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Andray Blatche: Winless Wizards Have Tuned Out Coach Flip Saunders

Flip Saunders’ Washington Wizards are the NBA’s worst team — he certainly knows it — and Andray Blatche indicates that his teammates have tuned out the head coach. Per CBS Sports: “To see them is to understand that the 2008-09 Nets’ NBA-record 0-18 in start just might be in jeopardy. In a performance labeled ‘sickening’ and ‘embarrassing’ by Andray Blatche, whose own performance also could’ve been thusly described, the Wizards fell to 0-8 Sunday with a 93-72 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Afterward, Blatche (10 points in 31 minutes on 5-for-16 shooting) attempted to get coach Flip Saunders’ back, but ended up making his coach look bad in the process. It’s been that kind of start to the season for the Wizards, who can’t even fall on their swords properly. ‘Flip is definitely doing his job,’ Blatche said. ‘I just don’t feel like guys are listening and following behind what he says and what he wants us to do.’ Never a good sign, eight games into the season. ‘Guys want to try to do it their own way, and it’s not working,’ Blatche said. ‘The record shows that. I feel like everybody should go home and focus and think and take consideration for what Flip is saying, because it can’t hurt. It damn sure ain’t helping us our way.’ The Wizards scored 17 points in each of the first two quarters and were mesmerized by Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio. When Rubio entered the game with 1:30 left in the first quarter, he orchestrated a 17-2 run and controlled everything that was happening on the floor during his 31 minutes off the bench with 13 points, 14 assists and six rebounds. ‘It’s on us as players, because we’re the ones being put out there at the end of the day, embarrassing ourselves,’ Blatche said.”

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  • http://www.gil1906.com Pve_2

    It’s good that Blatche isn’t trying to blame shift here, but this guy has to realize that he’s a bigger part of the problem than what he gives himself credit for.

  • Luke

    Andray Blatche Fool!!

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Bobby Brown of the NBA has spoken!

  • Temple Stark

    Blatche said more than that needlessly misleading headline even hopes to suggest.
    He said everything was on the players, not that Flip was doing a bad job but that the players were acting like temper tantrum toddlers and playing their own ways, not how or what the coach asked them. This isn’t the usual case of the coach becoming irrelevant as that type of headline usually suggests. The players literally are irrelevant since they have the same record five people dragged from a pickup game to play pro would. Zero wins. The players need to sack up and become professionals.

  • tomtom

    there are two things wrong with the washington wizards, 1. they should be the bullets. 2. Andre MFing Blatch.

  • Fat Lever

    I watched Blatche play the other night, this dude has no regard for his teammates or any system of play. He complains about not getting the ball in the post or closer to the basket, yet he happily jacks up 18ft jumpers like he’s Rip Hamilton. This dude is a loser, and will always be one.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Always is a long time, but I agree with everything else you wrote.

  • DerekG

    “Always is a long time” LMAO!!! Poor Flip Saunders. There are no W’s with this squad. They are as silly and selfish as ball players come. When Andray Blatche is your captain and you have guys (Blatche and McGee) fighting for triple double stats even though they’re down 25 you know it’s gonna be a hard season!

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    i have tuned out andray blatche

  • Xp

    Andray blatche needs to go Jordan Crawford cant shoot Rashad Lewis washed up John Wall the franchise still developing Nick Young Javale Mcgee playing for a contract year when you look at the roster compared to the rest of the nba they’re not going to win many games not enough talent and when the other guys fill there better than Wall they all want to prove they’re the man,Phil Jackson couldnt resurect this team

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/35159/roses-sweet-game-continues-bulls-roll nbk


  • mm

    Andray should be benched. Flip has one good lineup: Singleton, Wall, Young, McGee, Booker. Unfortunately, that’s it. Riding the pine may inspire Andray to work, but I doubt it.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The Wizards have decent talent. That’s the real problem here.
    They have a good young point. They have a double threat at center. They have a good wing scorer in young.
    Rashard Lewis
    Those are three problems. Rashard’s game has taken a nosedive since he got caught with those PEDs. Crawford is an unrepentant chucker who doesn’t have the skill to dominate.
    Blatche is a cancer. Lazy, selfish and obnoxious. He wants to be “the man” but refuses to put in the work every single play to hold that spot. And, he is always talking!
    They just need to bite the bullet and trade him for anything they can get at this point.

