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Lakers Unwilling to Trade Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol for Dwight Howard

Jim Buss tells the LA Times that both Bynum and Gasol is too steep a price to pay for Dwight Howard, and that he believes the Lakers could win a title with the current squad: “I’m not as worried about this team making a run for the championship as maybe everybody else is,’ he says. ‘I know people are shook up and especially after Lamar left, but give it time.’ He’s got 66 games. And that’s possibly with a slow start, what with three straight games to open, Andrew Bynum suspended for four, some pup named Devin Ebanks to start and a new coach still teaching. ‘I don’t know what our record will be during the first half, but I believe over the last 33 games going into the playoffs we will have the best record in the West.’ He must be counting on the arrival of Howard. But he shakes his head, no. ‘I don’t understand the thinking that we need saving as a franchise,’ Buss says. ‘We have three All-Stars, and we need saving?’ There’s an Internet report suggesting Orlando was willing to trade Howard for Bynum and Pau Gasol, but now he’s shaking his head as if in pain. ‘Where does this stuff come from?’ he says. ‘You’d have to be kind of silly to give up two All-Stars like that for Howard. Zero truth to it. We have never been asked for Andrew and Pau and we’ve never offered them. I think they know we’d either say no or they would sound crazy for asking.’ There are some who contend Buss is so enamored with Bynum he would be blind to all trades with Bynum’s name mentioned. ‘Let’s just say this,’ he says. ‘You have to give up something to get something. And I’m willing to give up something to get something.’ But nothing is happening. ‘We’ve done everything within the rules that we could to explore this situation until we were just spinning our wheels,’ he says. ‘The player is still in control of his own destiny; he can block a trade just by saying I’m not going to sign a new deal and stay where he is. I personally believe now that we have the team that we will be playing with all season long.’”

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  • Bt

    Correct me if I’m wrong jim but I believe Bynum has to be selected in an all star game before he can be called an all star. The trade is not two all stars for one, it’s an all star for an all star and an immature, injury prone centre who you love for some unknown reason.

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    since when has bynum been an all star?


    Andrew Bynum’s style is like Tim Duncan, not flashy, but he’ll get the job done. He just needs to stay healthy and keep his emotions in check.

  • jose

    I think it would be worth it if ORL wants it. . .

  • robb

    Having Dwight would be nice, but the Lakers don’t need him. The team is fine.

  • tomtom

    Bynum was an all-star reserves selection but was injured and unable to play.

  • Jer Dawg

    Lakers had tough loss yesterday. It’s one game and although it was tough getting c***blocked by commissioner d***wad the team has talent. Dwight is HUGE name that would draw box office, but having 2 talented big guys is invaluable.


    wat is jim smoking? you would not trade for the best big man out there for a 30 some year old that pass his prime and an injury prone C who never made it to the all star game. yup Lakers are done. Kobe might put the best numbers of his career but this team as it is is GOING NOWHERE

  • Tom Loughran

    We all know now the trade should have not have been made public before it was approved. Thanks to Stern in his conflict of interest move!
    To me the choice is a no brainer…..get Dwight! I would make the trade!
    Of the two Bynum and Gasol I would rather have Gasol…..once he gets his emotions together. If the trade requires both….just do it! A lot could change if Dwight stays and tests the market….everyone loses…..especially the Lakers after the bone head idea of dumping of Odum. We should have traded Odum and either Bynum or Gasol to get Dwight instead of sending him off for nothing. He could have still got his wish on a 3 way trade with Dallas…….lets get Dwight and get this team back to “Showtime”


    Andrew for Dwight plus a few others like Walton or Blake or both. Then Williams will not want to stay with the Nets meaning Pau could be sent to get Williams…
    The team also needs to shed itself of World & allow Ebanks to start & grow & the two new guards need to be allowed to grow as well. No one will be upset if the team tries to allow it’s younger kids to play & grow.
    In the year 2013 the team should have no one over 25 except Kobe unless he has demanded a trade.

  • edward

    Is anybody out there for three or four way treades that will bring Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and a few draft choices to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum? I will gladly settle for it.

  • http://www.nbadraft.net showtime

    This will def come back to haunt him , if doesn’t do the trade, Have he seen the lakers lately..Its going to be 06 lakers pretty soon,A lot of hero ball will be played.lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    Seems like a pretty easy decision to me. Dwight is just entering his prime and has been as durable as they come at the C position. Bynum is one awkward landing away from a career ending leg injury and I think Kobe is tired of Gasol at this point. Do it before Orlando realizes they’re being shafted.

  • Carl

    Why disrupt the core of the team. the Lakers have two great big men.
    Maybe fill in around Koby to take the heat off of him. Get some wing guys who can shoot and play defense. Start developing a good point guard. Maybe the guy the Knicuks let go to Denver in Carmelo deal. I gather he is in Portland now. He’d be perfect. More defensive pieces in the back court. They are still a championship caliber team. They do need to start developing Koby’s future replacement. Maybe a young shooting gurad-small forward.

  • robb

    @edward lol what are you smokin??

  • MikeK13

    Lakers are stupid if they wouldn’t take the deal. What they should do is ask for a third round pick they are going to need as much help as they can to get a ring since they just got rid of possibly the best coach ever for Mike Brown who can’t win anything even with LeBron.

  • Yesse

    Way to go Lakers. I think Odom and Bynum would have done the job. I guess Lakers should offer some draft picks then.

