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Bill Walton Is Still Bill Walton

Now that he’s healthy again, Bill Walton is increasing his workload behind the mic, and we’re all winners for it. WEEI captured some of the Waltonian magic from last night’s Celtics/Blazers game (do yourself a favor and read the entire thing): “Celtics fans received a treat Thursday night when Bill Walton stepped in for Tommy Heinsohn alongside Mike Gorman on the Comcast SportsNet broadcast … On oft-injured Portland center Greg Oden: ‘He should move to Hawaii, lose a ton of weight and start all over… become a yoga master.’ On former Pistons Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn and Dennis Rodman: ‘They just made those decisions. That they were going to break all the rules of human decency.’ After Doc Rivers argued a call: ‘Doc Rivers making sizable contributions to our website, ilovetherefs.org.’ On Ray Allen’s shooting form: ‘Flawless … like Yosemite Falls coming right through the rim.’”

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  • miller126

    Classic Bill, I still don’t look like the dude tho, even tho I feel like I should…

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    Throw it down, big man! Throw it down!
    …I’m talking about the headset, Bill. Just throw it down and walk away…thanks.
    Dude’s a cool guy and he says some witty stuff but overall he gets annoying on the mic too often for my taste.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    lol glad I ain’t the only one who misses hearing Bill on the wheels of steel

  • Darius

    nobody benefits from Bill Walton being on a mic

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    You know, between Tommy H. and Bill…I’ll take Bill any day of the week.

  • NJ4Life

    I happen to like Bill, but for those of you who don’t, would you really prefer guys like Reggie Miller, Tom Heinsohn, or Hubie Brown doing the talking? I sure as f^ck wouldn’t.

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    Word? Hubie Brown is the sh*t! My man is 10,000X better than Walton.

  • wilz

    seriously hubie brown needs to slow down. he talks for like 5 min every time he says something

  • wilz

    miller is better than when he started and only argued, but he should still go back to doing haftime or something..

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Reggie is the worst. I actually like Hubie even though I sometimes laugh at his attempts at throwing in some new-school slang.

  • pwh

    Love Bill Walton.

  • mike

    @NJ4Life – Tommy Heinsohn is from NJ.

  • http://sdfjklf.com Jukai

    I still contend:
    A totally healthy Bill Walton > Ewing, Robinson, Malone.
    Start the aggravated arguments, people!

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    No one cares jukai……. And hubie is the best, no doubt. Jvg close second. Third is miles behind.

  • ab40

    @ jukai.. which malone?

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    Eh, JVG is good but I don’t like when he gets paired up with Mark Jackson. They go back and forth too much about stuff no one gives a sh*t about. They’re almost as bad as Bill Walton and Steve “Snapper” Jones used to be back in the days, sounding like a bickering husband and wife.
    Doug Collins is dope whenever he’s not coaching.

  • float_world

    Doug Collins??? Okay….
    Hubie is good but JVG is the best. I like when him and Mark Jackson bicker; gives you something you don’t often get on a broadcast because you can tell the genuinely disagree with the other guy’s point of view. I think it’s entertaining. Mark isn’t as knowledgeable and sometimes puts his foot in his mouth though.

    I think Bill Walton is still one of the best. Hope he comes back full time. Reggie needs to hang it up, just isn’t working and he’s not entertaining in the least.


    As a blazer fan,miss hearing bill “Terrrible shot” walton. Good that he is back. Give me the czar and marv any time tho. Hubie’s aiight I guess. Wish verne lunquist and matt goukas were still around tho broadcasting for the L

  • http://sdfjklf.com Jukai

    Hubie Brown is awful. He’s so full of hot air.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Boston announcers are the worst, they are so blatantly biased and spend the whole game complaining about the refs. It irritates me immensely, and I’m a Celtics fan.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    That’s the first (and second) time I’ve ever heard ANYONE complain about Hubie Brown… Hubie is THE man when it comes to color commentary.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I also like Reggie Miller. That’s not a popular opinion, but I think he’s interesting. So… Feel free to diss me.

  • Zac

    And yes, my hair is a FLAME!!!

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com BE.water

    Jeff Van Bum-dy is Garbage, I wanna punch him in the mouth when I hear him broadcast. He says the most retarded S**t sometimes. Actually, pretty often. “Just Turrible.”