  • RyanK

    Blatche is the root of the problem. I was at the game yesterday, he wasn’t even warming up. He was sitting in the bleachers talking to a fan, standing under the basket not doing anything. He thinks he is the team’s most talented player and says the rest of the team isn’t listening? Go look at the effort Singleton and Booker are giving, and stop smoking/munching out and get real. Or better yet, get off of this team Andray.

  • Sean B

    Ricky Rubio > John Wall

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    Rubio got 14 assists? sweet.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    Blatche is just the classic case of a talented dude that thinks he can get by without working on his game. He has the skills to be a force under the basket he just refuses to do it while you have a guy like Booker who is obviously less talented, but give 110 percent every time he’s out there. I don’t know what happened to Crawfords game between the end of last season and this year. I thought for sure he’d be good for 15ppg and make Nick Young an afterthought but he’s fallen off completely.

  • http://slamonline.com AlbertBarr

    I still think John Wall could be a superstar. But his chances are slim on this team.

  • dma

    the wizards have built a team much like my fantasy team. on paper they look good, but have high TOs, can’t shoot from anywhere, and can’t score. they’ll make the occasional highlight but that’s about it.

  • shuref00t

    Oh lord, I would love if DeMarcus Cousins was somehow traded to the Wizards and played alongside Blatche & company! Throw in Michael Beasley, JR Smith, and Mario Charmers, and I’d have my All-NBA-Knucklehead squad. I do legitimately sympathize for John Wall, though.

  • Fat Lever

    Allen, always is a long time, but this dude has the talent to be really good. Unfortunately he’s still stuck in junior high mode mentally. Too many times we wait for that switch to get turned on, and most times it never does.

  • T-Money

    pg: wall / mack
    sg: young / mason
    sf: singleton / vesely
    pf: lewis / booker
    c: mcgee / seraphin

    stick lewis at the 4 permanently and ask blatche to stay home until you can trade him (à la tinsley). benching him won’t work because he will still poison the atmosphere and, unfortunately, javale is a follower. crawford at the end of the bench too, he’s shotting 31%… and even last year he was only shooting 38. if your only nba skill is scoring the ball and these are your percentages, you don’t get to play.

  • T-Money

    and i don’t think they are that talented either. they have flashy players but most of them are very, very flawed. john wall can’t shoot a lick (i watched the game yesterday and it’S even worse than i thought, his form changes on every jumper, nick young doesn’t know how to pass the ball and can’t play defense, blatche is lazy and out of shape, mcgee has zero offensive game outside of oops and putbacks, vesely is a 4 trapped in the body of a 3 at the nba level… besides wall and mcgee, i’m not sure there’s one player on this team that could be in the rotation of a contending team. nick young has some skills but pop, spo, doc rivers, mike brown, thibs would never trust him for more than 10 minutes a game.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    You are selling them short.
    Nick Young is playing a lot smarter most of the game. I’m telling you, Blatche is poisoning everything. His selfishness is crazy. If he was gone, Wall would be the undisputed leader. Wall cares about basketball. He likes to pass. He likes to work hard. He would influence everybody else. He would stop pressing so hard. McGee would fall in line. Young would get his buckets.
    I’m often a basketball optimist, but I see something there. Just like I saw something with the Pacers and everybody thought I was crazy. There is talent there. You can have weaknesses in the league, you just have to have one bonafide NBA level skill. McGee, Wall and Young do.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    I think Flip has got to go as well. He’s great at X’s and O’s, but he’s not the right fit for this group of players. They need a coach that’s gonna command respect.

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/35159/roses-sweet-game-continues-bulls-roll nbk

    They need a coach that coaches defense. This team isn’t going to be very good offensively no matter what. They are too young.

  • bike

    Despite his shortcomings, Blatche’s assessment of the Wiz is right. Flip has lost the team and is probably only about four more losses from getting canned. Wall has a lot of potential but he looks more and more like a stat stuffer than a true point guard dedicated to making teamates better.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    I agree with Sean B… I saw on NBATV this morning that they had a discussion about who the better player is, Rubio or Wall. Wall is a high-energy, athletic pg… and so is the entire guard roster of the D-League. I think the league is far past just being an athletic sensation. I’ve seen him do great stuff as an athlete so far, but as a basketball player, nada.

