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Delonte West Fined $25,000 for ‘Wet Willie’ on Gordon Hayward

The NBA office wasn’t as amused by Delonte West’s “wet willie” attack on Gordon Hayward as the rest of us were (Gordon Hayward exempted, of course.) This afternoon, the League announced that West was fined a cool $25k for his act: “Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West has been fined $25,000 for a physical taunt by poking Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz in the ear, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President Basketball Operations. The incident occurred with 3:40 remaining in the second quarter of Utah’s 123-121 win over Dallas at EnergySolutions Arena on April 16.”

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  • windowlicker_son

    I don’t think it was as big of a deal as many other Jazz fans do, but I do agree with the fine. It was obviously malicious; the poke and the words uttered. Delonte might have avoided the fine had he actually apologized instead of rambling about being an ear poking warrior.

  • Aizen

    I still say Hayward should’ve knocked him upside the head for that. Even if he didn’t stand a chance of winning, he still should’ve showed some balls.

  • ThatShtCray

    Delonte really likes fingering people. Right LeBron?

  • bull22

    was this dude not working at home depot during the lockout??? and now he is just giving away 25 G’s, ridiculous.

  • Ben Ireland

    Gotta say, this seems excessive to me… I mean, he poked him in the head… T-ed up and done with, simple as. 25 grand for a tap… Seems silly. But whatever, can’t say the dude’s getting it for nothing…

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    This is a ridiculous fine to me. Jason Smith knocks BG into the turf and then works up the crowd and doesn’t get a fine, but Delonte finger-mushes a dude for two seconds and gets twenty five big ones? Ridiculous.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Way too much. Should have been 10k max. Common NBA…

  • dannyb

    Totally agree with this fine. He was trying to instigate something. Give Hayward respect for keeping his cool (even if he was crapping his pants)

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    No Tyrus Thomas-Paul Silas news? Watch it be on here tomorrow…a day late lol.

  • petro3

    Delonte is already broke – he been broke. why the hell would he do something this stupid?

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    Part of it was likely because Delonte is known to be a hot-head and he put himself in a situation where it could have led to a fight. The NBA does that with its “hot headed” players, it seems. I know they did it for Raja Bell during the 2006 playoffs (according to SSOL by Jack M.), wherein the league sent word down to the Suns and/or Bell about keeping his cool. 25K is a bit excessive, but I guess it was mostly to let him know that trying to instigate a fight (which is what he was doing) when the other party is walking away from you isn’t acceptable.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    He is lucky big homie didnt smash him.

  • bike

    Way too much. Punishment is to big for the offense.

  • ripslam

    @Holy Baller: The two-game unpaid suspension Smith got was probably worth more $$ in lost paychecks than $25 grand.

  • dev0

    25k seems extreme. Maybe he’ll learn…

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    It’s 25k because everybody in the media decided it was the biggest story in sports for a day and made the NBA look bad. Stern’s hand was forced on this one. ESPN kept rerunning that clip.

  • hushabomb

    @DevO. The only way he’ll learn is when Hayward gives him a 1-2 to his chin. Hayward ain’t a thug yet it would be funny to see. This is the time where you need enforcers to stand yo ground. Like make West run into a blind screen and knock his ass to the ground.

  • SikhWitIt

    @hushabomb – The NBA of “enforcers,” hard fouls and not fining players for minor things is dead and buried. I wish it were still like that but we gotta live with this B.S. league now.

  • http://www,nba.com VanCityBBall

    drose gets fined 25k for a spoken comment on the ref’s… so when dwest jab’s hayward’s ear then he gets the same punishment? sounds fair…

  • What

    so so so so so so so so sosososososo funny

  • http://slamonline house

    25k for that? just shows these athletes are paid ridiculous amounts of money.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    A poke in the ear is very different to a poke in the head, he could have caused serious damage with a little more force. I still think he should have been suspended at least a couple of games for that.

  • Nick

    hahah my man Delonte keeping it real!

  • smoove

    more like when keeping it real goes terribly wrong.

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