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Baron Davis Traded to Cleveland

And the crazy ride continues. A few hours ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers agreed in principle to a trade that would send Baron Davis and the Clippers’ 2011 first-round draft pick to Cleveland in exchange for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. Cleveland now has two projected top-ten picks in the upcoming draft, which could end up paying dividends. From ESPN:

“The deal saves the Clippers considerable money the next two seasons while giving them a younger point guard who made the All-Star team while playing with LeBron James. Davis is still owed nearly $28 million over the next two seasons and the balance of his $13 million contract this year. Moon’s contract expires after this season. Williams is owed the balance of his $9.3 million salary this season and, with player options of $8.5 million for each of the next two years, potentially could get out of his contract altogether. The savings should give the Clippers more flexibility in free agency the next two seasons. The Clippers would give up a likely top-10 lottery pick to make the savings happen. ‘That just shows you how much we hate this draft,’ one Clippers source told ESPN.com. But the lottery pick from the Clippers was exactly what the Cavs were after. A Cavs source told ESPN.com that the trade was made primarily for the draft pick. ’We know we’re going to have to build this team through the lottery,’ the source said. ‘We hope Baron works out, but our primary focus was the pick. We really wanted two top-10 picks to infuse the team with young talent.’ In Davis, the Cavs would get a veteran who, when he’s engaged, is one of the top point guards in the league. But will Davis be engaged on a team with the worst record in the NBA?”

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  • http://4point0show.com Wes

    I guess Sterling just couldn’t take him anymore.

  • c.a.

    The power balance has shifted East after this trade.
    No, sorry, I meant the weight balance.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Meh. Right? Baron may as well not show up.

  • neaorin

    Mo’s not opting out of that deal, and the Clips won’t pick up Moon’s option. So it’s essentially LA’s first rounder this year for about $12m extra in salary over the next two years. Way too much if you ask me. I wonder who the Cavs have in mind.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick Tha Quick

    No more hoops to Blake for Diddy. Just passes to Boobie so that he can continue building his brick house from the 3 point contest.

  • Mamba

    Good for the clippers as far as money. I dont see where Mo Williams or B. Diddy can help anyone at the PG position. Both are suspect meaning Davis stays hurt and Mo is the cowardly lion, lol.

  • Adam Sandler

    Baron Davis; welcome to Purgatory..eh cleveland!!

  • Raeniel

    It’s astounding how the Melo deal has been the catalyst for teams to pull the trigger on a deal. Baron didn’t work out. Now they bring in some playoff/winning experience in Mo Gotti.

  • KwamePooh

    wow 2 top ten picks in a lousy draft class …. -.-

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    …Well at least Cleveland is really trying

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/other-ballers/international/2010/03/flight-75-dc-to-moscow/ Mitya

    Terrible move, I really feel bad for BDiddy, and I thought they worked really well with Blake.
    And it’s not like he left his home for something big like Chauncey did, dude’s gonna be playing for the f…ing Cavs! So sad.

  • Charles

    Man imagine the relief from Mo Gotti and the disbelief from BD.

  • http://slamonline.com Fut.

    I was liking the Clips and now they douched the PG role. I’m not sure Mo knows what an alley oop is. Blake’s rebounding numbers will soar.

  • Nigel

    Baron is pretty much just gonna disappear atleast till the season.

  • Oh Nose


    There goes all chances of Baron ever trying again

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Might be a chance that Bledsoe starts over Williams. They might be giving him the season to prove himself just to see what he can do and whether they need to target a PG in free agency.

  • Overtime

    No effing way. Clips…why? You dont like your team being entertaining? Davis was playing well, he obviously had a connection with Blake, and you screw him over for….
    Nice one

  • Riggs

    wow. Baron is gonna say f*ck this, i can feel it.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    thats Donald Sterling for you….this is what management will do to you…

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    feel sorry for Baron….this sucks

  • mustard

    he should pull a tmac, fake a microfracture, and just not play. going from blake to cleveland is like getting exiled to siberia.

  • Allenp

    Clippersare already agreeing blake. Baron and a first rounder? Crazy.

  • mister-8

    Baron Davis…you reap what you sow. Only trying when you fell like it, while getting paid millions..not a good look.

  • Allenp

    Oops should have been screwing blake not agreeing.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @mustard, the fact that I even keep seeing comments like that disturbs me. TMac faked microfracture?? Yeah because he was just itching to be a free agent and deal with the posssibility of never being in the league again……..anyways he could pull a Troy Murphy and just refuse to play basketball, take his 5mil and sit at home and play COD all day

  • Allenp

    Feel bad for blake. They just traded a lottery pick to save money. Same old clippers.

  • jay rose

    Sucks to be Baron

  • http://twitter.com/djys DJ YS

    What are the chances that Sterling threatens Mo’s life if he picks up those options?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Stupid move for the clips…Barron is a better PG than MO even if he’s not trying 100%. On top of that they gave up what is likely to be a fairly high draft pick? Very stupid move. Blake needs to GTFO of L.A. before they ruin any chance he has at winning. MO “I disappear in the playoffs” Williams. Hopefully he doesn’t cry when Blake leaves to go to a better team in a few years like he did when LeBron left.


    Baron got sent to NBA prison! lol

  • EtheKnickFan

    Blake’s agent is working on his clients “decision” already.

