Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 at 10:05 am  |  9 responses

Derek Fisher: Kobe Bryant to Play in Season Opener

Kobe Bryant sat out the Lakers’ loss to the Clippers last night, but everyone realizes it was just a cautionary measure to have him in street clothes nursing a wrist injury, and that he’ll more than likely be in the lineup come Sunday. Just ask Derek Fisher. Per the OC Register: “Derek Fisher has known Kobe Bryant longer than anyone in that Lakers locker room. So even though Bryant didn’t speak to reporters about his injured right wrist, Fisher did. ‘He’ll cut his wrist off and play with one before he misses Sunday,’ Fisher said late Wednesday night. Bryant’s teammates were expecting Bryant to play in the season opener against Chicago on Sunday. ‘I think Kobe will play,’ Andrew Bynum said. ‘It takes a lot for him to miss a game.’”

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  • tomtom

    And people wondered why he had issues with Shaquille ‘my toe hurts’ O’neil.

  • Robb

    his skills as a doctor is as good as his skills as the NBA Players Association President .

  • BlackStar

    That’s why Kobe is my dude … I appreciate that he takes his work seriously. Much respect!

  • Truth

    Kobe’s a warrior.. but i really dont get it. If i had a TORN Ligament in my shooting wrist i don’t see how i would be able to play. I honestly dont think it’s torn just strained. Anyways that probably why Kobe is a Beast and still the best player in the World!

  • Truth

    Mamba is the toughest player ever

  • Kadavour

    Last of a dying breed that guy

  • Heals

    I hear ya robb, but Fish negotiated for Kobe’s highest paid behalf during the lockout so now he’s taking up his medical concerns as well. What a good little sidekick. Oh Yeah to all you Beanbags, Kobe’s no tougher than many others in the league he just makes sure everyone’s aware of his ailments unlike the others. Is he a tough SOB hell yeah, but there are plenty others that just don’t feel the need to tell you about it all the time. BRoy balled with no knee ligaments folks, so chill out on the whole warrior legacy…

  • Heals

    McDyess and SLivingston are every bit the tough guy Mamba is…

  • LaKid

    Maybe Heals, but they don’t need to play 40 minutes and score 25 points a night. Makes it a bit tougher.