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Coaches on the Hot Seat

Seven on the chopping block.

Rick Adelman, Houston Rockets

Record: 3-10

Temperature: Blistering

Rick Adelman is well respected in NBA circles, and he has had plenty of success in the past, but the Rockets have been a colossal disappointment in the early going.

The team showed some fire and tenacity against the Lakers in its debut game, but they’ve fallen flat since.

Even with Aaron Brooks out and Yao facing another setback, the Rockets are a deep team with backups more than capable of filling in.

The Rockets are in the midst of a 4-game losing streak and things are looking bleak for the team. Houston natives will soon start chanting for Adelman’s head the further the team drifts below the .500 mark.

Kurt Rambis, Minnesota Timberwolves

Record: 4-11

Temperature: Hot

Rambis can no longer hold onto his Zen Master pedigree. He’s as incompetent as they come, and it’s only a matter of time before he is ousted from Minnesota.

When management comes out and flatly says that fans should not expect the team to be competitive, than you know there is little faith in the team from top to bottom.

Coach Rambis may actually be the only coach in the NBA happy that Miami managed to pull off one of the most absurd free agency coups in the history of the NBA. After all, the cap clearing moves made by Pat Riley landed them Michael Beasley.

Surprisingly, Beasley has been a godsend to the team. Each time Michael has broken the 30-point barrier, the team has won.

But, Beasley hasn’t been alone in the team’s winning efforts. Kevin Love, the team’s most talented player, has played a vital role in the team’s success.

The Free Kevin Love movement was a tough ride, but Love’s supporters eventually won out. If it wasn’t for pressure from Minnesota’s front office, Kevin Love would still be rotting on the bench.

Patience is wearing thin on the joke-laden Timberwolves and Rambis is not the one to turn things around.

Doug Collins, Philadelphia 76ers

Record: 3-10

Temperature: Blistering

Collins has had success in the past as a head coach, but it seems that each of his stints have followed the same script. The team improves in the first year, gets slightly better the year after, and then falls apart in the third season.

The 76ers are not falling in line with his career arc and if he can’t make improvements in his first year, does he really have a shot at making it to a second?

It doesn’t help that Collins has had some health issues early on, facing symptoms only Lucille Austero could relate to.

With the way things are going in the City of Brotherly Love, Collins may soon find himself back in the broadcasting booth.

Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat

Record: 8-6

Temperature: Hot

There were high expectations for the Miami Heat coming into the season. While the team has had its fair share of blowout wins, the Heat currently sport a very undesirable record.

The roster may be spearheaded by a pair of superstars with an All-Star rounding out the trio, but when the losses start piling up, heads will roll.

Having Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh on one team is a double-edged sword. There is immense pressure on Spoelstra to live up to the lofty goals bestowed upon the team by analysts and observers from around the league.

If any sort of change at the coaching position were to happen, it would be swift as Hall of Fame coach, Pat Riley, is lurking upstairs waiting for his opportunity to pounce.

Pat Riley is a master manipulator. He has vehemently denied the notion of him returning to the sidelines, but he has already set in motion a precedent for him to take a seat at the head of the bench.

Riley dropped this gem in the summer, saying that “if some free agent were to say, ‘I will come here but you must do this,’ well, hell, if that happens that day, then I might have to give it some thought based on building this franchise.”

Pat essentially let it be known that he would pick up a clipboard once again if that’s what it takes.

LeBron recently complained about the rotation and the amount of minutes he was playing. His words were not a death knell to Spoelstra’s position, and it could’ve just been LeBron venting, but if the team is struggling to stay above .500, the rumblings will only get louder.

Rome was not built in a day, but if the team cannot capitalize on the absurd amount of talent on the roster, Spoelstra may soon find himself pulling a Stan Van Gundy.

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  • LeBron de Con

    laughable analysis

  • MikeC.

    D’Antoni stuck with Mosgov for so long because Turiaf was out with an injury. What was the other option for center? Eddy Curry? Blech.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Love the Arrested Development reference.

  • Dee S

    @mikec: turiaf was only out for 3 games right?
    @omphalos: +2 for the vertigo

    vinny needs to go. what an awful coach.

  • Mikeeeey

    turiaf was only out like 3 games. vertigoooo.

