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Andrew Bynum: ‘The Collective Energy is Just Bad Right Now’

While his Laker teammates and coaches took the team’s third-straight loss to an inferior opponent in stride, Andrew Bynum ripped into the squad last night for their lackadaisical approach. From ESPN: “If there was one player on the Lakers’ roster most responsible for their remarkable turnaround after the All-Star break, it was Andrew Bynum. And now that the Lakers are starting to look like the lackadaisical bunch they were before the break, when they hit rock bottom with a loss to Cleveland, no player has been more vocal about it than Bynum either. ‘I just think we’re going out there and playing kind of stupid basketball,’ said Bynum after his 13 points and 17 rebounds weren’t enough from stopping the Lakers from losing to Golden State to extend their current losing streak to three games. ‘We’re not playing our smartest,’ he continued. ‘People are going hard, but the energy … When you put negative energy out, it’s going to come back to you. That’s what happens. And it goes all the way down the line, from the coaching staff to the players who miss free throws to when we came in at halftime, the video guy put in the [wrong game] from two-three games ago against Golden State. So, the collective energy is just bad right now.’ [Kobe] Bryant, who scored 10 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter to cut the Warriors’ 19-point lead to eight in a too-little too-late rally, took it all with a grain of salt. Asked if Friday’s game against Portland was a ‘must-win’ to avoid dropping four straight, Kobe replied with thick sarcasm: ‘It’s massive. It’s a season-turner.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com CB 34

    I really hate kobe. He’s the reason they’re losing the way they do. He’s ballhogging like it was 2006 all over. He’s lost so many games for the lakeshow and is still the posterchild for clutchness. That reputation was built on his 6 game winners last season which i do admit is a lot for 1 season but he’s not as clutch as people say. He never makes the right play at the end because he’ll throw it up with 3 guys on him. This season it’s really annoying how he’s trying to be a smart a$$ in all his interviews. Throwing one liners and trying to be really cool and always sarcastic but it doesn’t come off that way because it’s obvious he’s trying too hard. If he just acted himself he would gain a legion more of fans.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com Tina Turner

    Maybe he doesn’t play for your praise. From my view he only plays for the rings.

  • Drew

    Say what you want about Kobe losing games. However, there’s no denying that last night have sitting on the bench resting for 8 minutes he came into the game and dropped 10 points straight to cut the lead from 19 to single digit. To say it’s all Kobe isn’t fair either. The whole team has been playing poorly the last 3 games. The bench hasn’t been playing well either. It’s everyone.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I love Kobe. Dude cracks me up.

  • Matthew Warawa

    @LakeShow your garbage Wake up

  • Dub

    @LakeShow your garbage, wake up! Kobe always was and always will be a ball hog.

  • unrel

    so basically.. you’re ripping him because you don’t like him personally?

  • http://slamonline.com CB 34

    @unrel: Not at all but what i don’t like is how he’s trying to walk and talk like the clint eastwood of basketball all of a sudden. He was never this sarcastic but all of a sudden he’s the king of one liners. He’s been doing this all year and i’m surprised people haven’t caught on. Plus, he doesn’t deserve the title of most clutch because he’s not. All his ballhogging is hidden because pau and lamar bail him out. He’s still the 2nd best in the league but definitely not most clutch.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com Tina Turner

    If ballhogging and comedian gets you 5 rings than bring me that shet every year son…

  • B-E-Z

    One thing I will say is the Lakers look EXACTLY HOW THEY DID before the All Star break. Gasol I don’t know if he was hurt or what BUT LAST NIGHT HE LOOKED EXTREMELY SOFT!!!! HE LOOKED SO SOFT PHIL refused to play him down the stretch when they started to comeback. Bynem is right for once….If you watched the game last night against the Warriors….NOBODY HAD ANY ENERGY TILL THE 4TH QUARTER (Lakers were already down 17)Of course this game means nothing at the end of the day…IF THEY CAN WIN ANOTHER RING….If not 3 people NAMES WILL BE ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK (Artest,Blake & Gasol)

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    And the video guy…..

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ Speedy

    Gasol is still recovering from a pretty knee bruise from a few nights before.
    And the lakers have gone into chill mode till the playoffs arrive because SA is locked in first place.

