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Los Angeles Lakers Full of Confidence Heading into Game 3

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

After losing Game 2 in demoralizing fashion at home on Wednesday night, making bone-headed and costly decisions, getting booed lustily by their own fans, calling each other out in the media, having nearly everyone consider their title chase now over … the Los Angeles Lakers were a jovial, cocky bunch after running through practice yesterday.


Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson more or less guaranteed that the Lakers were about to storm back in this series against the Dallas Mavericks.

From the team website and the LA Times:

“Everything will be all right,” said Lamar Odom. “It’s a game and we know it’s a game and we play it and we play it hard and we anticipate winning in Dallas,” said Phil Jackson. “It’s not that big of a deal to win two games in a row,” said Kobe Bryant. “Stop acting like you’ve never won two games in a row.”

As the interview session ended, he was asked if he had coached his last game at Staples Center. “We’ll be back Tuesday,” [Jackson] said. This time he wasn’t joking. That would be the day of Game 5.

That kind of attitude, ultimately, is the hallmark of this Laker team.

They act like a bunch of jerks regardless of the situation, and it’s that type of arrogance and blind belief in their own abilities that’s helped them win them back-to-back titles. It has also resulted in them with their backs firmly against the wall many, many times. Often, unnecessarily.

The next two games in Dallas, starting tonight, will determine whether the Lakers have any right at all to still sound so confident.

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  • RobbieJay

    i dont think they have rights anymore.

  • Riggs


  • Lakertown

    They can come back. They are one of the only teams in the league that can and Dallas is one of the only teams that could fold. So, people, stop acting like the Lakers are done it’s a seven gam series.

  • Coconut

    Come on… It’s not like Dallas is gonna blow a 2-0 series lead and lose the next four games just because the opposing team’s shooting guard gets going. Oh wait…

  • G Diesel

    One of two things will happen:
    1) Being swept by the Mavs.
    2) Coming back and going all the way to win the 17th banner.

  • http://yahoo.com tony villanueva

    go lakers!!! hey mavs it’s not yet over til it’s over. 3peat lakers no doubt! i can’t believe it’s the lake show who played the first 2 games. Kobe said “if you want to make history it should be historical” lakers will be in the league of few teams who won after loosing the first 2 games at home, bear that in mind take that all you laker haters!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    The way Kobe said it: ‘It’s not that hard to win 2 games in a row’, makes everything look possible. He’s right, if they can get it to 2-2 everything will be fine. It’s still the Lakers we’re talking about. Bynum, Pau, LO, Kobe, Dfish, this is still an amazing team, and after all this, I still see the Mavs winning. :P

  • http://nba.com gp23

    I can see Kobe droppin’ 50 tonight.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    @gp23, If kobe’s gonna drop 50 he’s going to need alot of shots to get it because he hasn’t been getting to the rim in the series at all and as a result he’s not getting to the line, so even if he shoots 50% tonight, he needs about 45 shots to do it (mixed in a couple of 3′s). That’s not happening.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    And if it does happen, I want to see the look on Pau’s face when he looks up and sees 22-45 next to #24 and 1-3 next to #16 on the scoreboard.

  • http://www.twitter.com/nflem41 Nicolas Fleming

    I’ll be dropping Twitter bombs from the rafters of the American Airlines Center tonight.

  • Bruno

    and why didnt they show this confidence heading into game 1, damn lakers I want you to win but …

  • http://slamonline tony witherspoon

    First off it wouldnt suprise me at all if the lakers come back and win this series because one thing for sure the mavs are proven choke artist the lakers arent two time champs for nothing

  • Morgan

    Kobe’s right, its not that big a deal to win 2 games in a row – just ask Dallas. By now Dirks probably thinking its not that big to win 3, maybe 4 in a row…on a serious note tho, as a Lakers fan I will be sweating every single second of tonights game. I feel for everybody out there in the same position as me…even Boston fans (never thought I’d ever see myself type that)

  • http://slamonline t dubb

    Lakers in seven book it the mavs are choke artist


    And in other news the Mavs are confident they can win two more games (out of a possible 3) in Dallas, thus winning the series.

