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Kobe Bryant Learned of Mike Brown’s Hiring on the Internet

Kobe Bryant was upset when the Lakers hired Mike Brown without consulting him, and he tells the NY Post that he found about the move like everyone else: by reading about it on the web. And it doesn’t sound like the relationship between Bryant and the front-office is all that warm and fuzzy: “We almost have to be perfect this season,’ Kobe Bryant said. ‘There’s little margin for error.’ [...] It sure looks like management is more interested in decreasing luxury tax debt — saving $17.8 million this season in Odom’s case — than winning it all this season, Kobe lamented. ‘Hopefully, management knows what it’s doing and will provide us with our missing pieces,’ Bryant said. ‘Hey, I’m just a player. I have no input concerning anything that happens here. In fact, I learned we’d hired our coach from reading it online. I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation with Jimmy [Buss, managing owner]. Occasionally, I’ll cross paths with Mitch [Kupchak, general manager] and we’ll speak for a couple minutes about nothing really. I’ve never known what’s going on. That’s why I went public [in May 2007] and demanded a trade. When it became obvious to me that management wasn’t trying to compete for a championship, I felt my only recourse was to embarrass [owner Jerry Buss] into doing it.’ Hence the hijacking of Gasol from Memphis. So, how do you think your team is going to do, I asked Kobe, who has insistently denied rumors he’ll demand to be traded. Expectations can’t be too high. ‘No, we’re going to be perfect,’ he said. ‘I have a good feeling about how things are going to turn out.’”

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  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Wonder if Kobe bashing Lakers management would make Dwight Howard think twice about asking for a trade there.
    Probably not. But worth thinking about.


    Kobe bashing managmnt? If they didn’t want him they would trade him. This is a business so stop your whining. Kobe don’t care about nothing but how many shots he gonna put up , you get what you give.

  • charliewinning

    I love Kobe’s candor. While making it known that he doesn’t care for Jim, he also reveals that management couldn’t give a damn about what their employee thinks. Superstar or not, that’s all they view Kobe as. I think he’s kinda shocked at that reality.

  • Caligirl

    Kobe has been the heart and soul of the Lakers and he had every right to bash management especially Jimmy Buss who has make a laughing stock of the Lakers. The hater need be quite because if it was anyone else from another team they would applaud them. And @ Enigmatic at least he shoots the damn ball (STFU)

  • Drunyce

    ^ Did you even read anything? How the F did you come away with “Kobe only cares about how many shots he puts up”? What?! He’s talkin’ about them not acquiring the pieces the team needed until he made a trade demand in ’07. Bro, your reading comprehension (or lack there of) is horrible. The only thing Kobe cares about is Rings.

  • Mburb321

    @AQWORD Jim Buss prob wouldnt mind trading kobe and his remaining 90 mill contract, but how exactly does he do that when kobe has a no trade clause? Point being if there is no way to get rid of your superstar, why not keep him informed to avoid conflict?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Drunyce, put on your hater goggles. It helps you see what you want to see and not what is actually there.

  • LA Huey

    Nice. Kobe found about it the same way I did.


    Kobe wants to win. Lakers slash payroll. Drama in La La Land.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Gotta love the Internet.
    I fail to see anything I wrote that would warrant a “STFU” from anyone.
    Oh well, whatever. F*ck you too, Caligirl.

  • http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/knicks/melo_backs_mart_shop_HyuuyujsUgZlgLJUGX9x2K IAMORANGE4EVER

    Caligirl’s got a point…STFU Rigo! :D

  • http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/h/hamilri01.html Allenp

    You didn’t offer to polish Kobe’s balls.
    You got what you deserved.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    I must repent for my sins and bow to the alter of the the great god Dendroaspis Polylepis.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Wow, AQWORD must be reeeealy clueless

  • Bone

    After reading this maybe i’ll stop watching the lakers and join Kobe’s side to have management get up off thier fat asses and contend for 3 more championships… in fact i will not watch tonights game. any one else want to join?

  • http://casttroy.bandcamp.com Cast Troy

    Kobe has just been given a dose of something called “Reality Check”. he was right, he IS just a player, not GM, not marketing VP, ONLY a player…. nobody should HAVE to run any office moves by him….. his name is on the back of the jersey, not the front….