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ Speedy

    Gasol is still recovering from a pretty knee bruise from a few nights before.
    And the lakers have gone into chill mode till the playoffs arrive because SA is locked in first place .

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ Speedy

    Gasol is still recovering from a pretty knee bruise from a few nights before.
    And the lakers have gone into chill mode till the playoffs arrive because SA is locked in first place .

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ Speedy

    Posting at SLAM isn’t cool if your comments don’t show up.

  • youngmuggsy

    ‘Negative energy’ Looks like Phils new age bs has rubbed off on his players.

  • dsleepy

    kind of dissapointed with the lakers and how they’ve been coasting as of late. yeah, the talent is of course there and they ARE the defending champs, but it seems like they don’t take as much pride in getting it done on a NIGHTLY basis. maybe i’m just spoiled because i grew up in a dif. era, but jordan would NEVER have let this sh*t go on. if kobe is really trying to be like mike maybe he should follow suit and get his team in line. read this somewhere: one time during practice (a.i. voiceover “PRACTICE?!”) mj punched steve kerr in the face. when asked about it later steve kerr told the reporters “i fell down.” that’s called fear/respect for the alpha male. mean while, 22 year old andrew bynum calls the team out and kobe spits a sarcastic apathetic one-liner? sorry for the essay, slow day at work

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    @Tina Turner obviously you know fricken nothing i wish you nver spoke its all about the Lakers for you when Kobe is the biggest ball-hog in the league… They lose because of him mostly and 5 rings.. He did that with a great team right at his back.. Stupid Laker fans

  • dsleepy

    more often than not in the nba, as the best player goes, so the team will go.

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    Oh and Friday @Portland aint gonna be easy son its gonna be tough.. The blazers fav team to play is THe “LakeShow” so bring it boys.
    Peace out Gents…

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    @dsleepy i agree with you and everything you posted on here even your “essay” but everything you saaid was right on brothaa.. Way to put it..
    Go Blazers
    Lamarcus Aldridge is going to tear it up against the lakers

  • SHawke

    Does Kobe hog the ball? Yes. But if no one else on the team can do a damn thing with the ball I’d rather someone take the initiative & try to win. If someone else wants to do it, then they should stop standing around & prove it. Besides, Kobe has been the Lakers leader in assists for the past 6 years. You’d have to go back to 2005-2006 to find someone who topped him (LO actually). The Lakers are just playing dumb basketball right now, like Bynum said. They have stupid turnovers & the bench has not been able to keep a lead to save their lives. Maybe if they had a plan other than play some good basketball, bring in the bench to blow the lead, get frustrated & play worse, then expect Kobe to save the day, they’d win the last few games.

    & honestly, I’ll take the real sarcasm over Kobe trying to be fake congenial & act like MJ. Kobe is not the worst nicest guy. Luckily we don’t pay him to be nice. We pay him to win us championships. & if you honestly think we would have won those championships without Kobe, you obviously have a different version of history. As good as Shaq was, he needed that other guy (I.e, wade or Kobe). & you think only Pau got the lakers the other two rings? Kobe is a big reason those banners are at staples.

    Love him or hate him don’t rewrite history. Besides, Kobe is never gonna win with the public. He is one of the most polarizing athletes out there today. If he doesn’t take over when the game is on the line, he doesn’t have any drive. If he does take over last minute, than he’s a ball hog. @ the end of the day, if the lakers win another ring with kobe no one is gonna give a damn.

  • http://REWDBOYnSON@twitter.com REWDBOYnSON

    ‘Negative energy’ Looks like Phils new age bs has rubbed off on his players.

    “New Age BS” = 11 Champ Rings as a coach
    yup, sounds like a load of BS to me.

    you guys crack me up – let go of your ill feelings for the guy (what did he do, turn you down for a date?) let the game tape of 15+ NBA seasons speak, THAT along with the Results up to this point. 5 Rings 7 Trips to Finals. can’t pin it on Shaq (4 Rings 5 Trips to finals) – #6 on the ALL-TIME Scoring list – yup, he sucks -

    SHEIT, even MJ23 is still jocking Kobe’s prowess on the NBA court –

    he has GREAT TALENT, but NO KILLER INSTINCT, know what that equates to… Sir Charles Barkley / Karl Malone
    we will see when he has 15yrs under his belt -

    peace out ~ get at me @REWDBOYnSON ~ word