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Rashard Lewis Working to Expand His Game

As a small forward with the Orlando Magic, Rashard Lewis acted primarily as a spot-up shooter, and a good one, too. But since a trade brought him to the Washington Wizards—and a little before then—he’s fallen off some, and it’s become evident that he’ll need to expand his skillset to survive in the NBA. Lewis told HOOPSWORLD that he plans to do just that: “Lewis is completely healthy and competing in Impact Basketball’s Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas. He’s suiting up alongside teammates John Wall, JaVale McGee, Jordan Crawford, Shelvin Mack and Larry Owens, and feeling great. Now, as Lewis prepares for this upcoming season, he’s making several alterations to his game. While he became known as a spot-up shooter during his time in Orlando, he wants to ditch that label in Washington. ‘I’m trying to get away from being just a spot-up shooter,’ Lewis told HOOPSWORLD. ‘My whole goal is to get back to attacking the basket, posting up and being a small forward like I was in Seattle. I’m not complaining about being a spot-up shooter in Orlando because it was great and I’ll do anything for the team to help win games. That’s how we won ball games, by spreading the floor and having Dwight [Howard] inside. Now, for me, I have to get back to being aggressive and attacking the basket as well as shooting the three.’ In two of the three full years that Lewis was with the Magic, he attempted more than 500 three-point shots. He led the NBA in three-point shots made and attempted during the 2008-2009 season. That won’t be the case in Washington, where he’ll play a very different role under Flip Saunders.”

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  • dma

    does this mean he’ll be using again?

  • http://slamonline dan

    Cant believe the words ‘Rashard Lewis Working’ was in this sentance……

  • Showtime

    Its a little to late in the career… but at one time rashard had so much potential?? He had a stroke, was a bad match up problem, was not great a D-fence but was decent, he just need to be moe agrresive at attacking the rim, & also have more confidence. I actually watch him play in High was just getting to middle.#lostcause

  • misso

    im a magic fan & your telling me that now lewis wants to attack the rim, screw you rashard

  • Double J

    can’t believe someone who posts on a forum still spells sentence as “sentance”

  • NDP

    Contract year.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    cosign misso big time lol

  • JEr dawg

    I’m sure Rashard Lewis has love for the game, has pride, and enough determination to prove he’s worth the contract. I’ve said the same thing about his lack of productivity the last two season. That 2009 Magic vs. cav series was unbelievable series. I’ve never seen anyone shoot that great and that clutch since some of the best ever in that series. JUST in that series. I Know he’s very good, but not great. He could’ve been multiple all -star and all NBA
    Performer if he just kept on pushing himself. Credit Turkolu also for playing awesome also. That was scary. Two 6’10″ perimeter players that can also shoot lights out.

  • Chukaz

    He didn’t stop attacking the basket in Orlando cuz he had to, it was cuz he couldn’t. Even in his youth he was never insanely fast or a great ball handler. As he got older he simply lost speed and went from slightly above average to slow. He stopped posting up cuz he was moved to PF and he couldn’t post up PFs like he could post up SFs. He’s pretty much done. He should bulk up and become a real PF. The extra weight will help him get more rebounds and become a better defender and he’ll still be able to shoot 3s

  • http://slamonline dan

    Double J , Spelling Nazi???????

  • Rob Cooper

    Shard will be fine. He has a decent post up and midrange game, so I see him playing similar to Antawn Jamison.

  • Conor O.

    @Showtime: Your last sentence makes absolutely no sense.

  • Kyle

    While it’s a few years too late, he seemed like he HAD to be a guy that stood around and shot open 3′s when he played for Orlando. Howard taking up all the space around the basket, and Hedo often driving in and kicking it out to Lewis or pulling up for a quick 10 foot jumper on a dime. Just 3 years ago the guy made LeBron look like a defensive scrub, and now he’s just another overrated player that had a very short 3 year prime where he was underrated but then got paid and stopped caring or just lost his game. Hedo actually had awesome handles… it’s funny how some guys age horribly while others like Dirk, Nash, Kidd, Kobe, Allen deal with it and keep changing their games so that they can keep getting better or more efficient.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    2012-13 is the last year of his deal. Ghost of Tim Thomas…
    @Showtime: Your last sentence made me laugh.

  • KH10

    This guy was a matchup nightmare in Seattle. I clearly remember him abusing Bruce Bowen with his mid range game, in orlando he became scared to go anywhere near the hoop, throwing up floaters and teardrops when your an athletic 6ft10 dude is weak! I hope he comes back strong, but with Josh Howard, Blatche and Al Thornton there’s gonna be some competition.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I remember him his first 5 or 6 years he played with Seattle. He came in with a awkward jumpshot, no post game, he was weak and not as athletic as a 18 year old 6’10 dude should be. He worked on his game quite a bit and became a pretty good player. He never should have recieved a contract for more than 60 mill though. Instead he got twice that. When your getting paid double what your worth your going to underachieve every time. I wanted Seattle to resign him with Ray Ray and Ridinour I thought we had a real nice trio. Then Orlando offered him that contract and I was like dammmm. Nevermind. Glad Sea wasn’t stupid and matched that offer. He’s never had handles and he can only post up dudes smaller than him. Very flawed player, but he will be a nice spot up shooter for a couple more years.

  • Stickz

    @dma you just made me spit my drink out.