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Kendrick Perkins Backtracks from Criticism of Head Coach Scott Brooks

Kendrick Perkins and Scott Brooks put to bed the critical comments made by the OKC Thunder big fella after their Game 4 loss. From NBA.com: “They were up 23-12 when Brooks decided to go small, subbing Derek Fisher in for Perkins. And that seemed to be what Perkins was upset about. The OKC small lineups were a plus-3 in the final 3:17 of that first quarter, but Brooks played small the entire second quarter, which the Heat won 27-16. In total, the Thunder played big for just 14 minutes on Tuesday. They were a plus-4 in those 14 minutes, but that includes the hot start. In the third quarter, the Thunder starters were outscored 18-11 in five minutes. And they never played big after that. ‘I don’t think the game comes down to who plays and who doesn’t play,’ Brooks said Wednesday. ‘It’s how we play.’ [...] ‘We’re going to roll with whatever Coach does,’ Perkins said. ‘If he wants to go with a big lineup, we’re going to support that. If he wants to go with a small lineup with one big, we’re going to support that. At the end of the day, it’s about sacrificing and getting a win. We’re all on the same page, and we’re pulling for each other, and we’ve all just got one goal, to sacrifice and come and play.’”

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  • http://Www.trainersonsite.com Rob

    I love Scott Brooks. Nice of KP too. TEAM Game guys

  • sparco416

    OKC is not a team that plays as a team – they have to play their own style – where you run up the court and score in the first 10 seconds of the clock (before miami settles) or breakdown offensively. They have all the type of players Golden State had when they swept Dallas in First Round a few years ago.
    that golden state team would average something like 110 points per game or something. They didnt know what defense was

  • Heals

    Perk knows it, and was speaking out of frustration more than anything when he said it, but this is why stuff like this has to stay “in-house.” Just a needless distraction, inconsequential or not…

  • Justin05

    I cannot stand the way Mia plays basketball. The NBA might as well just get rid of the center position.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ^it has slowly been happening during the last 15 years

  • Heals

    Could say the same thing bout MJ’s Bulls too J…

  • Alfredo Atwater

    I love Scott Brooks even more after losing the NBA finals,because he is willing to grow , to change,to make it better next time. However, I’m not sure I like the OKC management because they don’t want to renew coach Brooks contract which expires at the end of June,2012. I think Phil Jackson should be the President of the OKC Thunder. We need an OKC president that acknowledges coach Brooks.