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Andrew Bynum on Knee Injury: ‘It’s Not Really That Bad’

With an MRI scheduled this morning to determine the gravity of his knee injury, Andrew Bynum doesn’t seem as worried as the rest of Laker Nation. From the OC Register: “Andrew Bynum said his hyperextended right knee will be fine by the start of the postseason. He insisted it was ‘all right.’ He called it a set back but he plans on being in the lineup when the Lakers open the playoffs either Saturday or Sunday. ‘It’s not really that bad,’ said Bynum as he walked stiff-legged out Staples Center. ‘It was painful right when it happened but it’s not that bad right now. … I’ll take pictures tomorrow to make sure. Bynum is scheduled to have an MRI at 11 a.m. Wednesday to examine the extent of the injury, which happened when he stepped on DeJuan Blair’s foot while running back on defense in the second quarter of the Lakers’ 102-93 victory against the Spurs. Phil Jackson wasn’t as optimistic. ‘He could be out a couple of games,’ Jackson said. ‘There could be a bone bruise involved when you hyperextend the knee. His reassurance was saying ‘I’m going to be OK.’ I think that he might have an idea about it because he’s been through this before.’”

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  • Bruno

    that’s what he hopes

  • Fat Lever

    On the Ability To Carry Playmates On His Shoulders scale, it’s about a 4 in terms of seriousness. That’s an actual scale you know.

  • Ali

    If they can get 10pts, 10rebs and 2blks outta the young fella on a bum knee in the playoffs, that’s a BIG plus! Remember L.O. has been killing it all year! Only thing that scares alot of LakerNation is he keeps hurting the same knee, not good looking towards the future.

  • neaorin

    Fat Lever beat me to it.

  • mike

    Like the changing of the seasons, you can always count on an Andrew Bynum knee injury…

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com just bcuz

    as someone who isnt a laker fan or laker hater it really didnt seem that bad. he walked off gingerly but not like he was hurt. i think some therapy and rest he will be cool. i seriously doubt any structural damage

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    I’m hearing Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, and Ron Artest all have never had the chicken pox… If Steve Blake gets them then.. well… that’s unfortunate. lol

  • gsantner

    niQ that would be a mad hilarious turn of events in NBA History. Whole starting lineup infected with chicken pox, Lakers Upset.


    I hope Bynum is ok. smh


    The faces of his teammates were priceless, they weren’t surprised at all that he got hurt AGAIN. This kid could get hurt going to the bathroom! lol


    Anyone who has had a knee injury knows that didn’t look good. He was just running up the court and slipped on a drop of sweat. If he did it or does it on a jump – IT’s OVA CHIcKEN !!

  • blakos

    Hope he recovers by July

  • http://jojo.com Max

    @ Coney
    Like Joel P.

  • NJ4Life

    Bynum and Oden need to just set aside their differences. I mean, I know they’re competitors but shooting for the most-knee-injuries- in-unpredictable-ways is taking it a little too far.