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Mitch Richmond Weighs In on Kings Relocation Saga

The Rock appeared on Sacramento radio station KFBK this morning and talked about the swirling rumors surrounding the Kings’ future in California’s capital. Based on his final NBA season spent in Los Angeles, he believes Southern California can support another pro basketball team. “I know Anaheim can because Anaheim has been trying to get the (Los Angeles) Clippers for a while. They’ve been trying to parlay and get the Clippers down there. Every time the Clippers play or the Lakers play there, they sell out. And I think that city gets tired of driving to LA for a game because they do have rich city in that area. And I think it probably can support them and that’s probably why they went that way.” You ask around to all these general managers and owners they would want the team to stay in Sacramento. It’s a great city. The city has been great to that team, been great for the NBA. And just really, really truly a sad, sad day (if) there would be no more Kings.” Listen to the entire interview here.

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  • TheGlove

    From everyone in Seatown, we feel for you Sacramento. This is horrible. The NBA is cannabilizing it’s tradition by doing away with teams like the Supersonics and Kings. Stern must go.

  • slamfan4life

    i really really dont want them movin…

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    The NBA is sending a clear message to fans: If you’re from a small town you don’t count. Fans who love their teams are not as important as fans who love their stars. Hollywood is more important than Main Street. Money is more important than love.

  • Groves

    it’s a business, if a team can’t be supported (by fans, businesses, government, etc) and provided for (arenas, public transport) to the extent that staying in that city is profitable then the team has every right to move

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Co sign everyone, except Groves (and its not that I dont agree with you). Seems every 3-5 years teams are moving around the map, its bad enough star players are moving more often than ever, but entire teams?? Leave it alone, and bring back the damn Sonics..

  • Morgan

    You’ve got to feel for the Sac-town fans but am I the only one who read this headline and thought “Where’s Ja?”…someone find Ja Rule..

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  • http://theurbangriot.com The NUPE

    As a basketball fan, I feel for the city of Sacramento and Kings fans. As a businessman, I understand why the Kings would want to make this move and in a way ‘blame’ the city and king fans for not supporting their team enough. At the end of the day any business is in business to make money, and if the owners can maximize their profits by moving, I get that. Without know the accounting behind everything, I can’t really judge the owners as being ‘greedy’ or just ‘prudent’. But either way, this has to be very disappointing for the cith of Sacramento.