  • http://slamonline t dubb

    Lakers in 7

  • AD

    listen ppl Kobe is done… he wont drop 50 …. he maight drop 50 shot attmpts tho….. I wouldnt be surprised if LA got swept … and if they do… Its time for Kobe &Dfish to retire


    @AD: LMAO


    I want to go fishing with Lamar and Khloe. I’ll bring the bait, and LO can bring the dro.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jtrain73 Jono

    Unless you’re a Laker fan, dosen’t crap like this just make u so mad. Bunch of overpaid punks down 0-2 and still refusing monkeying around like this? Makes LeBron seem like a serious baller…

  • 1982

    The Lakers won’t get swept, but they won’t win either. People are calling the Mavs choke artists, but the Lakers haven’t exactly been primed and ready this year either.The smart money is still on LA to win the series, but I have a feeling the Mavs won’t be losing two at home. And then LA’s not going to win three straight…And I don’t think Kobe still has 50pts and a win in him for the playoffs. He can score 50 no doubt, but he can’t win doing that anymore.

  • angus

    watch for the typical laker influenced officiating to really kick in further, dallas has a tough task on there hands and its not the laker players that will give them hell…..

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Hmm, here goes nothin’

  • JTaylor21

    How many times has KB gone for Curtis in the playoffs? I’m betting once, so I don’t ever see that happening again.

  • Hugo

    the mavs know they have to wait until the finals to choke…so the heat can cop that chip easy…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    Just win a game……please?


    @JTaylor21: Kobe’s never been swept. First time for everything though.

  • OvaChicken

    Im hopin lakers get swept easily with homecourt :-) itl prove that Lamar’s squad cant hang no more.

  • robb

    When you’re cocky and you don’t back it up, the humiliation is even worse. Let’s see if they play like they say they can. Let’s see if Kobe can make his shots and make better decisions, let’s see if Gasol grows a pair, let’s see if Lamar makes gives at least 70% of his effort, let’s see if that ineffective bench can deliver for a change. Let’s see if they wanna play like the champs they are.

  • OvaChicken

    Its Ova ! Chicken !!

  • Yvonne Bell

    I “wish” that the Lakers will pull this off, but I doubt in my heart that they will. Here’s hoping that my “heart” lets me down!

  • Drew

    Lakers aren’t going to be swept. Worst case scenario, they lose the series it’ll still go to 6 or 7 games. There’s no way Dallas is sweeping them or taking it in 5.


    They should b confident. They still the champs. Besides, this isn’t their 1st rodeo

  • the Dude

    Odom will start and that gives them no bench … unless Walton can conjour his old dominate the Pistons self.

  • harlem_world

    They”ll win tonight then the biggest game of the series is game 4.


    people the Lakers are trying to do what 1 or only 2 teams have ever done in the League. Which is to go to 4 straight Finals. And they player about 70 or so playoff games(almost an entire season). Fatigue is there and Pau is the one who shows it the most.

  • ZoomZoom




    KOBE>>>>>>>>>> MJ

  • BigJ

    lakers in 7. i so love to see all you doubters silenced after the lakers move into the conf. finals

  • vtrobot

    Mavs are playing well enough to beat the Lakeshow and the refs.

  • bull22

    alot of laker fans must not be watching these games…. the mavericks are playing great ball and taking to the lakers…. the players and fans defiant to the end, so no surprise there.
    but believe this phil jackson has never lost the first two opening games of a playoff series at home, EVER! so they are in trouble!

  • http://gasolplayslikeagirl.com jbn74sb

    I wish I felt the same. BTW, it’s not nearly as fun to come on here and talk smack if eboy ain’t around to make fun of.

  • unrel

    someone called them over paid.. 3x western conference champs.. 2x NBA champs.. seems like their earning the checks the team owners are writing



  • Harlem_World

    Imagine if the Mavs had a healthy Butler too. This would be a wrap. But they don’t…

  • flipnoyce

    This Laker team is not the same Team that won last year or the year before that. The Lakers won’t be swept cause they will most likely steal one game from Dallas. But, they will still be down 3-1 going Back to Cali. If they were going to dominate at all, one would have had a chance to see it in their own HOME. The Lakers are in a deep s*** hole. If they couldn’t pull a hat trick at their own sleeves then I have every reason to believe they are as good as done.
    P.S. I also believed that the Mavs are choke artist but they sure aren’t showing it on these series and I’m ecstatic!

