessed overated mom’s kid mailed in and choke every time someone needed you.

  • Bruno, RJ

    i hope cavs fan chant atrocities at him every game, throws coins in the court and bring all kind of hell at him…
    is it too soon to ask him how does wade’s balls taste?!

  • Peter B

    Well, as a Kobe fan I’m kind of glad he is no longer the most hated player in the NBA, thanks Lebron. The more Lebron wins the more people are going to hate him, the more he loses the more he will be criticised for not winning as part of a dream trio, he’s in a catch 22.

  • http://kamndestiny@yahoo.com swisha sweet

    kinda reminds me of when Shaq left Orlando…Maybe Lebron was tired of being a big fish n a small pond…..Buisness is buisness, at the end of the day Lebrons has made the NBA enough money. The guy can play ball, its his gift and we need to appreciate it. Its alot of guys that shoudnt b n the NBA. Like the magics first round draft choice. 2 points 1 rebound per game. career college stats but now hes a millionaire …ITS MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO TALK ABOUT BUT THE MEDIA DOESNT KNOW HOW TO KEEP IT REAL>

  • Harlem_World

    He never said he wanted to be MJ. Different DNA. I’m glad he left Cleveland, more so now because of how Gilbert is reacting. Maybe Cleveland fans should be taking a closer look at the REAL reason it all went so wrong for the Cavs…Dan Gilbert. I don’t care how mad you are at him leaving, doing what he did with the letter and personal attacks are classless. Do you really think other FA’s are ever going to want to come and play for an organization that show’s so little class? Dude is shooting his investment (franchise) in the foot.

    I agree Lebron should not have done the show, but maybe this was a personal dig at Gilbert, not the fans. I think there’s more to the whole Gilbert/Lebron relationship than is being told.


    I do not blame LeBron for leaving Cleveland. He had to do what he felt was best for his career. The shameful part was HOW he did it , totally no class and no respect for the many good eveyday people who catered to him. – What Dan Gilbert did was very classy and very much needed. Someone had to lift these fans up with a reason and a promise to remain excited about and hopeful for Cleveland. That job fell to Gilbert , and he handles it Wonderfully… PROUD TO BE A CAVALIER FAN !!!

  • D-Mack

    maybe I’m the only one, but I didn’t find the 1-hour special silly. In the entire free agency period, Lebron did one interview, the special.

    If Lebron would have left Cleveland and just issued a press release and showed up in South Beach, I would be pissed off. He left and he didn’t even have the balls to face the fans and tell everyone he was leaving and why.

    And if Cleveland fans reacted that way, how much loyalty was there to begin with? I guess the loyalty was contingent on Lebron bowing to the wishes of the city. The guy took control over his career and his life, I can’t be mad at that.


    brons 2 good not to win a championship so probly not this year but soon he will win it with the heat

  • buccetz714


  • mellmeister

    Let’s just face the fact that LeBron got tired of cararying the load for CLEVELAND… 7 Long Years of being in the spotlight and not much getting support. The Organization found players that is complimented by LeBron’s GAME… they should’ve found some players that would take much of the weight from LBJ. He’s 25 and gotta make a decision on winning now, and not be 31 and push for a sign and trade like what happened with KG.

    The Organization of Cleveland Kissed his ASS without him asking for it, was hailed as a messiah for a city that made money out of him. for the business he brings to the table.

    The Guy is a winner, and he knows that basketball cannot be won by one man alone… so he joined the Heat.

    I love the idea of one defying odds… but let’s remember that he found out that he was “human” when he got his injury during the playoffs, he’s going to get more if he’ll do it alone.

    Since Cleveland couldn’t give him “support” on the court, He’s going to be the “support” that’s needed in Miami, even more…

  • http://Slamonline.com Philly

    lebron is nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://mtelford@worldwls.com alli

    People are pathetic. Find Jesus Christ fast. This is what happens when people worship man. How sad that people are wasting time and energy sweating where a guy is going to play basketball when we have a war, record unemployment, illegal immigration and corrupt politicians running amok.
    NEWS FLASH, no matter what team Lebron plays on his paycheck will not affect the general public and he isn’t going to lose sleep over it so why are people tripping off of it? God, get over it.

  • The Philosopher

    ^Because he is… THE KING.