  • http://jooo Max

    Well, Moon is another dunker for the Clips.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    and whoever said T-Mac faked microfracture surgery is an f’ing moron…I’m sure he really wanted to take a chance at never playing in the L again after being one of the best players in the 2000′s…Idiot…

  • B-E-Z

    To EVERYONE SAYING HOW CAN THE CLIPS MESS THINGS UP WITH BLAKE…..STEP 1 TRADE BARON DAVIS!!!! I’m hearing rumors that once Blake’s rookie contract is up EXPECT HIM TO SIGN NEXT DOOR WITH THE LAKERS. Kobe will be on his way out….Gasol will be on his last legs & Bynem most likely will be hurt=Blake next big Laker

  • Overtime

    If im the Clips, I keep Baron, keep improving Bledsoe under Baron, and see what I can come away with in this years draft.
    But no. Go and get a PG who pretty much cancels out with Davis, except he’s a hell of a lot of less exciting.
    How many of Griffin’s 137 dunks were from the Baron?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=U-s8d7rDyJQ IAMORANGE4EVER


  • apache

    cold blooded

  • http://google c_cantrell

    wow.. just wow.. dumb*ss clippers

  • http://slamonline.com biged

    i didn’t read this post but I read it on espn.com and they said that this gives the Clippers a better chance at free agency next season. So maybe they’ll go out and get a big name player to play next to Griffin so they dont loose him. Yall act like Baron was living up to his contract and gave 100 percent since he came to the Clippers. Pay Back Is Biatch. I like the direction the Clippers are moving in at the end of the day….

  • Fat Lever

    Baron should have just drove outta the Stapler in that Kia, all the way to Cleveland.

  • http://Mrjones21901@aol.com Run’n'Gun219

    if i were Baron i would be looking for a buyout as soon as i steped off the plane. i would take 20 of that 28 mill that he is owed and bounce.And then try and sign with the heat for the minimum.

  • Max

    Baron Davis is the next LeBron.

  • memyselfand9

    dwight howard sweepstakes!

  • T-Money

    I don’t feel bad for anybody. Mo Williams and Baron Davis are bums. They deserve to swap dysfunctional teams.

  • damn

    get yours baron. f**k everyone else on that team. jack up 3s when you touch the ball

  • Clipperfan

    This is a great trade! Frees up cap space for a legit star instead of a former star that’s “starting to play well”. Mo williams isn’t the solution, he’s just a part of the process. Compare salaries and then judge! Besides, Bledsoe will get most of the minutes. Del Negro buried Rasual Butler on the bench to get aminu pt and held out baron earlier in the season giving EB some run too. It’s all about getting a star to help Blake win now. We don’t need another rookie.!

  • http://twincityslim@yahoo.com Jahi

    Good move for the Clippers, dead end for Baron Davis. Davis must have been disliked by the Front Office to send him to Cleveland and to Scott’s bench. I do recall the owner calling him a f** f*** or something like that. Oh well, now this is Blake Griffin’s team.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^uhh it was griffins team before davis was even traded bud

  • Ali

    @ B-E-Z Blake will never be the next great LAKER, cut it out man…

  • Ali

    Why ya’ll bullshi*in’… When they are on the court together B-Diddy complimented Blake pretty well from the games I watched. We all know Baron ain’t really got back in top tier PG shape since his Nawlin’s/Golden State days. Damn shame cause he’s so damn skilled.

  • http://bashmo_4@hotmail.com bashmo

    It’s as if some people did not read the article. They sent him off to clear cap room, as well as remove the pest known as Baron. He had been dealing with injuries for so long of his tenure with the clips, never got to play too much, and never met any expectations.

  • Jeff H

    and Baron will now revert to not caring about basketball and gaining weight.

  • jose

    I don’t know if Mo deserves this more vs whether bdiddy deserved such a harsh punishment

  • Drew

    I really like this deal. I rather be paying Mo William’s $8.5m for each of the next 2 seasons after this, then pay $13.5m and $14.5m to Baron in that same time period. Moon is waived at the end of the season too. This deal gives the Clips cap space to sign players this off season. It’s refreshing to see the Clips doing something right for a change.

  • JTaylor21

    Did someone just say that Mo “The Wizard” Williams had playoff/winning experience? Really, the same guy that was proclaimed to be Bron’s Pip when in reality dude was more like Pippi Longstocking.

  • Go Baron!

    I feel sorry for BD. Getting traded to the Cavs must feel like sh*t.
    As for Blake & DeAndre, Mo Williams doesn’t even know what an alley-oop is.

  • r2j

    This is a shocker. I think the Clips GM and Baron just didn’t get along. That’s why they traded him and if you think that Clips will win games wit Mo Williams then that’s not gonna be your long term solution. Both trades don’t benefit either team cause both Cavs and Clips won’t make the playoffs. Sucks to be Baron but is gonna play well like he was with LA or is he just gonna go back to being a lazy slob? We’re gonna find out.

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ speedy

    F*** cap space. They are the Clipps. It’s not as if the Free Agents wait in line to get signed by them.

  • el_larsen

    feel sorry for baron.but a great move by the clips!they should let bledsoe runs the team now

  • el_larsen

    the lost all their chances to make the playoffs cos baron came in out of shape!1-13 start remember!
    i love him but cmon basketball is supposed to be his passion.and he earned dollars for that.you can’t blame the front office for no more trusting him.that guy, neil oshey i think,is pretty good.apart for ryan gomes.and with blake and gordon they are more attractive now.and it’s LA

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    mustard with one of the top 5 worst comments ever posted.

  • http://slamonline.com biged

    i bet he woke up to a bad joke; “Hey Baron, you’ve been traded to the Cavs….”