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Timberwolves Complained to the NBA About Physical Play Against Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio’s production of late has been abysmal — he’s putting up just 5.8 points and 7.3 assists a night, while shooting an unsightly 20% from the floor over his last 6 games — and his team seems to think that defenders are being a bit too physical with the rookie point guard. From the Star Tribune: “Opponents seeking to slow down Timberwolves rookie Ricky Rubio have done so by attempting to bump and muscle him at every turn. So much so that David Kahn, Wolves president of basketball operations, on Tuesday said the team has sent video to the NBA, seeking to illustrate what it believes are defenders playing Rubio too physically, a tactic that has affected his production recently. The Wolves sent examples of what they deem are fouls that have gone uncalled against teams that have decided the best way to play the skinny rookie is to overpower him. [...] When asked how physical defenders are playing him, Rubio chuckled and said, ‘Tough enough. I mean, it’s close to end of the season, everybody wants to get a spot in the playoff and everybody start to play more physically. We just have to play at the same level or even harder. In Europe, we play aggressive, too. But here you have the best players in the world. It’s tougher.’”

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  • Justin G.

    Maybe he’s hit that rookie wall you always hear of. And with the season being what it is, he’s probably worn down quite a bit

  • random

    Man up

  • Fat Lever

    Seems like Rubio is taking it more like a man than Kahn is. Stop coddling the dude and use this as a teaching ground.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ^word, khan seems to be crying about this, like an over-protective big brother

  • Paul H

    Kahn Is just trying to protect one of the jewels In his crown. And that jewel ain’t been shining too bright as of late. He will bounce back tho. Too much talent buried under that floppy mop top.

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury

    The Euroleague/ACB/Spanish League is much more physical than the NBA, Rubio will be just fine.

  • RunNGun

    If this were your PG, you’d b!tch too. Rookies hit the wall eventually. Rubio is fine and will learn from this and adjust.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Man, he needs to get his FG% up. 20% in last 6 games is ugly.

  • underdog

    If 7 dimes a game is his rookie wall, I’m down with that.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/03/timberwolves-complained-to-the-nba-about-physical-play-against-ricky-rubio/ bike

    Kid needs to hit the weight room and put on the standard 15 pounds of muscle in the offseason. For someone with his skill set, it is really strange he can’t shoot.

  • Dan

    lol if they think rubio is getting punded out there they should watch what teams do to lin. didnt read about anyone from ny complaining about that yet

  • TheOctopus

    What teams have been doing to Rubio as of late is bad, but what they have been doin to Kevin Love is on a whole other level. The dude gets hacked every single play, got his jersey ripped the other day and didn’t even get a call. The huge issue here is the poor officiating in the NBA

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Rubio will be fine. He’s been playing against men who were bigger and stronger than him since he first became a pro at 14. As for Kahn, watch some film of the non-calls players like Dwight, Lebron, and even pgs like DRose have to endure. Rubio hasn’t grown into his frame yet, he is weak and frail for now. When little people bump into big people, little people get the worse end of it, regardless of who initiates the contact. I truly feel that players with superior size/strength are officiated at a different standard that weaker players . . . It’s the reason that the same spin move goes as a no-call/charge for Bynum, but a defensive foul on the player guarding Gasol(mind you Pau sells it by flailing his head back like an orgasming banchee anytime someone even looks at him).

  • jags

    da-meat-hook sux. always hating. im sure he cant even play ball. lol

  • startown

    Dan: I agree watched Lin get hammered several times, Rubio the same, rookies just do not get calls, just a fact of life.

    The Wolves did a lot more high screens earlier in the year to free Rubio up, maybe they need to use more PEKOVIC back picks…LOL

    No, I think both Lin and Rubio are the focus of scouting reports and the goal is to be physical with them.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Fury – Spanish league is much more physical for big men. The NBA is much more physical on the perimeter.
    This season is probably what is the most to blame. No way to physically prepare for this type of season.

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury


  • http://www.nesn.com/2012/02/kobe-bryant-says-hes-better-than-michael-jordan-second-to-wilt-chamberlain-as-best-nba-player-ever-v.html shutup

    He’s a rookie, its a contact sport…welcome to the NBA, when teams were giving him a pass early on it was all good but now that there scouting reports against NBA teams and there taking away what he’s comfortable doing, its time to complain??? save it…..

  • http://Facebook.com James Bulger

    Yes I think as the season gets shorter the play gets to be a little more phisical.
    Ricky absolutly need to toughen up,step it,up play to his abillity the way we as
    fans know he can

  • startown

    A foul should be called a foul

  • http://www.nesn.com/2012/02/kobe-bryant-says-hes-better-than-michael-jordan-second-to-wilt-chamberlain-as-best-nba-player-ever-v.html shutup

    well if every time contact was made the game would never end, instead of worrying about ticky tack fouls some soft-@$$ rookies get, they should get rid of flopping and moving on pick and rolls.

  • txukytruky

    Hey, I think the NBA is about basketball, not about rugby. Have you seen the incident between Rubio and Przybilla? That´s only a sample. The thing is, when you don´t have good enough defense for Ricky Rubio, you get a chopper to cut him the arms. That’s not basketball, dude

  • http://www.nba.com Gman

    guards from the past are all laughing right now.

  • Mike From Spain

    I’d argue that rookies’ FG% differential with all star veteran players could be raised by 5% due to no-calls. If so, the achievements of people like Kyrie are even more impressive.

  • nails

    OF COURSE DEFENDERS ARE PLAYING TO PHYSICAL!!! It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Rubio has the physique of a 12 year old boy.

  • http://www.nesn.com/2012/02/kobe-bryant-says-hes-better-than-michael-jordan-second-to-wilt-chamberlain-as-best-nba-player-ever-v.html shutup

    Wait, so now Rubio is gettin the Jordan treatment? As soft as the NBA is now, how can people still complain about contact? When someone steps on his face or drops him on his head I’ll buy it, until then tell him to get in the weight room

  • startown

    Nails: Rubio is very tough, he is not complaining, he plays hard every night and takes the hits. He’s not on ESPN highlights as much because he is playing team ball, taking fewer risks; fewer turnovers!

    8-3 in his last 11 games, including wins over Portland (twice) LA Clippers (twice). MN hasn’t beaten those teams consistently since Garnett left.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Jags, do you have anything to add to the conversation, or are you just gonna sit there and laugh at your own lame jokes?

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