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Stephen Jackson’s Agent Thinks Refs Are Targeting Him

Jackson isn’t willing to change anything to avoid getting T’d up, but his agent claims that it’s the refs who are at fault, and unfairly targeting his client. ESPN reports: “Mark Stevens, the agent for Charlotte Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson, believes some of the league’s officials are holding a grudge against his client. Stevens says he has noticed a pattern of calls going against Jackson, and he called Wednesday night’s non-call at the end of Charlotte’s controversial 104-103 loss to Indiana the final straw. NBA spokesman Tim Frank said the league has ‘no comment’ about Stevens’ remarks. ‘The inconsistency of the referees’ calls or non-calls in close games is becoming questionable,’ Stevens said in a telephone interview on Thursday. ‘It looks like they’re taking the player and/or his personality into account when deciding whether or not to make calls.’ Stevens said Jackson, who has a reputation as a volatile player, is being singled out by officials. ‘The referees are the law enforcement arm of the game,’ Stevens said. ‘They enforce the rules and regulations that the players must abide by. However, just as profiling is wrong in police work, we must make sure that the league does not do personal profiling of certain players. I understand that my player has had past conflicts with the referees, but their job is to be as fair as possible when calling the game, regardless of any past issues with a player.’”

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  • James

    There’s no question that refs call t’s based on a playersnreputation. Think of some of the tantrums Kobe has gotten away with scot free and think of some ofthe ticky tack stuff shred was t’d for.

    Not to say that’s the case here but anyone who thinks what the agentnis describing is crazy is a fool.

  • http://jooo Max


  • http://dgcoursereview.com Bro. D

    Yep, Jax can’t hardly drive the lane without getting clobbered yet no whistle. It’s pretty blatant.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    When they send refs a video of you before the season starts, that pretty much means they’re gonna target you.

  • Bravo

    lmao its cuz the refs smell the kush off ya boiiii

  • greg

    i really hate how they do this to vets who have been in the L for over ten years. these guys are the reason anyone is watching any of these cheesehead refs.the bald guy who haslem threw the mouthguard at, hate that guy. he always trys to be the star and turn the game into a jersey shore shouting match. if a player shows emotion he acts like a fool and throws the quick t on guys who dont deserve it. not only does it cost a point but it throws players off their game

  • hoodsnake

    Stan van Gundy needs this dude on his team.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Jackson, Dwight, and Ron Ron are the three players who get technicals way more often than they should. Garnett, Kobe, and Bron are the opposite…