  • T-Money

    i think you’re enamored with how easy nick young can make it look sometimes. he’s not a rookie anymore, nick young is who he is at this point. finding a swingman than will give 16-17 pgg on about 15 shots is the easiest thing to do in the nba, tons of guys can give you that. al thornton gives you that and he’s trash! nick young averages barely over 1 assist a game and has never played defense in his life. i really don’t see it with him. / on the other hand, wall and mcgee are keepers. what wall can do in the open court and what mcgee can do protecting the rim is special. also, wall is not a loser and plays the game the right way – he just needs a shooting coach. it can be fixed, lebron came in with a crooker j too.

  • T-Money

    dfrance21: very good point. flip has never commanded any respect in minny, detroit or dc. sometimes i really wonder why they keep hiring the same guys instead of giving shots to guys like brad stevens or shaka smart – get some new blood, some new ideas. i mean, do we need to recycle flip, doug collins and paul silas all the time?

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Safe is easier to defend. So they hire safe coaches.
    On Nick Young, I cannot dispute your statements about his assists, or that scoring is a somewhat easy thing to find.
    Here is why I like Young. He scores in a variety of ways. I was a Jamal Crawford fan for a long time, but I eventually got tired of his unwillingness to go to the rim and get easy buckets. With Young, I see a player who operates from the post, off the bounce, who uses screens, who runs the floor. Basically, I see a cat who can adapt to what the defense is doing to him, which is a very special trait in a scorer.
    Dude is a knucklehead, but, he hasn’t shown a complete unwillingness to be coached or to try to blend in. Plus, he’s consistently flirted with 40 percent from three point land.
    I think you keep Wall, McGee and Young and have a fire sale with everyone else. Hire a new coach with a backbone and a committment to defense. And draft smart. They should start the fire sale now. immediately.

  • Sean B

    I don’t know what to think about comparing guys and how their game translates to the league.

    I thought John Wall had as much talent as D-Rose, and was expecting a huge statistical jump from him in year 2. So far he doesn’t even appear to be hitting his averages from his rookie year.

    As for Rubio, I thought he was some skinny 165 lb kind with no quickness who would get owned in the L. It’s only been two weeks, but all the hype looks deserved. This kid is the real deal.

  • http://averysmith.org Avery Smith

    As an actual Wizards fan, who has watched them scrimmage during the pre-season, and saw the Wizards Knicks game live, I can say that John Wall, as skilled as he is, has flaws. He doesn’t have pacing down. He tries to go 1 on 5 and it just doesn’t work. Naturally, this leads to more bad results (turnovers) than good results (and 1′s). Blatche is not the problem. Blatche has game and we’d be fools to get rid of him. The problem is just about everyone else. If you actually watch the Wizards, you’ll see that hardly anyone can hold on to the ball. Bad passes galore. We rarely make the extra pass for the 3 (offensive facilitation problems, which have to do with your PG I’d say). And also CARMELO CHEATED at the end of the Wizards-Knicks game. He smacked Chris Singleton in the face in order to get open for the 3. Which led to the Knicks winning 99-96. You would have to have been at the game to see that. This is not to excuse the Wizards though. Chris Singleton, as good as he played that game, missed a WIDE OPEN DUNK. JaVale McGee missed two clutch free-throws. Please, stop ragging on Dray. Where are the real Wizards fans here? FYI, I’m also a Knicks fan (from BK) so I’m probably the most unbiased (or doubly biased?) person here…

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    I think they just gotta fire the coach. get a young defensive minded guy in there… or maybe they could pick larry brown up

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    Dray has skills. Team has problems. Flip is toast

  • gusisit

    i say you need to get rid of everyone apart from wall, mcgee, young booker,vessley and singleton. lewis’s contract has to go, along with the non trying blatche

  • Scottie Pimpin

    @Avery Smith – what’s worse than the Wiz? their fans. i swear i was in msg with all the noise i heard during mcgee’s free-throws.

  • http://averysmith.org Avery

    @Scottie pimpin Yes it was pretty bad. The place would light up when the Knickerbockers scored. What tripped me out was all the turnovers the wizards had! At one point a wizard passed the ball to John Wall while Wall had 4 defenders around him! Why would you pass the ball to Wall if he is not open? That is basic playground basketball logic. I don’t care if its ’96 Michael Jordan! Don’t pass him the ball if he’s NOT OPEN!