  • http://theurbangriot.com The NUPE

    Tonight is a big night. The Lakers feel they are in a ‘must win’ situation and they’ll be playing without Artest. The Mavs can taste victory already and don’t want to lose in front of a home crowd. I expect Kobe and Pau (yes Pau) to have big games, but still bleive the Mavs will prevail tonight and then go on to win the series in 5.

  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    The Lakers will definitely win tonight as I can’t imagine the Lakers actually losing 3 in a row to the Mavs.

  • Yesse

    Well, i certainly hope so. Game 2 was terrible and game 1 was such a fail by Gasol in the end.

  • O

    Some chick just told me she read that Kobe’s wife convinced Gasol’s fiance to call of their engagement. That’s why Pau is playing without any passion. Son has a broken heart. Ain’t that some ish…

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    I still believe in my Lakers, most bandwagon Laker fans don’t anymore, and that makes me happy.

  • J-MAC


  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    @O I just read something similar to that too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    But I’m not sure if it’s Vanessa(Kobe’s wife) or some other teammate

  • O

    I just know what shorty told me. Regardless, that would explain A LOT. Wouldn’t be surprised if Lakers trade Gasol and Artest for Dwight at the end of the year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    …how would that work out??

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Orlando will definitely demand Bynum, and probably Odom, and will ask that LA take back Arenas or Turkoglu. LA will probably also be forced to include Shannon Brown. NO team has any interest in Ron Artest. NO team in the whole league.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Kobe Bryant has only attempted 7 shots inside 10 feet in the last 3 games.

  • O

    Yeah, Idk. I was just building on the Lakers desire to rid themselves of Artest and Gasol at this point. Orlando would definitely demand Bynum, Odom and maybe even Phil Jackson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Good point,nbk. Kobe definitely needs to get inside more

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Black – He doesn’t have a layup or dunk in the whole series. Its almost like Kobe has become 1-dimensional. — This is also a reason I think LA isn’t freaking out, they know they haven’t really been aggressive enough, they know Pau is playing below his potential and that Kobe is settling for jumpers and they have been relatively close in both games. SO if they turn those things around I think its possible they win 4 straight.

  • angus

    unfortunately i called this correctly, officiating VERY much infavor of the lakers (as usual), Damn this sucks just get over it Stern!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Well, Kobe got a layup. That’s good. But Bynum just came out of nowhere that first half. Thank god his knee didn’t crumble on the break.

  • Papou

    MUHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Bye-bye Lakers! Good riddance!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The fat lady is screaming like Aretha!

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    Odom failed us, Fisher failed us, Gasol failed us. Only Bynum and Kobe showed up.


  • JTaylor21

    MJ wouldn’t have……………

  • hobbes

    only this time on point JTaylor21

  • hobbes

    So did Phil

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Dirk Nowitzki is so soft, mayne.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Sorry, had to write that. It is Slam’s stance on D after all (Whaddup Kha?)
    So Dirk just turned into a playmaking, shotsplashing,touchpassing 7footer in that 4th quarter eh?
    The way he was pasding out of double teams, making shots and the coup de grace: that lefty hookshot over the Laker bigs (where did THAT come from), a fantastic performance by Nowitzki.
    Peja & Dirk, Europaaaaaa!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Don’t speak too soon now, but it’d be pretty sweet to see Peja finally getting his revenge on the Lakers. I bet Chris Webber, Vlade, and Rick Adelman are sitting at home smirking right now.
    But it ain’t over till it’s over. Dirk might be top 5 in the league right now; and if it comes down to a Miami/Dalls Finals, I think, for the first time, I’ll be rooting in favor of Dallas.
    I bet Shaq is loving this moment too.

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    The Mavs now have a great chance to get to the Finals. These Lakers are not the type of team to put any extra effort to avoid getting swept; they know they can’t come back from 3-0, so I doubt they will even try. They’ll win Game 4 only if the Mavs have a bad shooting night or if the Mavs take their foot off the gas.


