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David Stern Thinks It’s Only ‘Rational’ for NBA Players to Accept Deal

David Stern spoke to NBA players through the media once again, as his ultimatum draws closer, and the commish insists that it makes perfect sense for the players to take the deal as it stands today. From the AP: “NBA players are facing a Wednesday afternoon deadline to accept the league’s current proposal or face a harsher one that calls for rolling back their salaries, and Commissioner David Stern said Monday ‘the only rational thing to do is for us to make that deal. We think that there’s a great offer on the table and what we told the players is it’s getting late, the only rational thing to do is for us to make that deal because given what’s going on in our business and our industry, it’ll get worse from there,’ Stern said during an interview on ESPN. That proposal calls for players to receive anywhere between 49 and 51 percent of basketball-related income, though players argue it would be nearly impossible for them to get anywhere above 50.2. Stern said the next one will call for a 53-47 split in the owners’ favor, along with essentially a hard salary cap. The second proposal also calls for ‘existing contracts rolled back in proportion to system changes in order to ensure sufficient market for free agents,’ a person who has been briefed on its contents told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the contents were supposed to remain private.”

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  • Ace

    Disban the union, start with the lawsuits then see if they can get a better deal.

  • Patricia Pier

    The young vulnerable NBA players are becoming acquainted with their employers, NBA owners. They are learning they are an economical commodity so respond accordingly.

  • Simon

    I agree with ace actually, but I think it´s unnecesary from the players wiew to not appreciate that they can live on their income and just play basketball!! I mean they can do what they love ( I hope ) and earn enough money to live on it!!

  • Karl

    I think the NBPA should accept the deal should Stern resign. All parties are happy.

  • David Moore

    Accept the damn deal already!


    I think that the owners are tryna get over a little too much…The players have already come down from 57%!!! But it looks like it won’t be resolved anytime soon, if they don’t take this deal they have on the table…They should just go ahead and take the deal and play ball. I know that 2% they’re tryna hold onto would be a couple hundred MILLION that would go into the owners pocket, but I don’t think the deal is that terrible that it would effect them to the point that they’ll be sorry they accepted…

  • mic



    The players caving in to these hardline owners wishes now, is not rational, it’s a cowardly act that will be felt for the next 10 years. So with that said, if the owners collectively won’t offer a better deal before Wednesday 5pm ET, then the time has come for the players to make the necessary moves to put the ball in court, and I don’t mean a basketball court. When/if the season gets canceled, it’s on the commie hardline owners watch, not the players. Remember, this lockout is not the players fault. The owners are locking everyone out, because they want to have their cake and eat it too. They want a system that allows everyone to make a profit, even those who manage their team poorly. They want a system that penalizes and handcuffs teams with passionate owners who will spend for a winner, and/or spend to keep a winner together. SMH

  • anthony y

    I completely agree with Orange. This whole lockout is about owner greed. I just wish they would have disbanded the union in July/August and maybe we could have had a season. This lockout has been in the works for years and I don’t mean two or three. If the players take this horrible deal the next one is gonna be ridiculous. As in below 45%, Maybe even under 40%. Take it to court along with some of the small market cities like Memphis who plan to sue the league if they lockout all year.

  • bull22

    @iamorangeforever, iam sure you would love this season to tank since the knicks have nothing to play for anyway, hahaha.