  • Heals

    Way to go Orl, you fake take D12 off the market in an effort to force other teams into upping the ante for him, but then Lopez fractures his foot and now LA really has no one to bid against. From not signing Turk cause he cost too much, but then trading for him (and it) a year later, Rashard’s contract and then trading that contract for Gil’s to not only trading Bass for Baby, but also signing him to a totally unnecessary extension how does Smith keep his job going forward…

  • Victor

    Jim Buss’ love for Bynum will hurt Lakers for years to come. Jim, you know nothing about basketball, u stink.

  • T-Ray

    cosign Victor
    I like Bynum but Jim’s obsession with him is going to hinder the team in the future.

  • Aizen

    Gasol + Bynum =/= Dwight.

  • http://www.jhjcomm.com john jolinski

    I think wherever Howard ends up that his ego will require that he be the team’s No. 1 scoring option. The problem with that is Howard’s propensity for turnovers and the fact that he is a terrible free throw shooter. I would hate to see Howard go but I could accept a Bynum-Gasol trade for Howard. Hate to see anyone injured but we’re fortunate that Brook Lopez has a broken foot because I would have hated to see that trade.

  • ripslam

    Love how he says “after Lamar left” like Odom just hopped out of bed one day and decided to stroll out the door to the Mavs, as opposed to them giving him away for peanuts.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    2 seasons ago Pau was considered by many as the best big man in the league. Now a year later, and Dwight being on the market, Pau is now “30 some year old that past his prime” SMH..

  • Aizen

    @J: 2 seasons ago Pau probably was the best big man in the league (excluding Dwight). Then, the Lakers played against the Mavs in the West Semis last season, and Pau didn’t show up.

  • Kilo


  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    It doesn’t mean he’s a “30 some year old that past his prime” period

  • http://bulls.com airs

    Too many amateur NBA fans on here. Who in an ownership would show all their cards to their opponent? You would be a fool to show your two aces before an ante. Learn how the game is played before you throw your two cents on an organization who knows nothing but winning it all.

  • http://obsessioncollection.wordpress.com grgeblck

    nice said, @BT! i think dwight should go else where if he really wants to go somewhere.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Like Magic stated, you trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard anyday. BOOK IT!!


    ^ Ship their (Gasol/Bynum) arses out, Seed?

  • Aizen

    I don’t think that about Pau, at all. But Dwight is by far the best big man/center in the NBA, and there’s not a lot of guys that even come close to his talent. Kupchak, Buss or whoever would be foolish not to make a play for Dwight in his prime, when other teams are gonna go for him.

  • riggs

    did this dude say bynum was like tim duncan? wow dont ever visit this website again man. Tim Duncan is arguably one of the greatest pf’s ever, bynum is….well bynum.

  • bnets

    Dwight Howard, “I want a trade to New Jersey.” He will be a Net before the trade deadline. BTW Kris Humphries was a beast tonite even when getting booed hahah


    Too steep for HOWARD??????…WOW…Isn’t this the team that was gonna trade Gasol and Odom in order to get CP3???…Isn’t this the team that is aging and can use some young talent???…Isn’t this the team that let 2 solid, useful and important players go (Odom & Shannon Brown)for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING???…Somebody smack Jim Buss please…SMH

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Man… Did he just did that?

  • Justin G.

    Yeah Riggs, I had to read that a couple times too to make sure I read it properly. I think the Lakers are crazy to not make this trade if it’s available. Even if they don’t win the title this year (which they won’t), free agents are going to like the idea of coming to a team with Kobe and Howard on it and you don’t have to be done with trades either. Granted, they don’t have a lot of people left to trade at this stage of the season but some playoff teams looking for veteran leadership/experience might want a Derek Fisher off their bench, as an example.


    simple put hedo and dwight for gasoft, injury bynum and 1st round pick. magic cannot refused that deal

  • dave

    wow, lakers are stupid…gasol just plays soft and bynum just complains too much…lakers should trade those two for dwight its a no brainer…and bynum was never an all star, if so i would still trade him…

  • Mike From Spain

    Gasol is great but he could use some motivation somewhere else away from LA.The trade of Bynum – Gasol to Orlando would be beneficial for everyone, because Orlando risk getting nothing if they wait too long

  • James

    Hello everyone.
    I write from Spain so I’m not unbiased.For me Pau Gasol is the best spanish player of alltime and I think that he doesn’t deserve this situation.Does anybody think that Lakers would have won a Conference title and two Championships without him?
    If I was in his shoes I would ask Lakers a “forced” trade (I don’t know the word)anywhere.According to Mike, where is the motivation when you know they don’t want you?.
    I like D12, he’s an awesome player but we can compare the players involved in this “unwilling” trade: Gasol,a winner of all(but the gold medal)playing a leading role; Howard,a winner of the gold medal and a slam-dunk contest and Bynum,and Bynum a Trail Blazer.
    Gasol is not a rookie but,bloody hell,Kobe’s 33 or 34!
    Greetings and happy new year

  • shutup

    PLease dont compare Bynum to Duncan. Bynum acts like a tough guy and he is very immature while Duncan is the best PF ever to play, and a class act.

  • LA Huey

    Either he’s mad posturing or just mad.

  • matt

    The Lakers must use the Odom TPE and dallas pick wisely, maybe they can snatch Paul Millsap from Utah for those 2 assets. Utah is all about saving $ and getting picks right now. That Okur for a 2nd rounder deal with NJN was great. If Lakers pull off a deal like I mentioned to get Millsap, they could realistically get Dwight. Dwight,Hedo,maybe R.Anderson for Pau,Bynum. Blake,Kobe,Ebanks/Hedo/Peace/Barnes,Millsap,Dwight is not a bad starting lineup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    That isn’t too steep a price, Jim just loves Byum too much

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom