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Ray Allen Requested to Come Off the Bench

When Ray Allen returned to the Celtics’ lineup from injury, people in Boston wondered if Doc Rivers would bring him off the bench, and keep Avery Bradley (who has played very well during Allen’s absence) in the starting lineup. Ray, supposedly, made the decision a lot easier for his coach. Per the Boston Herald: “The NBA had a small tremor last night. Avery Bradley started, which is no longer news. But the player who came off the bench in his stead, Ray Allen, was a sub for only the fifth time in his career — with last night the 1,145th game of the Celtics guard’s career. As it turns out, Allen approached Doc Rivers about making the change. The Celtics veteran could sense that a change was coming. ‘Well, people were talking about it,’ he said after the Celtics’ 93-86 loss to the Bulls. ‘It was being talked about a lot. I can’t say that it was my idea — I don’t ever want to come off the bench. But if it can help the team, and that’s what they needed me to do, then I would be up for it. At the end of the day your minutes don’t change, and that’s one thing I’m very cognizant about when I’m out there in the flow,’ said Allen. ‘It’s an ego thing to start, and my ego is not that big where I feel I have to be in the starting lineup.’ Those words from Allen, who finished with 14 points on 5-for-10 shooting and played the last nine minutes of the fourth quarter, were like music to Rivers. ‘We’ve been talking about this for awhile,’ said the Celtics coach. ‘Our bench is very lean and we’ve been trying to go with some different looks. Ray came to me tonight and wanted to do it. We’re just trying to get ready for the playoffs and our rotations.’”

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  • abaci

    What a pro

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    this might be what he will be doing under his next contract



  • http://www.nicekicks.com Chris

    Ray Allen never that good? That’s pure hater talk.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    What does “not that good” entail? Best shooter of all time. 26ppg in a season. Good passer, good rebounder, good defense, possibly the greatest conditioned athlete of all time. ACTUALLY MAYBE IF I WRITE IN CAPITOLS YOU CAN HERE ME BETTER? DOES THIS HELP?HUH?HUH?

  • Marc

    Don’t even respond to him. Lol. Ray allen was never that good? lmfao. I had my laugh.

  • Ldub

    Nash and Allen will bring their talents to SOBE next year. Nash gets the start, Allen off the bench with Chalmers,Battier,Turiaf and Haslem.
    Id definitely love to see that. NBA…please scrap the salary cap so this super team can be assembled. Avengers Assemble!

  • @Deknowz



    1. Ray Allen 6,767 .400 2,709

    2. Reggie Miller 6,486 .395 2,560

    3. Jason Kidd 5,347 .348 1,860

    4. Chauncey Billups 4,587 .389 1,783

    5. Jason Terry 4,640 .379 1,760

    5. Peja Stojakovic 4,392 .401 1,760

    7. Dale Ellis 4,266 .403 1,719

    8. Rashard Lewis 4,360 .388 1,690

    9. Paul Pierce 4,502 .369 1,660

    10. Steve Nash 3,762 .428 1,612

    11. Glen Rice 3,896 .400 1,559

    12. Eddie Jones 4,147 .373 1,546

    13. Tim Hardaway 4,345 .355 1,542

    14. Nick Van Exel 4,278 .357 1,528

    15. Mike Bibby 3,975 .379 1,507

    16. Kobe Bryant 4,462 .336 1,501

    17. Jason Richardson 4,023 .371 1,494

    18. Vince Carter 3,983 .374 1,490

    19. Michael Finley 3,880 .375 1,454

    20. Brent Barry 3,442 .405 1,395

    21. Antoine Walker 4,264 .325 1,386

    22. Jamal Crawford 3,960 .349 1,381

    23. Dan Majerle 3,798 .358 1,360

    24. Mike Miller 3,282 .406 1,331

    25. Mitch Richmond 3,417 .388 1,326

    26. Baron Davis 4,131 .320 1,321

    27. Allan Houston 3,247 .402 1,305

    28. Terry Porter 3,360 .386 1,297

    29. Mookie Blaylock 3,816 .336 1,283

    30. Joe Johnson 3,419 .368 1,257

    Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

  • Drig

    I know we already have enough drama on our hands but……….Ray Ray to LA??? Please Ray Ray??

  • vtrobot

    Why even respond to all caps nonsense that some kid typed? Jesus = True professional. Celtics = True team. Not gonna be an easy out.

  • hushabomb

    That move shows a couple of things. 1) Avery Bradley will be a rotation player for the Celtics. 2) Ray is being a professional (unlike others who will remAIn unnamed). 3) With the move, its gonna make Jesus fresher for the playoffs. And that’s where Jesus will do the most damage!!!

  • bike

    One of the few truely class acts in league history. Shame on you three name who write in BIG letters…shame on you.

  • Heals

    Who cares? Well you made up a stupid name, an even lamer comment and used all caps so obviously not you, right?

  • Adam

    Ray is my favorite player of all time. Ofcourse he will do whatever Doc feels he should do for the team but him coming off the bench is a misstake. They should really feature him in the offense MORE! If you look at most of the box scores you will see that Rondo and Bass both shoot almost twice as many shots then Ray per game. That is CRAZY! They will go an entire half without getting the ball in Rays hands. They isolate him in a corner to spread the floor and never even push the ball to his side. He gets out of the flow because of this and still has a high shooting %. His rebounds are down because of the design of the gameplan. They push up the floor to get into their sets rather then crashing in on the boards for rebounds. Ray would have another 2 or 3 a game if they did that. If the Celtics are going to do anyhing in the playoffs it is going to have to come from Ray or Paul. Kevin will be solid as always and Rondo needs to focus on pushing the ball to kick it out.

  • Joobie

    What a classy guy! I don’t think that there are too many NBA players who will put their egos aside for the betterment of the team. Way to go RAY!

  • Heals

    Say what you will about the C’s, but most teams would kill to have even half the camaraderie and unselfishness they possess…

  • smoove

    classy vet move, making room for the young bucks. still an allstar in my eyes

  • Michelle

    I dont like the Celtics but this is a very classy move. Very unselfish player. Lot of respect for Allen still the best 3pointshooter in the league.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Of course he’s unselfish and humble — he’s f*cking JESUS.

  • Bimmer


  • BIG AL

    he will shoot a three from the bench while not in the game, make it, and be cool enough the refs will count it,

  • http://yahoo.com james

    Yo laker fanS, STOP HATE’N !!! First u hate on Celtics players ( huh..Kg, Ray, Pierce ) while u so openly express your desire & fantasy of them becoming lakers ( huhhh…oxymoron ..anyone ?! ). U should support your team & stop HATE’N on the same players u drooling for !….jus saying ! LMFAO !!!!!

  • Ldub

    This definitely isnt a permanent move. This was just cuz hes coming back off the injury. Mature, humble, professional? YES! But Ray will be back in starting lineup soon. Its definitely in their best interests to get him going early!

  • Shifty

    I think this will be a move that will last until ray wants to start again. Probably easing his way in from his little injury. Pure class though. I hope he resigns with the clerics for another two years which I think he will do. Can’t believe how old he is and still be pretty productive. I still think he could average 22 ppg or maybe even more if he was focused on more in the offense.

  • BostonBaller

    Ray being Ray

  • http://YahooMail Frandy Martin St.

    Hey; that’s Ray, I admire his mind-set and free spirit. It is not about him; it is all about the ball club, and the Coty of Boston. This is why the celts is going to make it.

  • keith


  • keith