Friday, December 24th, 2010 at 4:19 pm  |  14 responses

Report: Nets Looking To Land Andre Miller

Miller played with Melo in Denver from 2003-2006, but can the Nets afford to take the gamble? From Marc Spears: “The Nets have continued talks with the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets about the possibility of adding Miller in a multiteam trade that would land them Anthony, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. [...] The Nuggets would likely acquire forwards Derrick Favors and Troy Murphy and two first-round picks from the Nets in potential deal. Under one scenario, New Jersey would send point guard Devin Harris to the Blazers. The roadblock is that the Nuggets also covet the Blazers’ Nicolas Batum, and Portland officials have shown no interest in trading their versatile young forward. Other players and draft picks could also be involved.”

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  • greg

    u have devin harris and u want andre miller. im lost. lost. millers good nd all as a point but its gonna take a lto more than that to trade devins pulback dribble and speed

  • dako24

    Who cares? Nash to New York please? I’d love to see him get traded for Felton and Randolph if possible and re unite Nash with D’Antoni. Nash, Fields, Chandler, Gallinari, and Stoudemire. That’s a lot of points, a lot of threes, and looks a lot like the old time Phoenix teams everyone loved.

  • coggie13

    but dako24 it is well documented that Nash and Stoudemire could not lead there team to a championship so why try and go back to something that is not championship material. Bloody good yes, but not good enough to win what counts.

  • dako24

    New York isn’t winning anything soon. No one is with the Lakers and Boston still this strong. Just bring back some fun fast pace basketball. Just a thought for some good fun.

  • O

    Did you see Nash against the Heat last night? He didn’t attempt a damn shot! Plus. I’d rather have Felton at this point. He seems to play with more heart right now.

  • tommy

    man give felton some credit he is having a nice year and is looking very good on this team. he is also working the pick and roll with amar’e solid!

  • Overtime

    Because New York are currently constructed to win a championship?

  • Overtime

    And id prob take Miller over Harris to be honest

  • dako24

    I’ll give it to you, Felton has played well but I’m not sold on him yet. But I have to disagree with you Overtime. I value Harris more than Miller at this point.

  • Hammer Time

    This guys to old and not that good. If I’m Carmelo theres a lot more players I would want to play with.

  • riggs

    trade harris yes, but not for andre are they retarded?

  • dsleepy

    this season (and last season, for what it’s worth) andre miller > devin harris, and melo would benefit more from dre than d.harris. but i think this will prob. be miller’s last productive year. he’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore.

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