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Rodney Stuckey Benched By His Coach Again

It’s tough to envision both Stuckey and head coach John Kuester working together in Motown once this dreadful season comes to an end. The Detroit News has the latest: “Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey refused to enter the fourth quarter of Friday’s game against the Bulls, and he did not play in Sunday’s 101-90 loss to the Boston Celtics. According to a source familiar with the situation, Stuckey’s benching Sunday was discipline by coach John Kuester for refusing to enter the game Friday. ‘This is a growing process, and we’ve had a slight setback,’ Kuester said after the game of Stuckey not playing … Friday, Stuckey started the fourth quarter and was removed for Tayshaun Prince with six minutes remaining. Kuester called for Stuckey to come in two minutes later, but the guard refused to re-enter … After Sunday’s game, Stuckey repeatedly said ‘there are six games left.’ ‘That’s all I have to say,’ said Stuckey when pressed about it. ‘Six games left. That’s it. I can survive for six games.’ Stuckey, who will turn 25 in three weeks, is a restricted free agent at the end of the season, meaning the Pistons can match any offer if he chooses to sign with another club. ‘Absolutely,’ said Stuckey when asked if he wanted to return. ‘At the end of the year I have to sit down with my agent, do what we have to do. But yeah, I want to return. I’m very comfortable here. I love the community, I help out a lot around here.’ Stuckey was benched earlier in the season for ignoring Kuester during a game in Atlanta. Last month, he and Kuester got into it again before the team headed to San Antonio. Stuckey didn’t start and played 15 minutes that night.”

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  • Glenn

    Bench him! Trade him! Send him home to cry to his mommy!


    the year of the cry babies…lol I wanna cry for not making those millions that these idiots are making

  • greg

    this sucks real hard the need to get rid of everyone except stuckey, gordon and monroe and start over, charlie V is an okay piece as well but everyoe else including the coach needs to go

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Fire John Kuester…
    You guys want to admonish these players for making millions and complaining, but refuse to acknowledge what the “real” problem is which is the horrible coach on the sidelines.
    These guys are competitors. They want to play and they want to win. How would you feel if you had to go through a season with this years Detroit Pistons? Would you say, “It doesn’t matter if we win or not or if I play or not because I have these millions.”?
    I would hope not. And if you answered yes to that question, then you’re not a hooper.

  • barnabusb

    Kuester’s contract is up after the season so it would be a waste of time to fire him now if they didn’t do it earlier. Either way he’s dunzo. I hope they get someone tougher who demands the players’ respect. Kuester was way too nice.

  • qw

    Suckey Stucks. He is a fake D Wade without the skills. Get Rid of him . Joe was buggin out when he drafted that dude. Ruined A.I.’s Legacy in Detroit then ran Chauncy out of town for this clown. BOOOOO. Stuckey.


    Who cares? It’s Rodney Stuckey.

  • Riggs

    I would give anything for jerry sloan to coach the pistons.

  • JoeMaMa

    Good call, Riggs. I’d love to see a player laugh at Sloan. He’d find himself at the bottom of a wheat thresher. I seriously think that if any of these wack Pistons challenged Sloan, or even got in his face, he’d kick their ass. But then, he’d never let it get to that…which does fall on Kuester.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    Stuckey didn’t wanna keep looking stupid trying to guard D. Rose. lol

  • add

    if kuester dosent get fired this off season the pistons are just gonna have to trade half the team

  • Red Star

    Is it just me or is the NBA full of divas now! WTF! Lakers 4 Life!!

  • Ballaholic

    This dude lost me a fantasy league… championship game too. Damn him to hell.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    It’s not entirely Kuester’s fault, though he hasn’t handled these situations with his players very well.
    The man who’s most to blame for the Pistons’ current mess is none other than JOE DUMARS. Dumars has made it impossible for Kuester to find ample minutes for his players–if he isn’t benching Rip Hamilton, he’s benching Rodney Stuckey or Tracy McGrady or Ben Gordon. Joe Dumars went out and got Ben Gordon, knowing he already had Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum, the YEAR AFTER HE TRADED FOR ALLEN IVERSON! If it didn’t work with Iverson/Stuckey/Hamilton, HOW IN THE WORLD would it work with Gordon/Stuckey/Hamilton?! Oh yeah, and then he went and signed Tracy McGrady–and Will Bynum has developed into a really good player.
    So now the Pistons have Hamilton/Gordon/Stuckey/Bynum/McGrady at the guard spots–ALL of them starting caliber or potential All-Stars (or former All-Stars).

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Tell me, how does John Kuester assign minutes to his guards when Dumars refused to trade any of them in February? It’s also partly Rich’s fault for choosing the money instead of playing time on a contender, but I can’t really fault him there. He just doesn’t have much of a right to complain anymore.
    It sucks that Stuckey is the one getting punished even though he’s a pretty d@mn good shooting guard and has been with the Pistons for the longest (aside from Rich and Wallace).

  • JoeMaMa

    @Teddy: I think it goes like this: Hamilton is a 2/3. TMac is a 1/2/3. Stuckey is a 1/2. Theoretically all 3 can play on the court at the same time, but even if they don’t, there’s alot of time to go around. Concerning Bynum, he is a good player, but I view him as a 20-24 mins off the bench sparkplug; he’s just too small to garner big minutes. Sounds odd because he can score easily, but I’m not convinced of his D. To go further, it was a mistake to sign TMac, but he was a discount player, and Dumars took a chance on the fact that if TMac was healthy and the players meshed, they could’ve been a 5/6 seed. Dumars was going for that ‘team’ approach, where no one shines too much, but 4-5 guys get 12-17 ppg. Honestly, Dumars should’ve conceded the season in December and traded Tayshaun and Rip for a centre and/or picks. They’ve got Monroe, Daye, Stuckey, and Jerebko. I think the Pistons could get good in a really short time with the right moves. Does Dumars see this??

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    ^ lol I have no clue whether he sees this or not, but you’re right. All the Pistons need to do is trade away 1 or 2 of those guards and they’ve got a very, very good rotation. The problem isn’t a lack of talent but a lack of minutes, and a lack of a game plan that will maximize this talent.
    Also, I think you’re forgetting Ben Gordon, another good shooting guard who takes minutes away from everyone else or has his minutes taken from him.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I also don’t understand the logic in drafting Austin Daye when you’ve already got Tayshaun Prince (unless they were planning on trading Prince, which they haven’t…). I mean, Daye even LOOKS exactly like Prince!

  • Bojangles

    Trade him to the knicks! Get it done walsh. lol, is RunNGun still on this site?

  • Turk

    Tmac plays PG better, so does bynum. Stucky has too big of ego to be just average. screw him trade for better player, draft a PG or 2 spot. Im happy pistons have sucked as of late though

  • Lan

    Stuckey had all the chances when Billups was traded.

  • dsleepy

    what a mess. from the top down, this organization needs some serious change. dumars and kuester both MUST go. after that, tay and stuckey are free agents, and rip might have some trade appeal. time to start over through the draft + greg monroe.

  • http://www.slamonline.com c_cantrell

    stucky was one of those “potential” guys.. yeah, look how that turned out

  • bigb84

    does anyone realize joe can’t do anything cause karen davidson is trying to sell the teamso she don’t wanna spend $ for a new coach. and won’t buy out rip. we really should have taken rondo and allen for rip and stuckey when boston offered