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NBA All-Stars to Play Exhibition Games in Australia Next?

Following the success (and profitability) of the showcase in the Philippines, several NBA All-Stars may take their talents Down Under next. From the Herald Sun: “Some of the NBA’s biggest names could be headed to Australia under a plan to take advantage of the likely NBA season lockout. NBA players – including Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol – are among an All-Star team that is willing to play a tour of Australia. It’s understood the plan includes three All-Star matches at Rod Laver Arena later this year. At least two sponsors have committed to back the tour and insurance issues – tipped to cost more than $1 million for the star-laden team.”

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  • gregor

    Excuse me, I may need new pants…

  • the bugg

    shotty tickets

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • http://www.nba.com Clay Fisher

    Please make this happen! Forget Melbourne, come to the best city in Australia – SYDNEY

  • stokesey

    Please make this happen!!

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Well then, time to finalize those Australia travel plans i’ve had since moving to Asia.
    More details for this (these?) event(s) puhleeze.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    Please, please, please let this happen. And please let this happen in Sydney too!

  • Ozzie

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! we are starved of great basketball. come to sydney or melbourne. i dont care where, i’ll go anywhere to watch.

  • riggs

    alot of aussies on slam, nice.


    Durant world tour. He just signed a huge extension with okc so money ain’t the issue. He just wants to ball

  • Balltastics2000

    Wwhhhaaattt!! Please make this happen! We NEED this. It’s been too long since we had NBA players hoopin’ over here.

  • Bart

    yes! make this happen, screw melbourne and sydney – Brisvegas is where its at though

  • Naefy


  • Metrobus

    Next Stop Mexico!! Durant…make it happen!!!!

  • MattyG

    hell yea!!! i hope this goes through!!

  • ogog

    dooooooooo it.. ,SYDNEY!!!

  • C


  • SlimJoeFat

    yeessssss!!! make it happen
    but screw sydney man melbourne is where it is at

  • http://tempdog1 stephen

    I just got home from Melbourne for my brosefs birthday. If this is legit il be flying across Australia once again =)

  • http://monkstyle.net Boothy

    HELL YES! Bring it on!

  • BBaller

    Come to Sydney not Melbourne. If we were to showcase an event in the USA we would take it to LA or NYC not Oklahoma or Denver( no offense OKC intended).If its not in Sydney it just not worth coming to Australia. A tour like this is EXACTLY what BBall in Oz needs and has been missing since the early 90s. Please come to Sydney and Put BBall back where it belongs. Currently the NBL Finals don’t even make the papers, very sad.

  • BBaller

    To elaborate on the state of BBall in Australia, i can name nearly every starting five in all NBA teams for the last 15 years but i don’t even know the name of the Sydney Kings player who lives in my street.Absolute zero media coverage.

  • C-Mac

    Haha am I like the only Melbourne guy on here? The sporting capital of Australia – make it happen!

  • DukeFromDeep

    Brisvegas… goto the LA of Aussie!!!

  • Bogues

    really Naefy – “COME TO SYDNEY IT IS THE MOST POPULAR SPORT THERE” – there wasnt even a pro team in Sydney 2 seasons ago.

    As C-Mac correctly called it – MELBOURNE is the sporting capital of Australia (not to mention home to WNWA). Lets get it done – like the NBA Jam tours of the mid-90s.

  • Brian Cardinal


  • sanman

    Come to PERTH where Nothing Amazing Happens!

  • JD

    PS. “If it’s not in Sydney it’s not worth coming to Australia” Pfffft. Melbourne is quite easily the sports capital of Australia.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    @Bogues – Your first name wouldn’t be Andrew, would it? ;)
    @BBaller – Not knowing the name of the Kings player who lives in your street says more about you than the state of basketball in Australia, mate.

  • TBag


  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre


  • http://Www.NBA.com Michael NZ

    I’d fly over, no doubt about it. Make it happen!

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Co-sign sanman; Perth would explode if the NBA stars came here. If they go anywhere in Australia I’m dipping into my savings to fly there and see. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see NBA players on Australian shores.

  • BBaller

    Melbourne may be the sporting capital..so be it. You can have cricket(boring), AFL( headless chooks), NRL( don’t ask),tennis,soccer even, but BBall can only reach its full potential in Sydney.

  • logan

    pleeeeeaaaase come to Perth nothing good ever happens here

  • Joon

    melbourne man, melbourne!!

  • Eazy Breezy

    If you’re coming to Australia then just take the extra flight over to NZ!! Its got better scenery and nicer people. Play a game in Auckland – Vector Arena baby. After the rugby world cup though…


    nicer people than Australia? @breezy…dont kid yourself….NZ and Aussie are the same bro..there is more NZers in aus than there is in NZ..you better leave somebody over there to turn the lights off hey…..any who….if NBA comes down here my whole team is gonna go , it would be awesome…WHO CARES if its Syd or Mlb just get out and support it because NBL is at an all time low and the bball community in Aust need something like this

  • Rico Suave

    I agree with Bogues. WNWA are a basketball institution and the NBA players deserve a chance to experience that raw bball emotion.
    I went to Sydney once and played some bball on the street against some chocs and I slaughtered them and one went home with spalding written right on his face. WHAM!
    Lets go, right now! Sydney v Melbourne 5(million) on 5(million)

  • mugiwara

    come to adelaide!

  • BBaller

    To Ugh, i went to every Kings game at the Entertainment Centre for more than 10 years. That’s why can i recall the likes of Damien Keogh, Tim Morrissey, Mark Dalton, Man mountain Dean Utoff,Dwayne McClain, Leon Trinningham and i personally know Mr Carfino. I wish it was me, its just the poor state of BBall in our Media. 9 pages on Michael Clarke the cricketor’s favourite colour but one small paragraph on last years finals in the smh. I feel since the best player in Oz ( Andrew Gaze) retired fellow Aussies couldn’t relate to any other players. Where is Brett Rainbow!

  • BBaller

    Please Melbourne , the arguement for best city in Australia is between Sydney and Brisbane. your cold, depressing city is a distant 4th after Perth.

  • Melbourne.boy

    Melbournes all over Sydney when it comes to basketball! Rod laver is perfect, we are missing the ballin spirit down here. Get around it!!!!!

  • DarkO

    Please let them come can’t wait to see that why don’t they come to Sydney aswell and where do u get the ticket ;)

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    @BBaller – Um, that doesn’t make sense. If you went to every game for ten years why don’t you go now? If you go to the games you don’t need the media.
    Bret Rainbow is on YouTube making a spectacle of himself, as always.

  • Brendan

    Why don’t all the Vics and New South Welshmen attend NBL games if bball is that important to you? You should be embarassed by the attendances with your population size. Adelaide has one fifth the population, an inferior team and still got better crowds.
    I watched a Kings game in Sydney in 08 and almost has an entire section to myself, even with a quarter of the tiny stadium covered Port Power stlye.

  • Mickee

    Well they certainly made the right choice bringing their talents to Melbourne, where they can be appreciated.. sydney???? pfffft..

  • http://facebook ben

    comw to melbourne we need this

  • Melbournian

    Hahaha YES!! Coming 2 Melbourne!! Derrick Rose is all I wanna see!!!