Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at 11:05 am  |  13 responses

John Kuester Likely on the Out in Detroit?

Between the players’ protest at yesterday’s shootaround and Kuester’s ejection last night (which Pistons players laughed at), the coach could be fired soon. From The Detroit News: “It looked like Pistons coach John Kuester had had enough. After half the Pistons roster missed Friday morning’s shoot-around in what a team source called a ‘player protest,’ Kuester was ejected 21 minutes into his team’s game against the 76ers, a 110-94 loss at Wells Fargo Center. After Jason Maxiell was knocked over by Elton Brand without a call, Kuester’s few choice words got him tossed.”

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  • http://www.yamahyouth.com Germs

    Sad about the way it goes, but about time!

  • Jahi

    We all know that kuester is out, as he has lost the respect of his players. A staged boycott of the coach. This franchise is falling apart, no reason Rip shouldn’t have been traded. It’s ironic, how the players are berated by the media, paid and unpaid, for making business decisions in their best interests. At the same time, the front office and ownership, are presumed innocent and the their business decisions are downplayed.

    Anyway, the Pistons should hire Mark Jackson,if he is willing to take the position. I bet he could pull this franchise together within two seasons.

  • 2KInsider

    That is quite the professional organization they have over there in Detroit. They make Cleveland and the Clippers organizations not look so bad.

  • MikeC.

    I haven’t seen any Pistons games this year, so I can’t comment one way or the other on Kuester’s coaching. But just scanning the roster, their record looks about right. It’s a roster loaded with overpaid, on the way out vets(Rip & Prince), overpaid underperformers(Charlie V, Gordon) and developing prospects. Dumars should get lambasted for signing Charlie and Gordon. Terrible signings. I think the Pistons players are acting like total a-holes. Stuff like this is exactly why the owners are going to jam non-guaranteed, or much shorter contracts down the players’ throats with the new CBA.

  • Timmy

    omg God answered my prayers!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Nicklas

    Joe Dumars should have been fired for the Darko Milicic pick back in 2003. Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon were serious stretches for improving this team. Dujuan Summer is a bum that wants to shoot on the perimeter. Then Joe drafts Austin Daye, a 6’11″ perimeter player that only wants to shoot three pointers. Kuester really sucks with his player rotations. He will leave his bench players in for the equivalent of a whole quarter, makeing it difficult for the starters to maintain whatever continuity previously achieved. He sucks as a head coach and should be fired. But Joe is too stubborn to admit he made mistakes.

  • MikeC.

    ^ If the Pistons had a different coach, would it make Charlie V and Ben Gordon better? Would it make Rip and Big Ben younger? Would it make their young players magically enter their primes? I get that Kuester might be a turd of a coach, but at some point, it’s the players’ fault too. This is a deeply flawed roster with glaring weaknesses at every single position. A new coach isn’t going to help with that.

  • http://sdfklf.com Jukai

    This is the third coach in four years. At some point, you gotta blame the players.

  • Clydesays

    I thought Dumars had a plan in place when he traded Billups. Nope. He somehow thought Stuckey was the equal of Rose/Paul and refused to trade him then hung on to his vets way too long. He needs a new plan or A plan.

  • TheBarberShop

    Completely, 100% agree with Jukai.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    I disagree. That team is terribly assembled. Phil Jackson and Red Auerback would be lucky to get consecutive winning seasons out of that mess.

  • theDankerNuggets

    Mark jackson would be perfect for this sorry situation.

  • Jimmy

    Who cares??? GO WINGS!!!