  • Hammer

    I just don’t understand how doug collins STILL gets these head coaching jobs. He shouldn’t have gotten the job n the 1st place. He’s sought after very well 4 sum only-god-knows reason. Return and stay n the booth dougie

  • http://www.slamonline melvin ely

    If you’re going to put coaches on the hot seat, it better be damn sure there are no other reasons for the teams losing record aside from coaching defficiencies. Case in point: Adelman and D’Antoni. Are you kidding me? Rockets have been devastated by injuries and you people are delusional if you think that all it takes to push the Knicks to contention is Amar’e. These teams have problems up and down the wazoo, but trust me coaching is not the most major. The rest are good, though I think Coach Drew’s time is coming if the Hawks continue to under-perform.

  • Hammer

    But,agreed. All those coaches should b gone,except d’antoni. I mean,I don’t think any1 expected the knicks 2 hit the ground runnin and wreakin havoc. There record right now is what it should b @ this point. They will get better as the season goes along. They got a nice lil 5 game winning streak goin on, after beating the cats 2nite. Chandler is coming n2 his own and felton was bound 2 improve under d’antoni’s system. Keep d’antoni around. Every1 else:OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

  • holiday

    In y’all didn’t see D-Will dominates CP3 once again check the head to head, nowhere near close!

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Given the God-awful rotations that Sacramento has used, Westphal’s days should be limited. Pick a lineup and stick to it!

  • Jackie Moon

    Better add Spoelstra. He’s going to be the first scapegoat for the Miami Heap of Basura.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Myles Brown

    Congratulations. You dont know what the hell youre talking about.

  • Groves

    A lineup of Bledsoe, Gordon, Barnes, Griffin, Kaman, DeAndre Jordan, Aminu and Craig Smith is a nice little lineup going forward, combine that with another young point guard to backup Bledsoe/Davis and a move out of LA and i ould say thats a second round playoff team at least

  • Groves

    @Jackie. your perception skills fail something terrible

  • Will

    I will never understand “hot seat” talk when a month of the season is done. You can’t have 30 winning squads in the NBA. Just because you have a losing record, shouldn’t mean you off a coach. I don’t see how a different coach makes the Wolves a playoff team in the West. I don’t see how Doug Collins is supposed to turn a roster of number three options hog-tied by bad contracts into an instant contender in one season much less one month.

  • ab40

    Mike D needs to go and they need to build that team around D again. not around flashy ofense and no defense not to forget terrible rebounding.


    UPDATE: D’Antoni isn’t on the hot seat. The Knicks are WINNING and GRINNING (5 straight W’s) with a record of 8-8. The Knicks are currently the 4th highest scoring offense (106.69) in the league, and at the defensive end they’re leading the league in blocked shots (7.88) and 7th in steals (8.31) with both fueling their transition offense. The Knicks are collectively knocking down their free throws (79.5%) which is 6th best in the league. None of this is a fluke. It’s a result of hard work, and the team coming together and improving their chemistry. The 2010-11 Knicks are a work in progress, and it’s only going to get better when Kelenna Azubuike eventually works himself into the lineup/rotation. I’m thoroughly enjoying the growth process of these Knicks. Glad I could help out. Happy Thanksgiving!


    Erik Spoelstra seat is LAVA hot. Real talk.

  • JTaylor21

    Who the hell said that DWill dominated CP? Did you even watch the game; DWill 26/11/5 TOs while taking 18 shots, CP 17/9/1 TOs with only 8 shots. That doesn’t look like any domination to me.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    JTaylor, what was the final score again? Oh that’s right, Deron dominated.

  • Luiyo

    Harrison Barnes?? I saw him live in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off and he did not play good. I think he’s overrated, he has a very good jump shot, good size, but nothing else, he’s slow, not very athletic (average), not a good defender, poor one-one player… I know I’m being a little harsh with the guy but I was expecting a little more from your diary keeper and #1 rated high school player or maybe because I’m a Tar Heel and I’m frustated with my team…

  • Groves


  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I BEEN telling peeps Del Negro sucks, and any Bulls fans will tell you likewise. I WILL say this, though, in his defense, that team is young. I mean, FOUR rookies are in the rotation, three rookies have been starting recently. Eric Gordon and Deandre Jordan are both still very young as well. And Baron sucks. Ultimately though, it doesn’t matter cause Vinny is a horrible coach.