Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 9:05 am  |  9 responses

Kobe Bryant Close to 1-Game Deal in Italy?

Now that the NBA has begun to axe regular season games, Kobe hooping in Italy is looking more and more likely, even if it’s just for a single game. Reports Sportando (via Bologna Basket): “Kobe Bryant, as reported by Il Resto del Carlino, is close to accepting the single game proposal made by Claudio Sabatini, owner of Virtus Bologna. The two parts are negotiating intensively in the last hour and a solution for the saga seems close to end. Kobe Bryant would land in Italy for four days and play one game in the ‘Kobe Night’. According to Sabatini there are already sponsors and networks ready to cover the event. Sabatini offered to Bryant $2M for the single game.”

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  • mytiman

    Why is it taking so long for Kobe to accept a ONE GAME for $2mil? When he went to the Philippines along with Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant, he was offered close to somewhere in the $100, 000 or Php 50, 000 range for TWO GAMES back to back.

  • Red Star

    $2M for 1 game?! Sounds like a fair offer to me! Kobe!!

  • Omnixyience


    because Kobe loves the Philippines its basically a Laker Nation.


    How much does that work out per hour for the Black Mamba? Damn!

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    $2M for ONE GAME!???!!?!!?! *head explodes.

  • Marx

    Anyone else tired of reading about this back and forth none sense with this team and Kobe. But due to name sake we all continue to read

  • robb

    @AMORANGE4EVER if he plays 36 minutes (his NBA avg.) it’s about $55,555 per minute. Holy sh*t.

  • http://fleshasiadaily.com goosemumps

    Kobe was paid $400k for 2 games not 100. and 50,000 php or Phil. pesos is $1.2k freakin’ dollars. Know your math.