    Hubie >>>>>>>>>

    The most informative CC in NBA broadcasting history.

  • Will Lee

    its a threat to everybody who tries to learn english by watching basketball.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    “Doc Rivers making sizable contributions to our website, ilovetherefs.org”
    Absolutely amazing. Absolutely.

  • elmaar

    I like Walton, he’s got that old school english jokes in him which you can’t hear anywhere else, he reminds me so much of BBC TOP GEAR’s Jeremy Clarkson

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @omphalos you wanna hear blatantly biased try listening to Stacey King or Sean Elliot lol one of the drawbacks of NBA League Pass is hearing biased, oft-annoying announcers around the country. I’m proud to say the Phil Chenier and Steve Buckhantz do a good job for my Wiz

  • MikeC.

    Glad to hear Walton is increasing his workload. He’s great when he’s paired with the right person. When he’s paired with a guy that just calls the action and doesn’t do much of his own commentary, then Bill’s over-the-top stuff really works. When he’s with someone like Marv, who does great play-by-play and some commentary, Bill seems a little too much. But overall, I love it when he’s part of the game.

  • Justin

    Walton is horrid. Although, one of the funniest things I heard him say back in the 90′s was after a made hoop, Greg Anthony said something to Michael Jordan. Walton said something to the effect of “Why would you want to get Michael Jordan going? He’s having a so-so game and now you want to fire him up? You should be offering to carry his bags, not making him angry.” Reggie is also terrible and yes, the bickering between JVG and Mark Jackson is entertaining but anyone who thinks Hubie Brown is a bad announcer simply doesn’t know what good announcing is. Marv Albert and Mike Fratello are probably the best combination with the Boston guys at the absolute bottom

  • NJ4Life

    Mike Breen, Kevin Harlan, Mark Jackson, Mike Fratello, Ian Eagle. Best in the game.

  • doyouwantmore

    Bill Walton is to the Lakers what CNN is to Obama.

  • Mitya

    I was kinda hoping TNT would get rid of Reggie for this season, I mean he obviously lack the proper articulation to be doing this. Not to mention the fact that he’s just an all-around a..hole.
    I also wanna say – please, somebody, get GP back to broadcasting.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    @NJ4Life Mike Breen? I can’t stand him. He’s never objective, he always sides with the refs or stern, never the players. And not that its a requirement, but the fact that he never played a lick of organized basketball really shows in some of his commentary. And i can’t believe people are dissing Hubie Brown. I love to hear his knowledge of the game during the broadcast. Reggie Miller sucks. Doug Collins is decent, but somehow finds a way to say “When I coached Michael…: every broadcast.

    Anyway, I miss Bill Walton, he;s funny and actually believes half the stuff he says. He once called someone the “greatest sideline inbounds passer of all time!” How can you not love it?

  • asalinas23

    I’d take a guy like Bill with at least an ounce of personality over others that treat games like a radio broadcast.

    By far…the Bill Land/Sean Elliot combo are the best! ha

  • http://sdfklf.com Jukai

    Hubie gets a lot wrong. A lot. I think people glorify him, dude is slipping nowdays.

  • Hugo Loon

    but everybody loves mark jackson

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    I have alot of respect, but find him calling games a bit annoying. Also I once flipped on a game and thought Jeff Van gundy was Cheryl Miller.

  • fitzy

    if you guys thing boston’s guys are bad, you should hear the raptors, Jack armstrong is unbearable

  • iswag24

    shut up fitzy you moron…jacks a legend

  • dsleepy

    bill walton is dope, i miss him + marv albert. THAT was awesome. reggie miller makes me want to cut off my ears. the most annoying, whiny voice and he never contributes anything remotely related to the actual game. starts talking about random unrelated crap at crucial moments of the game…

  • http://www.pro-tape.com Craig

    Bill Walton healthy was one of the best centers to every play the game. Unfortunately, off the court he has the opportunity to open his mouth. I’ve known him to be a moron for a while but tonight he hit new heights by saying the the Mavericks can’t compete for a championship because they don’t have a keymark player. Uh…

  • http://www.pro-tape.com Craig

    then he goes on that how is Jason Kidd third on the all-time 3 point list when he “really can’t shoot.” What a DOPE. We all know Jason Kidd wasn’t a good shooter when he came into the league but over the years he’s developed a better shot and he’s been playing for 17 years! UGH!!