  • horsey

    I bet Shaq would love it more if he wasn’t about to be down 3-0 as well…

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Kobe is REALLY relaxed and quietly defiant in this postgame presser: if this was mid-2000′s KB, i’d be getting chills.
    Now? Load of bravado.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Gasol/mysteripus teammate, Richardson/Nash, Delonte/Bron, even the alleged Shaq/Arenas mess, it seems that nba feuds over women are rising in the league leading to trades etc.
    These guys can have most women they set their sights on, why the hell go afzer a teammates loved one?
    (of course none of these affairs have been confirmed so what do i know, really)

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    I hate the comparisons, I really do, because you know the real reason why it is brought up.
    But in this fourth quarter, I had to say it…
    Dirk really reminded me of Larry Bird. A lot.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    i thought odom getting more minutes was gonna make the difference of lakers dominating inside, which bynum did for a bit. but gasol is in such a bad funk right now that it’s hurting the team in every way.
    kobe played really controlled this game, and didn’t jack up 30 shots as we expected. i think he realizes that he can’t do it alone anymore and was trying to get gasol involved as much as possible to no avail. totally curious as to how he’ll play in the next game.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    actually “controlled” is a bad choice of word; kobe played with a lot of reservation, which is not like him.
    dirk’s a straight killer this series though. i think i’m at a point where i expect everything he throws up to make it inside the hoop.
    dallas played perfectly down the stretch, making the right plays, draining shots, and playing great team D. i mean, peja played odom effective enough that it wasn’t a total disaster.
    and Jason kidd!

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    game note from espn: “The trio of Odom, Gasol and Bynum had only been on the court together a total of 2 minutes, 19 seconds all season.” that could explain why there are so many communication issues.

  • GGG

    Calling a switch is textbook sh*t, you dont need to have played together to perform that. Gasol doenst want to be there, play him off the bench, start Odom and Artest for Game 4. Bynum needs to hurry up his post moves, he dribbles for nothing (this aint practice) and then gets doubled everytime…so frustrating to watch!

  • BigJ

    still lakers in 7. first team to win after being down 3-0. BOOK IT!!!

  • T-Money

    I told you so! Watch the bandwagon jump ship.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Deron…..so what if they’re down 3-0, my Lakers will still try. But I’ll admit, Lamar and Pau choked so freakin bad down the stretch.Pau had a crucial rebound in his hand and lost to Shawn Marion, and Lamar Odom freaking lost control of an awful inbound pass from Derek Fisher. And the Defense was simply awful, probably the worst defense I’ve seen from the Lakers since the ’08 Finals. I’m still behind my Lakers and think they can dig themselves out of this hole. But damnit, Pau needs to play like he has a f*cking pair, it was simply awful watching him play with his tail between his legs like he was afraid to try something all f*cking game.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb7nwoQVkQE IAMORANGE4EVER

    @Allenp: Click my name. She’s just getting warmed up for La La Land.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX5jNnDMfxA IAMORANGE4EVER

    “I think its possible they win 4 straight” After reading that, I thought of this scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber. *click my name*

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    @Orange…..that is POSSIBLE. Anything can happen, this is the playoffs.


    @BlackPhantom: Agreed, like KG once said, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!” Still, I like the Mavs chances. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Yeah I understand why. My Team choked so bad down the stretch


    Even though it aint over yet, it was a good run BlackPhantom. Real talk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    You know I’m not gonna talk like that. I actually still think they might be able to do something here. I’m not losing all hope until there is a concrete reason to.


    @BlackPhanton: If I was in your shoes, I’d be in the same state of mind. Only way to be.

  • http://thisis50.com Ace


    You seriously think the Lakers are gonna bounce back and win the series? Truth is, the Lakers were disorganized since the start of the playoffs. They barely beat the Hornets. Now they’re down 0-3 and you still think they got a shot at the championship? SMH! Even Phil Jackson sees the end coming, time for Lakers fans to see it too.

  • angus

    ATTENTION LAKER BANDWAGONERS, please dont jump to my clippers next year, please.

  • el_larsen

    yeah go clippers!!