  • Ldub20

    If anyone still thinks Kobe cares about “getting shots up” or anything else other than RINGS, then its clear that person knows absolutely nothing about basketball. For a man to say trade me or help me doesnt shout out I want more shots. It says I wanna win and if you cant help me…send me somewhere that is willing to assist me with winning. If it was about shots, Kobe could go anywhere with anyone and shoot 30 times a game. People make me sick with their biased opinions on players instead of giving or presenting a somewhat factual response.


    ^^^^^^ he he . & @Drunyce. I think my last sentence summed it up nice. Kobe’s always been a selfish beeehach so why should the managment suk hiz gonadz & would you consult a selfish r@pi$t ? Look at their last game Kobe took it into 3 guys – there were 2 other guys open & he still took it in to get stuffed like the Christmas turkey. I loved it coz it proved he has still not learned. Say what u want & man up beeehaches coz he ain’t gonna get more rings. :-) Mc Donalds Mo Fos McDonalds.

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    Kobe gonna get that #6

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    @AQWORD, i think he drove to draw a foul, not be selfish. Selfish woulda been to shoot a jumper over 3 defenders with 2 guys open. It just didnt work


    ^^^^^^ LOL He was no where near drawing a foul man & he WAS taking a stupid driving jumpshot with FISH wide open. I’m a real balla not just on paper or in the virtual world. Back up off my tip.

  • Mburb321

    what is this real balla you speak of?


    ^^^^ Exactly. That’s how interesting this article is.^^^^ I just had to step in n’ jazz it up a little :-) . It’s funny how no one defends Kobe anymore because half of his “FANS” are Clipper fans now. @MBurb321 They call me T-Money :-) Nuff Said

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Kobe is the Lakers. If Lakers will not trade an injury prone center and a soft power forward for the regining two time defense player of the year, who can get you 20 and 12 in his sleep. If I was Kobe too, I would be going off. Kobe wants to win, so playing with McRoberts, Troy Murphy, Steve Blake as your back up point guard, Devin Eubanks and a point guard for Coastal Carolina is not how he wants to continue to finish out his career. BOOK IT!!


    @Seed I feel your frustration man, but you got to be patient with the team you got. Bynum is a quality center, and Gasol is a top 5 power foward. Things will get better. BOOK IT! lol

  • Justin G.

    No, management doesn’t HAVE to consult Kobe but I think it would be a good idea. I think you have to consider Kobe more than just a player to the Lakers. Jerry Buss himself said Kobe is probably worth $70M a year to that franchise so why wouldn’t you talk to your superstar, the guy who has done as much for that organization as almost anybody? It’s not just about whether you’re keeping him happy, it’s about respect for everything he’s done for you

  • jj

    *3 time defensive player of the year.

  • http://rnelson@bbinsight.com roger

    i love kobe a bastball star we luck to have young man like him.

  • http://sdfjklf.com Jukai

    The way people deal with Kobe on this website will always remind me of this comic from two years ago:

  • brammy

    The Magic are waiting for Bynum’s suspension to complete before OK’ing the trade for Howard. Kobe probably knows that, it’s why he has a “good feeling” about how things are going to turn out. They’ll probably throw in Character too.

    Next, Gasol to New Jersey for Derron Williams.

  • sanclemente

    There is a reason why MAGIC MAN CASHED IN and left the BUSS>>>>>>>>>

  • obinna ooooty

    lakers will be stupid to trade their franhise player kobe bryant. kobe bring all those celebrity at staple centre. trade for dwight howard.

  • mjg

    JIM BUSS is the problem, NOT Kobe
    As others have noted, he is becoming / is an embarrassment; but if after all these years his Dad doesn’t care, then I guess it’s his fault too
    (maybe he’ll care IF his son tarnishes the lakes / his legacy enough, but. . .)

  • UltimaCarta

    Why do people like to moan about how Kobe wasn’t consulted on the coaching hire? Y’all should realize that nobody is bigger than the franchise. I don’t care how good he is; Kobe is merely a part of the organization.