David Stern Suffers Brain Hemorrhage, Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Update #1, Dec. 17: David Stern remains in critical condition five days after suffering a brain hemorrhage, the league has announced.

The NBA has revealed that former league commissioner David Stern has suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage and undergone emergency surgery. League commissioner Adam Silver informed the media of the news.

Stern, now 77 years old, was the commissioner of the NBA during a period of rapid growth. Stern took the reins of the league in 1984 and held the position through to 2014 when he handed the torch to Silver.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Stern collapsed at a restaurant earlier today and was rushed to the hospital.

A brain hemorrhage consists of bleeding in or around the brain and can have debilitating long-term effects. No specific details have been released regarding Stern’s injury at this time.