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David Stern Angered By NBA Draft Lottery Fixing Question

NBA commissioner David Stern lost his composure during a sports radio interview yesterday, when the host asked him for his thoughts on the never-ending allegations that the NBA Draft Lottery is fixed. From USA Today and the Times Union: “Jim Rome asked if the NBA draft lottery was fixed, given the league-owned New Orleans Hornets got the first pick. Stern first said, ‘No, shame on you for asking.’ Then, ‘Have you stopped beating your wife yet?’ The few minutes after the remark were spent debating the legitimacy of Rome’s question and the interview ended with Stern saying ‘I have to go call someone important now. Stephen A. Smith is up next.’ Asked for a comment, NBA spokesman Mike Bass late Wednesday said of Stern’s second reply, ‘What it is is a classic unanswerable question, same as the one the Commissioner was asked.’ [...] ‘I was shocked,’ Rome said. ‘I really was stunned. He and I have a long history. I’ve interviewed him dozens of times probably, on radio and TV over the years. Sometimes the interviews are a little more contentious than others, depending on the line of questioning and the mood he’s in. When I asked that question, I did not in any way expect that response. To be honest, I thought it was a softball question. It would have been an easy opportunity for him to address something that’s out there and that he would just summarily dismiss it out of hand. I had no idea he would get that upset. I was shocked by it.’ [...] ‘A lot of people don’t know that phrase, so they thought it was extremely out of line,’ said Rome, who is married with two sons. ‘I understood it, I knew where he was going with it. I thought it was inappropriate because, what it is, it’s a rhetorical device to insinuate I asked him a loaded question. I don’t think my question to him was loaded. I thought it was a very simple and very direct question.’”

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  • http://www.twitter.com/_K_O _K_O

    Jim Rome is a wanker

  • billups

    c’mon Slam this should have been posted as soon as it went down..Anyways, Jim Rome….I’ve always disliked the guy, but dude kept it funky like momma collard greens!!!! SOOOO MUCH respect for that man soooo much. And Stern’s comment on Stephen A Smith just confirms what I’ve been thinking ever since ESPN let him back on the network, dude really did sell out to the Man. His constant support of the league and Stern during the lockout, his nonchalance about Stern nixing the Lakers deal, and the fact that he hasn’t made a single comment on the draft lottery situation……Dude had to sell out to get back on the network…probably before Stern would allow him on the network (you know how easy them strings can be pulled), clear as day.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    I can’t find it within myself to back either guy in this argument because I equally despise both of them.

  • billups

    and Jim conducted the interview with total class too… while the Commissioner of the NBA acted like a dang 12 year old. That was toooooo refreshing!!!!! YOU DA MAN JIM!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Pm_5aIavU&feature=g-all-u Max

    That was funny LOL

  • RunNGun

    It’s a legitimate question and Stern could have had a good time with it but it seems the humor bone doesn’t exist.

    Also, Jim Rome has always done things for cheap thrills. Remember the Chris Everrett incident ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uczUKTwgqeY )?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    People ussually don’t react that way if they don’t have something to hide…just saying…

  • Stevea

    Rome is a joke. Stern was right to get pissed as Rome is asking him a ridiculous question which he knows the answer to. He’s not doing a service to his views/listeners by asking this, he’s doing a disservice by asking the wrong question which he very well knew he would get that type of response. There are a dozen ways he could have broached the subject without being an ass, but he choose the most confrontational way. Glad to see Stern ripped him a good one.

  • bike

    Did Rome really think the commissioner of a major sport was going to come clean on the air about a rigged lottery? Ignorant ba*tard.

  • LA Huey

    I dislike both of these guys so I just enjoyed the show. David Stern > Vince McMahon

  • Riggs

    Anyone supporting Rome is an idiot. It WAS a loaded question because any answer would have made stern look bad. Also Rome didnt ask the question for his viewers he asked the question because it would get him attention (which is the type of person he has been for years). Did everybody forget when Jim Everett knocked him down for calling him Chris? He’s a sleazeball who tries to act “down” to seem like he understands the younger crowd.

  • Mas

    Jim Rome got burned. A-Holes.

  • Fat Lever

    Ok, since Rome admitted he’s had Stern on his show numerous times, he knows Stern’s tendencies and the ebbs and flows of interviewing him. In other words, he knows what will set Stern off. This one is on Rome, he knew this question would set him off, and he wasn’t prepared for Stern to reply the way he did. Rome is a smug SOB that got what he deserved.

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    I can’t front. That was pretty damn funny.

  • tpathi1

    did stern really expect no one to ever question him about the lottery and the ‘NBAs’ team getting the first pick? Rome is a prick, and Stern is one too tho..i still remember the suspension to Amare in game 5 against the Spurs and he went on the Dan Patrick show and sat over there and tried to lecture Dan Patrick (a grown man by the way), he even said “shame on you” like he said to rome lol. Its hard for me to sit here as a bulls fan and really think that we got the number one pick in the lottery legitamately when we were projected as the 10th pick..and now the NbA finds someone to buy the Hornets, and to think that part of the deal wasn’t for them to get a number one pick..just hard to believe!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Riggs was that real when Everett knocked him down or was it staged for fun? I didn’t watch it live so this is an honest question.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    the thing about this is -
    a)Stern asked Rome a trap question as if the answer to the question Rome asked was a trap. (which to ME implies, Stern felt the appropriate answer to Rome’s question would, either way, trap him into a crappy situation *cough* 1985 *cough*)
    b)Who reacts defensively when asked a question only they know the answer too? Someone who has nothing to hide, or someone who just got confronted about a lie?
    c)Jim Rome did not handle that very well either. BUT, Stern was very condescending, and even used logical fallacies to change the subject
    This interview/back&forth did nothing but make me even more skeptical about the draft lottery. When all Stern had to say was, “no the lottery isn’t fixed, i can’t do anything about the conspiracy theories, but no, i and nobody in the league has fixed or ever fixed the draft lottery” – and that would have been the end of that in at least that interview.

  • neaorin

    I’m sure David Stern denying it on a radio show would have changed the minds of everyone who previously believed it was rigged. I mean, look at all the other conspiracy theories out there – Roswell, the Moon landing, 9/11 – everyone changed their minds about those events as soon as the government put out their version on the media. Oh wait…

    Riggs is right, that was a question designed to get Rome more attention. Nothing more.

  • neaorin

    Also, since I grew up in Europe and went to school here: do they not teach probability theory in US schools? Just wondering.

  • tpathi1

    NBk your right..he should have just said ‘no the lottery is not fixed’ and move on…why these people can’t do that is beyond comprehension…you gotta know the more you dwell on a subject the more skeptical people are going to be!

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Cosign nbk. I sent several emails to the league asking for details about the Draft Lottery and all I got was a description of the televised event. Why defend nothing, Stern? You lie, tyrant.

  • Lloyd

    It wasn’t a loaded question. A loaded question means either answer makes you look bad (i.e. “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” “yes”, meaning you had beat your wife before, “no”, meaning you’re still beating your wife. If Stern said, “No, the draft isn’t fixed” the issue is over. Not loaded. However, Rome is a moron if he expected Stern to make some deep confession on his show. If his intention wasn’t to get a rise out of the comish, then there was really no point in asking and is just a waste of time. Battle of the douches

  • LA Huey

    neoarin, they don’t pay attention

  • LM11

    @Teddy-The-Bear the fight was NOT rigged…Both Everett, Rome and others discussed it in the recent ESPN book. What actually happened was Everett’s own teammates were calling him that and Rome had been talking about it previously on-air and thought it was only fair to bring it up when he had him on the show and things just got out of control. From Everett himself:
    “This was just so unlike me but he put me in a position that – I think America can relate to it. It infuriates me when people say that was staged. Why would Jim Everett ever agree to that? No, it wasn’t. I’m not an actor. I am so not an actor.”

    Mark Shapiro also said: “On my child’s life, not a shred of truth to the idea it was staged. Not even a shred.”

  • sid

    Can`t stand rome or stern but sooner or later stern was going to be asked about this NBA draft lottery and the legitimacy of past lotteries. It was a basketball related question. stern`s response was the adult equivalent to a “momma`s joke”: childish, unnecessary and personally painful.

  • sid

    oh yeah. cosign nbk.

  • alpahbeta

    Rome should have responded like this:

    Stern: Do you still beat your wife?
    Rome: No, I just beat yours every night.

    Case closed.

  • tpathi1

    Always had a feeling david stern was corrupt since the game 5 incident when Amare walked off of the bench (spurs vs. suns). That angered me like no other, anyone with common sense would look at that and say ‘hey no harm, no foul’ but stern was like ‘no harm, but your suspended for the most important game of the basketball season.’ And then it was being defended by this ‘letter of the law’ comment. He was working for them oil tycoons out there in san antonio back then, and now he had to sweeten the deal to sell the hornets.

  • Justin G.

    I’m sorry but anyone who thinks the lottery is fixed is a complete moron.

  • JB

    Put the lottery on nbatv…that way, we can see the results first hand and there won’t be an integrity issue

  • hushD

    Rome’s question was at least as absurd as asking if an official was ever influencing the point spread of games. Oh yeah, that did happen and the FBI sent the guy to prison. It appears that a bunch of people on this list did not listen to the interview because Rome gave Stern a softball to smack out of the park and instead he went stupid on him. It was a fair question as people are suspicious about the outcome of the draft. Stern is an arrogant idiot. Rome did a great job keeping it cool and classy. The guy is a great interviewer.

  • Lan

    Why in the world did Stern get on the show anyway?

  • spartan

    Billups got it right: Stephen A. Smith is a sellout. He talks like an league lawyer, always defending Stern. Stern’s NBA is rotten to the core, but we won’t hear about that from “journalists” on ESPN. Their careers depend on this broken league.

  • DeAndre Davis

    I was just thinking the same thing. Since he came back I have been very disappointed in Stephen A. He’s willing to do anything master ask him to do.

  • bre

    youre a moron

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    you are famous